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Olympus VN-8100PC and VN-7000 Digital Audio Recorders

Olympus VN-8100PC Digital Audio Recorder

Olympus announced two new models in its record-breaking VN Series, the VN-7000 and VN-8100PC digital audio recorders. The VN-8100PC now records in MP3 format in addition to Windows Media Audio. The new models build on the versatility, outstanding value and trademark audio quality of the successful VN Series that in April 2010 sold its 10 millionth recorder. This series also features multiple recording modes, plenty of recording hours and double the memory of their predecessors. They encompass all the functional design elements that make them ideal tools for both the classroom and the boardroom.

Options are the hallmark of any Olympus digital audio recorder and the new VN Series continues this tradition. In addition to recording in Windows Media Audio file format, the VN-8100PC has made life simpler for many users by offering the option to record in MP3 format, as well.

The VN-8100PC also is PC Downloadable, allowing users to save and email audio files to any PC/Mac using an included USB cable. Connect with speed and ease. They can then be archived or emailed to friends and family.

Another key feature in the new VN Series is Scene Select mode. This function helps achieve optimal recordings through preset environmental settings that can be selected based upon surrounding conditions. Once a setting is chosen, microphones will adjust automatically to provide the best sound quality possible, allowing you to capture it all.

The VN-8100PC also gives users the option of having their interface display in English, French Spanish or Portuguese.

First and foremost, the new VN Series upgrades both internal memory and recording time. Both devices have 2GB of internal memory and long battery lives. The VN-7000 has 39 hours of battery life and the VN-8100PC lasts up to 51 hours. Set to LP mode, the VN-7000 can record for more than 1200 consecutive hours and the VN-8100PC can record for more than 850 hours.

Complementing that boost in power is an easy-to-use interface that enables users to accurately arrange digital files with unparalleled organization for meetings, dates and reminders. The VN-7000 has four folders (each holding 100 files) and the VN-8100PC has five folders (each holding 200 files).

The Index Mark setting allows users to pinpoint specific sections of the audio files to simplify future searches. Index Marks are digital tags that can be inserted while recording or during playback. They are used to skip forward and backward in recordings to pre-selected reference points. This eliminates guesswork on where a particular sound byte resides within a recording. The VN-7000 can hold 10 per file, while the VN-8100 PC can hold up to 16 per file. Users of the VN Series will continue to benefit from fast and slow playback settings that make note taking and transcription easy and efficient.

Both VN Series recorders feature the Variable Control Voice Actuator (VCVA) function. This sets the audio devices to record automatically only when sound is detected at a pre-set level and to stop when sounds drop below the threshold level. The purpose of this function is to eliminate “dead air” during recordings, thereby conserving memory and shortening file times.

Sleek Look & Feel
Both VN Series devices feature large LCD screens. The VN-8100PC has a function that allows users to select different font sizes to further enhance usability. Given their slim, lightweight, compact design, the VN Series digital audio devices make ideal travel companions.

The new design for the VN-8100PC features a large, front speaker for better sound. Both models are equipped with easy-to-reach buttons, allowing the user to play, stop, fast-forward and rewind with a simple touch of a finger. Record and erase buttons are positioned individually for easy access and to eliminate confusion while handling.

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Both the VN-7000 and the VN-8100PC make fashion statements. They are both silver with a black face.

VN-8100PC features:

  • 2GB of internal memory
  • Over 850 hours of recording time
  • MP3 and WMA recording formats
  • USB 2.0 high-speed connectivity to your PC/Mac
  • Larger LCD screen with font size select function
  • Scene Select function
  • 51 hours of battery life
  • VCVA, Multiple Language and Index Marks functions
  • Playback speed control
  • Larger speakers

VN-7000 features:

  • 2GB of internal memory
  • Over 1,200 hours of recording time
  • 39 hours of battery life
  • HQ, SP & LP sound quality
  • VCVA function
  • Index Marks function
  • Playback speed control
  • Alarm function

VN-7000 and VN-8100PC digital audio devices will be available in September 2010. Both will include a carrying case, two rechargeable AAA alkaline batteries, an instruction manual and an Olympus warranty card. The VN-8100PC is also supplied with a USB cable for connection to your PC or Mac.

U.S. Pricing
VN-7000 Estimated Street Price: $39.99
VN-8100PC Estimated Street Price: $59.99

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