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Razer’s Moray In-Ear Monitors Feature THX Certification

Razer’s new Moray IEMs feature THX-certification and superior passive noise isolation. We’re just not sure how they are ideal for gamers with no microphone.

Razer Moray IEMs

Following up on the recent release of their Hammerhead Pro HyperSpeed Earbuds, Razer is trying to raise the bar further for gamers with the introduction of their first in-ear monitor (IEM), the Razer Moray.

Designed with the unique demands of gamers and marathon streamers, this IEM combines all-day comfort with elevated audio quality. The Moray is designed to optimize fatigue-free gaming and audio broadcast sessions.

From Alvin Cheung, Senior Vice President of Razer’s Hardware Business Unit: “The launch of the Moray marks an exciting new chapter for Razer,…It’s an evolution in gaming audio, designed to offer streamers high-definition sound and all-day comfort. With the Razer Moray, we’re bringing the exceptional audio quality typically associated with in-ear monitors to not only streamers but gamers as well. And we’re proud to announce this product has earned the coveted global gold standard mark of audio fidelity, THX Certification.

Razer Moray IEM inner not connected

Key Features

THX Certified: This certification assures listeners that right out of the box, the Moray delivers quality, consistency, and performance. The Moray is designed to deliver clear vocals and dialogue, a distortion-free listening experience, and superior noise isolation.

Tip: Razer owns THX. 2023 is THX’s 40th Anniversary year.

Hybrid Dual-Driver Acoustic Design: The Moray pairs a balanced armature driver for clear treble performance with a dynamic driver for deeper bass.

Ergonomic Design for All-Day Comfort and Fit: With a low-profile, ergonomic shape, the Moray provides a snug fit that significantly surpasses traditional headsets and earbuds, eliminating pressure on the head and ears to deliver a seamless, fatigue-free streaming experience.

Passive Noise Isolation: Superior passive noise isolation, capable of blocking up to -36 dB of noise, ensures that listeners are not distracted from the listening experience. In addition to gameplay, live streamers can maintain focus on creating engaging content and captivating audiences.

Premium Braided Over-Ear Wires: The Moray is equipped with OFC MMCX cables and flexible memory loop tubing. These premium braided over-ear wires ensure the in-ear monitors remain secure while listening or broadcasting.

Custom Ear Tips and Carrying Case: The Moray comes with three types of ear tips in three different sizes, providing optimal comfort and sound isolation. The Moray comes with a portable, splash-resistant carrying case.

Razer Moray IEM wire disconnected



Tip: The Razer Morays are wired IEMs. They don’t require power but they also don’t automatically connect to wireless streaming sources. However, the provided cables are detachable so you can connect the Moray to a plug-in Bluetooth receiver for access to compatible Bluetooth source devices. In addition, the Razer Moray does not have a built-in microphone. 

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Razer Moray IEM Accessories

Included Accessories

  • Razer Moray IEM
  • Splash-resistant zipper leatherette pouch
  • Razer carabiner
  • Silicone ear-tips in 3 sizes (S, M, L – M is pre-installed)
  • Memory foam ear-tips in 3 sizes (S, M, L)

Price and Availability

The Razer Moray IEMs are available now for USD $129.99 at or or €149.99.

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