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Rotel Introduces New RC-1082 Stereo Preamplifier and RB-1072 Power Amplifier

North Reading, MA–January 2007–Rotel Electronics, well-known throughout the world as manufacturer of affordable high-end audio and video components, has introduced a new high-performance stereo preamplifier, the RC-1082 and power amplifier the RB-1072 that are ideal for music and home-theater audio-video systems.

Mike Bartlett, Rotel’s Vice President and General Manager says “With all of the excitement and consumer interest in home theater today, one might wonder why Rotel, would invest substantial R&D in manufacturing new two-channel products. The answer is that our customer feedback has clearly shown that there is still significant interest among enthusiasts for improvements in delivering a better music listening experience. Many of these people believe that they don’t need all the bells and whistles that accompany a surround- sound system. They simply want to listen to music and Rotel has always been, first and foremost, an electronics company that takes sound quality very seriously.”

RC-1082 Stereo Preamplifier
A preamplifier has a relatively simple but important job. It is the control center for all source components. Further, it must be able to select the signals from these different components, isolate them from each other, and amplify them without changing anything but the size of the output voltage and current. The audiophile’s ultimate goal is a preamplifier that is a “straight wire with gain.” Anything added or taken away at this point is greatly magnified as signal distortion when it gets to the power amplifier.

Rotel understands the importance of keeping the signal as pure as possible all the way through the electronics chain. The RC-1082 stereo preamplifier has been designed to reproduce music as faithfully as possible and to provide the total experience intended by the original artists. Rotel achieves that goal by carefully selecting the components that go into their electronics and in the design of the circuit topology itself.

To begin, it is critical to have a robust power supply. The RC-1082 features an overbuilt toroidal transformer with high current output feeding independent reservoir/ rectifier circuits. The premium filter capacitors are T-Network designs made in the UK selected for their high capacity and fast charge/discharge times which result in solid bass and transparent midrange and high frequencies. The circuits for each channel follow Symmetrical Circuit Trace strategy to ensure precise timing, pinpoint imaging and accurate soundstaging.

While the RC-1082 is designed for the hi-fi purist in terms of absolute musical fidelity, it is also a very flexible design that accommodates up to nine source components including CD, tuner, two tape inputs, and two auxiliary inputs, as well as a low-noise, high-overload MM/MC phono stage with discrete, differential input stages. The line level inputs are switched via high quality relays applied to a pair of IC buffer stages for each channel. There’s also a media player input on the front panel to accommodate MP3 players. In addition to its generous input capabilities, Rotel’s RC-1082 is a custom installation friendly device that can be controlled from a remote access point via its RS-232 interface or IR input. The preamplifier includes more features such as a detachable AC cord, a full-function remote control and discrete on/off remote control command codes.

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Musical, accurate, and accommodating, the RC-1082 preamplifier is the perfect choice for audio enthusiasts seeking the best in hi-fi performance.

RB-1072 Stereo Power Amplifier
Rotel’s new RB-1072, a 100-watt-per-channel stereo power amplifier is based on the much-heralded Class- D switching platforms of Rotel’s RMB-1077, RB-1092 and RB-1091 amplifiers. Thanks to its innovative design, it can be placed in space-restricted installations without fear of performance degradation. Compared to conventional amplifier designs, the RB-1072 needs little ventilation and runs relatively cool even under demanding operating conditions.

Although the RB-1072 is compact at only 2-3/8″ high, there is nothing small about this amplifier. It is powerful and refined and characterized by senses of speed, depth, and transparency that set it apart from the competition. Rotel’s engineers have methodically applied our Balanced Design Concept (BDC) to create a very impressive design.

The RB-1072 features innovative engineering that has transformed early Class D amplifiers from less-than-stellar sounding products into true audiophile components. Two of these design accomplishments are MECC (Multivariable Enhanced Cascade Control) and COM (Controlled Oscillation Modulation) which substantially reduce pulse-amplitude and pulse-timing errors. Together, these technological solutions, along with Rotel’s BDC, have helped changed the future of power amplification and have allowed Class-D switching amplifiers to realize their full potential of high power, low heat, reduced chassis size, and first class sound.

*For more information about Balanced Design Concept, MECC, and COM please visit

Availability: First Quarter 2007
Suggested Retail Prices: RC-1082 $1,199
RB-1072 $899

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About Rotel Electronics
Rotel audio products are known worldwide for their quality, reliability, value, and, above all, exceptional sound reproduction. Since 1961, Rotel has utilized the resources of its formidable international design team and has manufactured its products in its own sophisticated production facilities. Rotel proudly offers a complete range of electronics that have consistently received critical acclaim and coveted industry awards. With substantial investment in new technologies and manufacturing, Rotel is prepared to meet the challenges of an evolving specialty electronics marketplace.

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