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Pro Audio Technology Introduces New MA Modular Amplifiers

Pro Audio Technology have a solution for the CI world that is experiencing real issues getting high-end amplifiers for their clients.

Pro Audio Technology MA Modular Amplifier

Back in 2021, I was very fortunate to spend almost two months with the Theory Audio Design 5.2.2 Home Theater Speaker System. It is my benchmark for all home theater soundbar systems and I doubt that anyone in the category will be able to best it anytime soon below $20,000. I’ve tried a few $50,000 home theater systems over the past 23 years and it took that kind of expenditure to deliver what the Theory system delivered for a lot less money.

It represents an “endgame” system for myself as a movie fanatic.

Theory Audio Design is a division within Pro Audio Technology and the parent company is more focused on studios, editing suites, and the extreme high-end side of the market.

There is a definite premium in regard to their in-wall speakers and subwoofers but one has to remember that the customer base is willing to spend substantially more than the average consumer; films and albums are being mixed on their products.

Paul Hales has always been a problem solver within the pro audio and high-end categories and there is news today that will likely make the CI world very happy.

Pro Audio Technology (PRO), the leading supplier of high-output loudspeakers and DSP loudspeaker controllers, have announced a new line of modular amplifiers. Consisting of five models, the MA-4400, MA-4242, MA-9900, MA-9942, and MA-9999 provide integrators with a line of reliable amplifiers to power any PRO or third-party audio systems. 

“In 2021 it became clear that the worldwide shortage of digital and other electronic components was going to impact our ability to deliver our amplified loudspeaker controllers timely,” said Paul Hales, president and product designer for Pro Audio Technology. “Knowing we had many loyal customers with projects in the pipeline, we got to work designing a new amplifier platform that could be manufactured consistently while we wait for the supply chain to normalize. The MA series of amplifiers are the result of that initiative and will allow our integrators to complete open and upcoming audio system installations amongst global supply chain uncertainty.”

Pro Audio Technology MA Modular Amplifiers with ALC-3316
Pro Audio Technology MA Modular Amplifiers with ALC-3316 Loudspeaker Controllers

PRO’s modular amplifiers pack between two to four channels of up to 1000W each into a fan-less 2U chassis. When combined with PRO’s ALC-3316, PLP-8250, or PLP-8800 loudspeaker controller/processors, installers can use the MA amplifiers to quickly and easily power, apply high resolution DSP filtering, and calibrate any PRO sound system.

“By leveraging our line of loudspeaker controllers, our dealers can now use the MA amplifiers to power larger PRO loudspeakers and subwoofers and do the signal processing for them inside the ALC or PLP units. When using the ALC-3316, it acts not only as an amplified controller for the smaller speakers in the system, but also as a multichannel digital signal processor for the MA amps – a testament to the flexibility and utility of our ALC models,” said Hales. 

Price & Availability

The Pro Audio Technology MA modular amplifiers are priced from $5,500 to $9,500 each. Interested dealers, reps, and international distributors can visit the PRO website and contact PRO’s VP of Sales, Mark Goldman for pricing and more details. 

All five models are available now:

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  • MA-9999 (1000W x 4 channels)
  • MA-9942 (1000W x 2 channels, 450W x 1 channel, 200W x 1 channel)
  • MA-4242 (450W x 2 channels, 200W x 2 channels)
  • MA-9900 (1000W x 2 channels)
  • MA-4400 (450W x 2 channels)

For more information: (pdf)

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