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PowerHouse of a Demo at Electronic House Expo 2007


Experience RGPC’s first live demonstration of the PowerHouse 3X as it drives over $125,000 worth of premium A/V gear.

Orlando, FL — Electronic House Expo 2007 – March 6-10 — Demo Room 202C – Richard Gray’s Power Company (RGPC) will join industry partners at the 2007 Electronic House Expo (EHX) to create an entire home theater system powered by the largest rack-mountable power delivery product to date. The PowerHouse 3X is a 208-volt, true-balanced power delivery product that can handle 6200-watts of continuous power as well as over 25,000-watts of in-rush current. Needless to say the PowerHouse 3X is not a typical “line conditioner” and the EHX demonstration promises to be one of the most compelling and convincing of the show.

With over $125,000 worth of electronics included in the demonstration, this Demo Alley system is indicative of what a typical PowerHouse 3X supported install would include. Newly introduced products from McIntosh, Thiel Audio and Straight Wire will benefit from the patented RGPC IsoGray technology provided by one, 350-pound, 21-outlet, 8-rack space PowerHouse 3X. With so many demonstrations of high-wattage electronics taking place at EHX 2007 at the same time, an environment of insufficient and dirty power is created. The IsoGray system consists of RGPC’s patented parallel technology, dual stage surge protection and is wired for 208V operation providing completely isolated balanced AC power and total rejection of power surges.
IsoGray allows connected components to essentially perform on their own electrical grid with the refined acoustic dynamics and videophile quality imaging that enthusiasts demand.

Some of the new products from Thiel Audio included in the demo will be the CS3.7 floor standing speakers as well as SCS4 bookshelf speakers and a pair of 290 lb. SS4 SmartSub subwoofers with built-in 1000-watt class D amplifiers and featuring a pair of 15-inch drivers. McIntosh components will handle source, display and additional amplification with the MDLP1M 1080p DLP projector, MVP871 upscaling DVD player, MX136 A/V preamp/processor, and MC205 5 x 200-watt home theater amplifier. All components will be fed power using RGPC’s non-current limiting, hand wound 8-gauge HighTensionWire power cords while Straight Wire will provide all line level connections between components. (See next page for a full list.)

RGPC’s VP and Chief Operating Officer, Rick Komendera commented, “EHX Demo Alley is the perfect venue to showcase the PowerHouse 3X because attendees will see firsthand how our all-in-one power delivery product can satisfy the high-current demands of a large home theater. As systems continue to grow in both complexity and power consumption, integrators now have a way of providing clean, reliable power to over 20 components with a single, rack-mountable device.”

The PowerHouse 3X combines a 5-kilowatt isolation transformer and a dual choke 1200C all in one rack-mountable chassis. The massive transformer provides almost three times as much power as the RGPC SubStation, while the 20 commercial-grade, 20-amp Hubbell outlets supply RGPC’s patented parallel technology to a rack full of components. The PowerHouse 3X provides noise removal with no current limiting and also includes a front mounted “convenience” outlet.

For more information on RGPC, please visit

RGPC’s parallel technology captures and restores instantaneously high-current-on-demand, working cycle-to-cycle to satisfy power hungry equipment while rejecting power spikes and smaller surges that lead to premature failure of sensitive electronics. RGPC products are proudly manufactured in the U.S.A. and are sold solely through their network of professional audio/video dealers and installers.

EHX Spring Demo Alley Hardware — Room 202C

Richard Gray’s Power Company
RGPC PowerHouse
RGPC 1200C
120-volt RGPC SubStation
RGPC 600 RM Pro
RGPC Extender
RGPC HighTensionWire

MDLP1M – 1080p DLP Projector
MVP871 – DVD player w/ HDMI outputs (scales output to 1080p)
MX136 – AV Preamp/Processor with HDMI inputs/outputs
MC205 – 5-Channel x 200W home theater amplifier
MC501 – 500W Monoblock amps for front stage
MS300 — Music Server

CS3.7 floor standing speakers
SCS4 book shelf speakers
Pair of 290 pound SS4 SmartSub Sub woofers

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Straight Wire
Analog Audio Interconnect — Encore II and Virtuoso R
Speaker Cable — Super Quad and Virtuoso H
Analog Video — Silver Bundle
Digital Video – Super HDMI
Digital Audio — Info Link


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