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Bookshelf Speakers

RSL Speakers Introduces CG3M and CG23M Bookshelf Loudspeakers

RSL Speakers refreshes its affordable bookshelf speaker line with new “M” version models for far less than you might think.

RSL Speakers CG3M and CG23M 5.1 Speaker System without Grilles and Speedwoofer 10S MKII

RSL Speakers (Rogersound Labs) has a speaker-making history spanning five decades, offering up high-quality speakers for an affordable price to many satisfied customers.

In addition, at one time they not only made and sold speakers but operated several brick-and-mortar retail locations in Southern California selling both speakers and AV products. 

Although those days have long passed, the company has continued to offer “excellent sound at affordable prices” for hifi and home theater fans. Many know the brand for their very popular, yet inexpensive award-winning subwoofer called the Speedwoofer 10S, which was recently refreshed to version MKII.

Tip: Check out our review of RSL’s Speedwoofer 10s

Today the company is refreshing its CG line of affordable bookshelf speakers, but we weren’t expecting new models to arrive for less money than their predecessors. The previous generation models were priced at $270/pair, and the new ones arrive for just $210/pair.

RSL Speakers CG3M and CG23M Speaker System with Grilles and Speedwoofer 10S MKII
RSL Speakers CG3M and CG23M Speaker System with Grilles and Speedwoofer 10S MKII

The M Series

Building on their previous CG3 amd CG23 series speakers, RSL has released the new “M” series with two speaker models, the CG3M and CG23M

Refinements include lower insertion-loss crossovers and higher-grade magnets that support increased output per watt. The M series retains the RSL’s patented Compression Guide™ enclosure tuning technology yielding reduced panel resonance and fast transient performance.

The CG3M is designed to be used vertically as a left, right, or surround speaker, whereas the CG23M can be used vertically in the same fashion as the CG3M but can also be used horizontally as a center channel speaker – it is referred to as an LCR speaker. 

Cabinet design refinements include a new “Matte” finish. This provides a more contemporary and neutral appearance while offering increased durability, scratch resistance, and a “vanishing fingerprint” textured surface. The Matte finish blends into virtually any environment, making it an easy choice for adding audio to any room.

RSL Speakers CG3M Bookshelf Loudspeaker
RSL Speakers CG3M

Using the CG3M and CG23M speakers as a starting point, you can bundle or assemble a complete RSL 5.1 Channel Home Theater  System for under $1,000.

Tip: RSL also offers a ceiling speaker for Dolby Atmos height channels, the C34E

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(New Model)
(Previous Model)
Price$105 each
$135 each
Speaker Type 2-Way Bass Reflex (ported)2-Way Bass Reflex (ported)
Setup ConfigurationVerticalVertical

4-inch mineral-filled woven aramid fiber cone with Y35 high-grade ferrite magnet4-inch with Ferrite Magnet, Kevlar Cone
Tweeter 1-inch Silk Dome, Neodymium magnet1-inch Silk Dome, Neodymium magnet
Frequency Response (± 3dB)90-20,000 Hz100-20,000 Hz
Recommended Impedance6 or 8 ohms6 or 8 ohms
Sensitivity (SPL @ 1W/1M)86.5 dB86 dB
Recommended Power25-125 watts25-125 watts
Crossover Frequency2,800 Hz2,500 Hz
Crossover SlopeAsymmetric 12 dB/octave12 dB/octave
Crossover PartsAir-core and inductors, poly-capacitors.Air core coil, Polypropylene capacitors
ConnectionsGold-plated binding postsGold-plated binding posts
Tuning MethodCompression Guide™Compression Guide™
System Resonance80 Hz87 Hz
Dimensions (HWD – without grill and keyhole mount)9 ½ x: 5 3/16 x  6 7/16-inches 9 ½ x: 5 1/16 x  6 3/8-inches 
Weight6 lbs6 lbs
Price$105 each ($210/pair)$135 each ($270/pair)
RSL Speakers CG23M Bookshelf LCR Loudspeaker
RSL Speakers CG23M
(new model)
(previous model)
Price$149 each$200 each
Speaker Type 2-Way Bass Reflex (ported)2-Way Bass Reflex (ported)
Setup ConfigurationHorizontal or VerticalHorizontal or Vertical

Dual 4-inch mineral-filled woven aramid fiber cones with Y35 high-grade ferrite magnetsDual 4-inch with Ferrite Magnet, Kevlar Cone
Tweeter 1” silk dome, neodymium magnet1-inch  Silk Dome, Neo Magnet
Frequency Response (± 3dB)80-20,000 85-20,000 
Recommended Impedance6 or 8 ohms6 or 8 ohms
Sensitivity (SPL @ 1W/1M)89 dB88 dB
Recommended Power40-150 watts25-125 watts
Crossover Frequency2,800 Hz2,500 Hz
Crossover SlopeAsymmetric 12 dB/octave12 db/octave
Crossover PartsAir-core Inductors, poly-capacitorsAir core coil, Polypropylene capacitors
Connectionsgold-plated binding postsGold Plated binding posts
Tuning MethodCompression Guide™Compression Guide™
System Resonance75 Hz75 Hz
Dimensions (Vertical – HWD without grill and keyhole mount)16 x: 6 x 6 1/2 -inches16:  x 6 D x  6 ⅜ inches
Weight10 lbs.10 lbs.
Price$149 each$200 each
RSL Speakers CG3M and CG23M Speaker Bundles and Pricing 2022

Price & Availability

  • CG3M – $105 each ($210/pair)
  • CG23M – $149 each ($298/pair)

Learn more at:

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