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Pure Digital Launches Oasis Rechargeable Weatherproof DAB Radio

The DAB Digital Radio That’s Going Places

24th August, London, UK: PURE Digital — a division of Imagination Technologies (LSE:IMG) — presents Oasis — the world’s first rechargeable DAB digital radio that can withstand the rigours of outdoor life.

With Oasis digital radio listeners can roam freely, safe in the knowledge their radio can survive the environmental conditions of garden, campsite, bathroom, boat or even building site. Oasis’ rugged build makes it the perfect travel mate, but it’s the radio’s stylish good looks, featuring a cast aluminium protection frame, that ensure it’s a companion users will want to be seen out with.

It’s not just a great radio either — users can connect an iPod or other audio device to use Oasis as a great sounding portable sound system. Oasis also provides over 15 hours of use from its built-in ChargePAK battery system. ChargePAK is a custom designed rechargeable battery with six high performance nickel metal hydride C-cells. Simply connect to the mains to recharge — disconnect to wander free.

Oasis will be on sale from September 2005 for £119.99 inc. VAT.

Says Kevin Dale, GM, PURE Digital: “Whether it’s listening to sport in the park, news or cricket in the garden, or music in the bath, Oasis is the perfect radio companion — and all without compromising on price, looks or sound quality. Oasis frees DAB digital radio from the constraints of the kitchen, living room or bedroom.”

Tested to stringent international IP65 water-resistance standards Oasis is weatherproof and splash resistant in all conditions and has been ‘tested to be tough’ for use outdoors as well as in the bathroom or kitchen.

Oasis’ rugged design and build features a cast-aluminium protection frame, while rubber ‘bumpers’ and recessed controls help prevent damage. Rubber covers protect input and output connectors from damp and dust. The removable aerial is rubber protected too and can be stored in the rear of the unit for transport.

Oasis offers superb audio quality from its custom designed, weatherproof 4″ long-throw speaker. Not just loud enough to be heard in the wide-open outdoors, Oasis is built to PURE’s award-winning DAB audio excellence standards.

The DAB transmission standard provides high quality, interference-free digital audio without the hiss, crackle and fade of AM/FM broadcasts. Fast autotune locates all available DAB stations and users simply select stations by name. Oasis will list them alphabetically or in the order users listen to them most.

Up to twice as many stations are available in many areas as via FM. UK stations broadcast digitally include national BBC Radios 1-4, BBC Radio 5 Live, Classic FM, talkSPORT and Virgin Radio, plus local and unique-to-digital stations.

Oasis’ two-line display shows station name, date/time, scrolling text with news, sports results, song titles and more. Oasis’ clock display automatically adjusts for summer/winter time.

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Oasis is ‘USB Upgradeable’ over an Internet connection (PC required). Whether it’s enhancements to the DAB standard or new features from PURE, the USB connector enables users to keep their Oasis up-to-date.

Oasis is covered by a 2-year warranty*. See for stockists or call 01923 277488.

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