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PC-Doctor Service Center 7 PC Repair Toolkit


New Professional Computer Troubleshooting Kit Includes Advanced Test Devices, Support for Newly Introduced Hardware Components, and Faster PC Diagnostics

Global system health and PC diagnostics leader PC-Doctor Inc. today introduced PC-Doctor Service Center 7 PC repair toolkit , a significant advancement of the industry’s leading top computer diagnostics software used by service organizations, independent PC repair professionals, small manufacturers and others for computer troubleshooting.

The latest kit for computer troubleshooting delivers new and faster PC diagnostics, more advanced test scripting, a significantly improved POST card for systems that won’t boot, a drive-erase tool, and the ability to take detailed snapshots of the system under test to clearly show all changes made. Additionally, companies using the Service Center 7 PC diagnostics kit can present a professional image to their customers by providing customized PC troubleshooting reports that include the company’s logo, contact information, and technician name.

“PC repair technicians who choose PC-Doctor Service Center 7 are able to take advantage of the same up-to-date professional computer diagnostics that four of the world’s top five manufacturers pre-install on their PCs to reduce warranty and service delivery costs,” said Doug van Aman, the company’s chief marketing officer. “We routinely develop PC diagnostics for new hardware well before those technologies are released to the general public, and are able to roll those advances into PC-Doctor Service Center, while continuing to support legacy systems.”

The Service Center 7 computer troubleshooting kit comes complete with more than 300 PC diagnostics, including high-level diagnostics for testing hardware and advanced drivers within the Windows operating system, and bootable computer diagnostics for low-level, direct testing of hardware, and for use when Windows will not boot. The new PC diagnostics for Windows support the latest components introduced by the world’s leading manufacturers, including newly introduced video cards, Bluetooth network devices, CPUs and Blu-ray optical drives. Additionally, the bootable PC diagnostics include new, faster protected-mode memory tests that are based on PC-Doctor patents and capable of testing up to 64 gigabytes of memory.

PCI Post CardPCI Post Card

Also included is a newly designed POST card for troubleshooting systems that cannot boot. Designed to make computer troubleshooting and PC repair easier, the POST card has a new daughterboard on a flexible connector, making it easier to read error codes, bus speeds and system voltages on a remote display.

Other highlights of the new PC-Doctor Service Center 7 include:

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  • Customizable reports: The PC repair technician has unprecedented control over both the content and the appearance of the computer troubleshooting reports generated by Service Center 7. These reports can be branded to include the company name, technician name, and the company logo, and can include system information, PC diagnostics information, and comparisons between system snapshots, showing hardware and driver changes that occurred during the PC repair.
  • System snapshots: Techs can take a snapshot of the system before they start a PC repair, run computer diagnostics and replace hardware or make driver changes, then take another snapshot. All differences in the two sets of system information will be listed, including detailed hardware and driver information. The tech can include this information in the report given to the customer, allowing the customer to clearly see exactly what was done on their system during the computer troubleshooting. This establishes credibility and boosts customer confidence.
  • Drive-erase capability: Our new tool wipes a hard drive to U.S. Defense Department specifications.
  • SMART attributes log view: Shows all of the details from the drive SMART function.
  • Support for CD/DVD checksum test: New test media supports this test while maintaining compatibility with older-version media.
  • Test automation: Five predefined, broad-coverage PC troubleshooting scripts are available directly from the home screen, as are up to five user-defined scripts.
  • Redesigned user interface: The completely redesigned user interface provides much faster, cleaner access to all Service Center 7 PC troubleshooting features.
  • Customizable links: A nearly unlimited number of links to user-defined PC troubleshooting scripts, favorite Web addresses, and local files can be added to Service Center 7 computer diagnostics kit for quick access when running on multiple systems. The top five links are also available directly from the home screen.
  • Periodic updates: Customers may subscribe to receive updates to the PC diagnostics.
  • Advanced user guide: Complete test descriptions for both Windows and DOS computer diagnostics.

Priced at $399, PC-Doctor Service Center 7 computer troubleshooting kit is available today directly from the company, either by visiting or by calling (866) 289-7237. It also is available from The computer troubleshooting kit includes:

  • a diagnostic CD containing both Windows and offline PC diagnostics,
  • optical media for testing CD and DVD capabilities,
  • a multipurpose USB device with LED indicators and bootable, low-level PC diagnostics to test systems without a hard drive, optical drive or display,
  • parallel, serial, USB and Ethernet loopback adaptors,
  • the newly designed PCI POST card,
  • a power supply tester,
  • documentation for both basic and advanced computer troubleshooting options, and
  • a professional canvas case for carrying the PC troubleshooting kit onsite.

Founded in 1993, PC-Doctor Inc. develops PC diagnostics and other system health tools that help PC makers, service centers, and IT organizations reduce costs, improve quality and enhance customer satisfaction. With more than 180 million units shipped worldwide, PC-Doctor’s diagnostics are pre-installed on systems from four of the world’s top five PC manufacturers. In addition to Windows products, the company also develops computer diagnostics for Linux and other operating systems that run on leading Intel and AMD microprocessors. For more information about PC-Doctor and its products, visit or call (866) 289-7237. International customers should call (775) 336-4000.

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