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Floorstanding Speakers

PSB Speakers Introduces New Imagine Series Loudspeakers

PSB Speakers’ new Imagine Series feature trickle-down technology across three loudspeaker models.

PSB Speakers Imagine Series Loudspeakers in Black and White (2023)

When Paul S. Barton started PSB in the 1970s it was with the desire to create high-end loudspeakers that everyone could afford. Even with significant resources available to him, Barton has not deviated from that ethos and continues to focus on loudspeakers that offer tremendous value for the money. PSB Speakers is based in Toronto and have introduced the new Imagine Series loudspeaker line at Toronto Audio Fest. The three new models include:

  • T65 Tower Loudspeakers – $1,999/pair
  • T54 Tower Loudspeakers – $1,499/pair
  • B50 Bookshelf Speakers – $699/pair

Competitively priced, PSB’s Imagine Series aims to deliver value without compromising performance by using trickle-down technology including an advanced crossover design and driver complement inherited from the flagship Synchrony Series. In addition, chamfered edges and polished aluminium accents match those of the premium PWM Series, and “clever value engineering” is borrowed from the affordable Alpha Series.

Key Features

  • Woven carbon fibre cones (woofers and midrange)
  • Mass-loaded rubber surrounds and premium magnet structures
  • Linkwitz-Riley 4th order crossover design
  • Low-resonance MDF cabinet with extensive bracing
  • 1×1” (25mm) titanium dome tweeters with Ferrofluid damping and neodymium magnet
  • 3-way dual bass reflex design*
  • Acoustically transparent magnetic grilles
  • Satin White and Black finishes

*T65 and T54 only

Imagine T65

PSB Speakers Imagine T65 Tower Loudspeaker Black Angle with PWM3 Soundbar
PSB Imagine T65 Loudspeakers with PWM3 Soundbar

​The T65 stands as the pinnacle within the Imagine Series as the tower speaker of the collection, harmonizing advanced technology, elegant design, and unparalleled performance. Boasting a driver array with a 1” tweeter, 5.25” midrange, and dual 6.5” woofers, the T65 showcases a 3-way dual bass reflex configuration, integrating paired rear slot ports and meticulously tuned woofer chambers. Its crossover design leverages the natural roll-off points of each driver with precise control of the sound. The outcome is an exceptional capacity to dive deeper into low frequencies, while presenting an expansive soundstage.

Imagine T54

PSB Speakers Imagine T54 Tower Black Angle
PSB Imagine T54

​Disguised in a slender and modest form, the Imagine T54 Tower showcases a meticulously crafted 1” tweeter, 4” midrange, and dual 5.25” woofers. Embracing the 3-way dual bass reflex architecture reminiscent of the T65 and featuring dual rear-firing slot ports from the PWM Series, the T54 challenges its compact dimensions to present a wide frequency range and pin-point imaging for an immersive listening experience.

Imagine B50

PSB Imagine B50 Bookshelf Speakers White Pair with Powernode

​The Imagine B50 Bookshelf harmonize a 1” tweeter, and 5.25” woofer within a compact footprint. Featuring a 2-way bass reflex design and rear-facing slot port, they are more than capable to fill any space with harmonious true-to-nature sound and unexpectedly deep bass extension.

Seamless Integration with PWM Series

PSB Speakers PWM Series Soundbars
PSB PWM Series

​The PWM On-Wall speakers are designed to support the Imagine Series as centre channels or surround channels in any multi-channel application. The aluminium trim rings and chamfered edges of the Imagine Series not only enhance the visual aesthetics but ensure a harmonious visual match with the PWM Series to complete any home theatre.

Price & Availability

The PSB Imagine Series loudspeakers will be available November 7, 2023 and come in Satin Black and Satin White finishes.

  • T65 Tower Loudspeakers – $1,999/pair (CA$2,699 / €1,999 / £1,699)
  • T54 Tower Loudspeakers – $1,499/pair (CA$2,099 / €1,499 / £1,199)
  • B50 Bookshelf Speakers – $699/pair (CA$899 / €699 / £599)

About PSB Speakers
​Since 1972, Founder and Chief Designer, Paul Barton, has been cementing his legacy as an expert in designing and building high-fidelity speakers that incorporate scientific principles in psychoacoustics. More than 50 years later and now a strategic part of Lenbrook International’s global portfolio, PSB Speakers’ products are sold in more than 70 markets where the brand sets the standard for true-to-nature sound and is critically acclaimed for its value-driven and non-fatiguing speaker design. With an expansive suite of products that include audiophile speakers, ANC headphones, powerful and musical subwoofers, and a family of installed speaker solutions, PSB Speakers is designed and built to bring life to recorded music at world class levels.

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  1. Kar

    October 18, 2023 at 9:26 pm

    Show me those 4th order crossovers packing 20 plus parts and all of cheesy quality ?

  2. Karl

    October 19, 2023 at 12:13 am

    Just to let you know PSB stands for Paul Sue Barton. He used his wives initial. Also, they are located in Pickering, not Toronto. I have many generations of their products. Still use my original B1 which were built in Canada all the way up to the first generation of Synchrony B1. There are a few others in between that are still used in the house. Great value and great sound!

    • Ian White

      October 19, 2023 at 1:47 am


      I’ve been a PSB customer since the Stratus Gold and was born in Toronto. Using “Pickering” doesn’t give readers who know nothing about the GTA or Ontario any real idea where the company is based. But yes…the Lenbrook HQ is in Pickering, Ontario.


      Ian White

  3. Brad

    October 19, 2023 at 1:18 am

    It seems like the imagine xt1 didn’t really take off with the general high end community. I wonder how these entry level towers compare at 1500.00

  4. Bill Ruschmeyer

    October 20, 2023 at 5:38 pm

    Anyone own an NAD Masters integrated amp or for that matter any NAD amp/Pre-amp? It’s my understanding that PSB speakers are tuned for NAD equipment. I have a NAD Masters M32 integrated amp and really love it. Currently I’m using Tannoy X6Tf speakers which sound great, but like all of us always looking for the best sound. The new T65 towers look promising at a very good price. Specs look good but you never know until you hear them

    • Ian White

      October 20, 2023 at 6:45 pm


      I’ve used the NAD/PSB combination for years and the synergy is excellent. The NAD Masters Series is capable of driving a lot of really high-end loudspeakers. I would include DALI on your shortlist.


      Ian White

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