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Samsung’s New Micro LED TVs Start at $109,999, Sized from 89 to 114 Inches

For those with the means, Samsung’s new 89, 101 and 114-inch Micro LED TVs will truly light up your life.

Samsung Micro LED TV

Those who want an extra large TV screen at home, whether for a living room or a home theater, used to have limited choices. Over 85 inches, a projector was previously the only option. But recently, several manufacturers have begun offering ultra large flat panel TVs. From TCL’s relatively budget-priced 98-inch and 115-inch LED/LCD TVs to LG’s stunning 97-inch OLED TV, there are ultra large TVs now available at a variety of price points.

Those with more flexible budgets looking for image quality without compromise in larger screen sizes will be interested to hear that Samsung just announced the availability of three new models in their Micro LED line-up, starting at $109,999. Replacing the company’s existing 110-inch MS1A Micro LED model from 2022, the new 2024 model year Micro LED models include the MS1B in 89-inch and 101-inch screen sizes and the MS1C in a 114-inch screen size.

Samsung’s New Micro LED TV Model Line-Up:

  • Samsung 89-inch MS1B (MNA89MS1BACXZA) – $109,999.99 –
  • Samsung 101-inch MS1B (MNA101MS1BCXZA) – $129,999.99 –
  • Samsung 114-inch MS1C (MNA114MS1CCXZA) – $149,999.99 –

Organic vs. Inorganic

Similar to OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode), Micro LED TVs are made up of millions of self-illuminating LED pixels which can be turned on or off with thousands of brightness levels in between. This gives a Micro LED TV the ability to produce perfect black levels, exceptional brightness and complete freedom from the artifacts of a backlit display. Compared to OLED TVs which use organic LED materials, MicroLED displays use inorganic materials which are capable of higher overall brightness, greater power efficiency and longer lifespan (up to 100,000 hours) with lower risk of burn-in.

Samsung’s new Micro LED TVs feature a low profile “monolith” design with the screen literally spanning from left to right, top to bottom, with no bezel or frame around the edges. Samsung also showed off a single chassis 140-inch Micro LED TV at CES 2024, though we have not seen any evidence that this unit is actually for sale yet.


Samsung’s Micro LED TV line features the company’s advanced MICRO AI processor to upscale SD and HD content to the panel’s native 4K resolution and MICRO Color and Micro HDR processing to enhance colors to come closer to what we see in real life. The sets also include Dolby Atmos, Samsung’s 3D Arena Sound, Active Voice Amplifier Pro and Object Tracking Sound Pro to enhance the spaciousness, clarity and spatial positioning of the sound. Of course, at these prices, we’d expect that most customers will install an immersive surround sound system for big sound to complement that big picture, but it’s good to know the set’s built-in sound system can hold its own.


If you’re a sports fan or a gamer and want to keep your eye on more than one game, or view a Twitch feed while playing a game, Samsung’s Micro LED TVs also feature the 4Vue feature which can display four separate video feeds on the screen at once. And while you’re not actively watching something, you can load up Samsung’s “Art Store” to display collections of artwork from world-renowned galleries in Art Mode.

Samsung Micro LED TV displays 4 separate images in 4Vue mode.

“Samsung MICRO LED represents the pinnacle of home entertainment, bringing a captivating, Hollywood-level viewing experience right into your home,” said James Fishler, Senior Vice President of Home Entertainment, Samsung Electronics America. “Its stunning picture quality is complemented by its premium design, making our MICRO LED a stand-out in any home. As more and more people are looking to buy bigger screens, these new size options of MICRO LED displays give shoppers even more choices to find the screen that best fits their space and lifestyle.”

Of course, the sets also include Samsung’s Smart Hub streaming and smart home platform, for access to thousands of audio and video streaming apps as well as smart home automation and control. You’ll find a whopping eight HDMI ports on board, with support for HDMI 2.1, ALLM (Auto Low Latency Mode), VRR (Variable Refresh Rate) for gamers and eARC (enhanced Audio Return Channel) for connection to an external sound system.

114 Inches Still Too Small? Samsung’s Got You Covered

For even larger screen sizes, Samsung’s commercial display and custom installation division offers a modular system of MicroLED panels called “The Wall” which can be joined together to create custom screen sizes up to 292 inches diagonal. Legendary record exec and music producer Clive Davis currently has Samsung’s “The Wall” in his own home theater in a 146-inch configuration. We got a peek at it last year and it is one stunning-looking display.

Clive Davis (right) in front of his 146-inch Samsung Micro LED TV.

Mr. Davis previously had a projector in his home theater and prefers the Samsung Micro LED TV, not only for its vastly improved brightness, color saturation and picture quality, but also because it acts more like a TV. It powers on and reaches full brightness in an instant. It switches inputs quickly and handles fast-moving objects (like baseballs and footballs) with aplomb. A side benefit is that Davis’ friends who join him at his renowned karaoke parties don’t have to worry about being blinded by a projector lamp if they’re brave enough to sing in front of the illustrious Clive Davis. Sure, he signed Aerosmith, Whitney Houston and Janis Joplin, but I’m sure he’ll love your rendition of “Baby Got Back.”

Samsung’s 2024 line of Micro LED TVs can be ordered now through select Samsung retailers or online at

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