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S-port Combines Power and Audio Signals Over a Single Cable

A new digital technology that transmits both DC Power and Audio Signal using normal wires, without any sound dissipation, for over 300 feet.

Torrance, CA – Flying Mole Corporation will be demonstrating a new concept in audio and power conveyance during the 2006 CES. The brainchild of Founder and CEO, Yasumasa Sasahara, “S-port” enables synthesized, non-deteriorating transmission of audio signals for 330 feet while supplying DC Power to drive amplification to speaker units, all in simple or pre-existing wires or cables. Along with the “S-port” system, Flying Mole will be offering 17 different amplifier and power supply PCBs for OEM which potentially could be configured to usage with “S-port”.

Already known in many circles as offering audiophile-class sound from its line of digital amplifiers, the initial “S-port” demonstration will consist of a credit card sized digital amplifier (PR-M30 — 30W/4ohm x 1) paired with the transmitter (HIC/TP-101), combining to offer the clearest possible transfer from the audio source or preamp (see attached picture). An oscilloscope display showing the non-deteriorating sound quality after 100 meters of wiring will be exhibited, while the sound room actually demonstrates the audio quality of the “S-port” and other Flying Mole Amplification.

Other “S-port” advantages are listed below:

  • No dissipation in sound quality for 330 feet, and with relay units at fixed intervals, enables transmission over several miles without corruption Audio signals are synthesized on the electrical current, thus, no dedicated audio line is necessary
  • Expensive cable or wiring are unnecessary, almost any existing wiring (speaker, coaxial, etc.) will do. Adding “S-port” may eliminate expensive reconstruction due to new wiring needs
  • Output strength of electric power is highly adjustable, enabling fine tuning (low ~ high) to the most suitable levels for specific purposes
  • The virtual “powered speaker” concept of the “S-port” allows for a highly efficient system while protecting from sound quality deterioration, thus offering superb sound
  • On/Off power can be controlled from the ICs located at the transmitter (TP-101) even if amp/speakers are located several hundred feet away

All Flying Mole amplifiers and power supply units are known for their highly efficient and environmentally friendly designs and this holds true for the “S-port” system. The PR-M30 is 80% efficient at its rated power (analogs rate about 30%) and even at low power levels (2.5W), the unit retains 50% efficiency (analog 5%). This means the amps use power to make sound, not heat. All “S-port” systems will also be RoHS compatible, the new EU mandate commencing July 1, 2006 regarding “the restriction of the use of certain hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment”.

Flying Mole will be exhibiting in South Hall, Booth #22066, where it will be unveiling other new products. A New Cascade Modular, Mulit-Channel Amplifier System capable of handling up to 4 modules in power levels of 500W x 1ch, 300W x 1, 125W x 2, 75W x 4, or 30W x 6 will be on display. In addition, a 2 channel x 500W Power Amp (DP-S500) in 1U rack, a new 1kW Power Conditioner (PS-1000) as well as a new Compact Integrated 2 x 30W Amp (CA-S3) can be auditioned in the demo room.

(Sound Demo at Flying Mole CES Booth #22066, South Hall)

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