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Richard Grays Power Company Creates An Entirely New Category For Power Management and UPS

The centralized RGPC PowerVault Whole Home UPS seamlessly keeps electronics working during power outages–and provides clean, consistent power at all times.

New Orleans, LA — September 12, 2007 – Richard Gray’s Power Company (RGPC) proudly announces the RGPC PowerVault, a premium whole-house power conditioning product that is the first of its kind for the CEDIA market.

The PowerVault is a revolutionary new system that is a perfect fit for the industry’s finest installations. The first large-scale power storage and management device designed specifically for CEDIA installers and integrators, the PowerVault is a power conditioner, uninterruptable power supply (UPS) and long-duration backup solution all in one. It provides a quantum leap in terms of performance and functionality over existing home electronics power management solutions.

“With custom installations growing in size and home automation systems becoming more attainable for consumers, large-scale or whole home power management solutions are inevitable,” said RGPC COO Rick Komendera. “Factor in the unreliability of the electrical grid causing brownouts and the constant threat of severe weather, and it almost becomes a necessity for homeowners with major A/V investments to include a power management device like the PowerVault.”

Uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) and power conditioners are nothing new, but the RGPC PowerVault is an industry-first fusion of these two power management devices, offering the benefits of both while utilizing RGPC’s patented parallel delivery system. The PowerVault provides centralized UPS functionality and long-duration backup power. It features the added benefits of an RGPC 1200C for noise removal, RGPC’s patented power delivery, and surge suppression. Its unmatched capacity allows the RGPC PowerVault to condition and protect the most critical circuits on a home’s AC line from a single remote location within the house.

During a power outage or interruption, the PowerVault provides consistent and uninterrupted power to home theater and automation products, eliminating the need to restart or reboot devices. This provides the homeowner with peace of mind, and reduces the likelihood of a service call for the installer. The PowerVault provides another level of power backup to that provided by traditional power generators, which take a while to power up and cannot match the consistency of current provided by the PowerVault.

“Most generators are horrendous when it comes to acting as a power source, since they generally take several minutes to kick in and offer a sporadic, fluctuating supply of power. While this is OK for keeping the refrigerator running, it can cause inconsistent performance, serious damage and memory loss to A/V equipment from the cross-over delay,” said Komendera.

The PowerVault’s UPS protection eliminates memory and preset loss on equipment such as DVRs while delivering a clean and stable 120V or 240V output, irrespective of input. Because of its capacity, customers can enjoy their systems, not just safely power them down, for hours or even days with no power from their utility provider, while continuing to protect electronics from damage and processor lock-up.

Unlike traditional home theater power management products, which usually come in a freestanding or rack-mounted form factor, the ultra-high-capacity PowerVault resides in a remote location, such as a basement or A/V closet. This, in turn, saves rack space, eliminates fan noise and offers peace of mind to customers who plug their A/V equipment directly into the wall.

Once installed, the PowerVault is a complete turn-key system that requires no configuration or programming. It can seamlessly integrate with leading industry home control systems. Engineered for 11kW of continuous power output, the RGPC PowerVault can handle inrush demands of over 25kW to start home automation systems, premium A/V gear and lighting control systems. The power modules can be configured for either 120V or 240V output and can be connected with multiple battery modules to provide energy for as long as a user needs.

The RGPC PowerVault can seamlessly integrate multiple power sources, such as generators, windmills or solar panels, while cleaning the power feeding circuits and eliminating gaps in startup time. The PowerVault can dramatically increase the efficiency and reliability of intermittent energy sources, making it a critical part of a complete power solution. The PowerVault actually stores excess power that is created during peak generating conditions, resulting in power when a user needs it, not just when nature supplies it. A hybrid PowerVault/generator system can reduce generator runtime and fuel consumption by up to 75 percent, while providing an indefinite supply of clean and constant AC power.

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The RGPC PowerVault is ETL listed. Authorized RGPC dealers will need to receive certification training before they can perform installations. MSRP of the PowerVault, now shipping, starts from $24,500.

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RGPC’s parallel technology captures and restores instantaneously high-current-on-demand, working cycle-to-cycle to satisfy power-hungry equipment while rejecting power spikes and smaller surges that lead to premature failure of sensitive electronics. RGPC products are proudly manufactured in the U.S.A. and are sold solely through its network of professional audio/video dealers and installers.

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