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Proclaim Audioworks DMT-100 Loudspeakers Announced



Proclaim Audioworks, a recently launched Connecticut-based audiophile loudspeaker manufacturer, has introduced its first product, the remarkable DMT-100 loudspeaker system. The DMT-100 represents a dramatic departure from conventional high-end loudspeaker design, providing the most comprehensive and fundamental set of performance adjustments ever offered in a retail speaker system.

Each DMT-100 speaker consists of a trio of individual spherical enclosures arranged on a unique milled aluminum base that allows each driver’s position to be independently adjusted for optimum performance. The included external crossover network allows further customization thanks to adjustable midrange/tweeter level controls that can be used to balance the stereo image and adjust tonality. This adjustment circuitry can also be removed from the circuit and replaced with precision audiophile resistors for the greatest possible signal purity.

“The DMT-100 is a fundamental change in the way loudspeakers are designed and installed,” comments Proclaim Audioworks founding partner and DMT-100 designer Dan Herrington. “It provides a simple and elegant solution to the major real-world performance issue that plagues every traditional speaker ever designed, which is a fundamental inability to adapt to changing listening environments. In fact, at root the only real technique available to tailor conventional speakers to the listening room is speaker placement itself. All other methods for tuning performance are essentially either altering the room to suit the speakers, or adding superfluous electronic processing that degrades signal purity, and ultimately the fidelity of the music being played.”

The first major departure from traditional high-end design is in the DMT-100’s unique Driver Manipulation Technology™, which allows for individual adjustment of each driver’s position and orientation. The system’s attractive milled aluminum speaker stands feature fully articulating individual arms for the tweeter and midrange drivers to allow for up to 12″ of vertical and horizontal positioning flexibility. Additionally, all three of the driver enclosures can be individually aimed up to 45-degrees off-axis, thanks to acoustically decoupled rubber mounting rings. Because of these capabilities, the relative position of each of the system’s six drivers can be individually tailored to optimize acoustic balance, phase, and frequency response for perfect time alignment and optimal performance in any room, and at any listening position.


The second unique feature of the DMT-100 system lies in its adjustable external crossover circuitry, which provides the ability to individually adjust output for each midrange and tweeter to optimize balance and linearity for any environment and driver arrangement. Once the driver levels have been optimized, the installer or owner physically removes the L-Pad adjustment circuit and measures its resistance. Using a specially designed jumper, the L-Pad circuit is then replaced with audiophile-grade resistors of the proper value, which are hard-tapped into the circuit to create a crossover network of the cleanest possible signal path and purity.

Each of the DMT-100 system drivers is housed in an individual spherical enclosure constructed of a dual-layer fiberglass shell with a compacted sand core, creating a non-resonating and extremely attractive enclosure. Their spherical shape provides the enclosures with superior frequency response linearity and symmetry as well as greater rigidity for reduced resonance when compared to conventional ‘box’ enclosures. Additionally, because there are no parallel surfaces, the problem of bass distortion due to standing wave formation is eliminated.

The Proclaim Audioworks’ DMT-100 loudspeakers are currently available with a gloss black enclosure finish and fully machined aluminum stands at a suggested retail price of $26,995 per pair. The system can also be custom-finished to suit nearly any design criteria or sensibilities at a modest premium.

About Proclaim Audioworks
Proclaim Audioworks was founded by a group of industry professionals who saw a better way to go beyond the confines of traditional speaker designs, and set out to produce the most accurate musical reproduction possible. Their first product is the DMT-100 full-range loudspeaker, featuring the company’s exclusive Driver Manipulation Technology™ to allow a degree of fundamental acoustic control never before available in a commercial loudspeaker. For more information, or to locate a Proclaim dealer near you, please call (860) 349-1141, or visit

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