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NHT To Introduce New Classic Loudspeakers At 2005 CEDIA Expo

BENICIA, CA, July 27, 2005 — NHT will use the occasion of the 2005 CEDIA Expo to unveil its new NHT CLASSIC selection of acoustic suspension loudspeakers, presenting a total of eight models, including two subwoofers, that represent the best in class for the price point.

“CLASSIC is the epitome of our capabilities in passive loudspeakers,” said Chris Byrne, Managing Director, NHT. “Each of these models illustrates how the superior benefits of acoustic suspension speakers outweigh any design option in the business today. They’re high performance, full range products that typify our approach to creating specific models for every consumer application, rather than releasing a hundred SKU’s with little variation between them.”

Byrne commented that although CLASSIC will replace the Super Audio series, the new series is by no means a rehash of old designs, but rather a completely new development effort.

“Changes in design capabilities combined with an evolving market led us to develop new models that improve the accuracy and performance of our most popular products while offering improved cosmetics and a higher level of ‘honesty’ than was possible just five years ago,” said Byrne.

“Three-way models play a much more critical role in CLASSIC than in the Super Audio line simply because multichannel systems require broader dispersion and a higher dynamic range than in stereo configurations. The performance upgrade offered by CLASSIC is substantial and demonstrable.”

Added Byrne: “Just as NHT Xd illustrates the remarkable accuracy and musicality that’s possible with DSP speaker correction, CLASSIC will illustrate the tremendous strides that we’ve made with passive designs.”

NHT’s CLASSIC is a marriage of revered and updated technology, incorporating the acknowledged performance benefits of acoustic suspension design with new baffles that are twice as thick as previous passive models. The new baffle design reduces cabinet panel vibrations and subsequently improves transient response, while the expansive radii at the top sides of the cabinet smoothes out the mid- and high-frequency response for all listening positions, especially off-axis.

When developing the new CLASSIC loudspeakers, NHT invested significant time and resources into creating new, ultra-rigid driver frames with improved shielding through the use of BMC (Bulk Molding Compound) that was originally designed and implemented for the acclaimed XdS speaker.


Scheduled to ship in October, NHT CLASSIC will consist of the following eight models.

Absolute Zero — An ultra-compact two-way bookshelf speaker featuring the output and performance that made the original SuperZero a CLASSIC. MSRP: $200 each.

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TWO — A traditional NHT two-way design, employing a 6.5″ woofer. Great bass response makes using a subwoofer an option rather than a necessity. MSRP: $250 each.

THREE — A completely new design, the Three incorporates a new ¾” aluminum dome tweeter and 2″ aluminum dome midrange array combined with a 6.5″ woofer in a compact bookshelf model, providing full range performance, wide dispersion and high dynamic range. MSRP: $400 each.

FOUR — The Four tower speaker, though extremely compact in size, features a high-output, four-way system that employs the same dome tweeter/midrange array as the Three bookshelf model with the addition of a side-loaded 10″ aluminum cone woofer. The system is bi-ampable, and can be used with NHT’s X2 crossover and A1 amplifiers. MSRP: $1800 pair (mirror image).

2C — The three-way 2C center channel speaker employs the same dome tweeter/midrange array as models Three and Four, combined with dual, 5.25″ woofers. Three-way center channel systems provide better dispersion, less lobing and cancellation than typical M-T-M (mid-tweeter-mid) designs, creating a more realistic soundstage regardless of listening position. MSRP: $450 each.

3C — The 3C, like the 2C, is designed as a companion to the Model Three and Four. The 3C features a three-way design, employing a dome tweeter/midrange array combined with dual, 6.5″ woofers for added dynamics and higher output. MSRP: $600 each.

TEN — The CLASSIC Ten is a compact, 10″ powered subwoofer with a built in 150 Watt amplifier and aluminum cone driver that is attached to an aluminum former, thereby creating a heatsink for minimal distortion and maximum output. MSRP: $600 each.

TWELVE — Similar to the TEN subwoofer, but with a 12″ driver and 250 Watt amplifier. MSRP: $850 each.

Additional specifications, high-resolution images, product positioning, and related information will be provided at the 2005 CEDIA Expo.

# # #

Since it was founded in 1986, NHT has continually challenged the notion that the very best sound reproduction must come at a premium price. Its products from past to present speak volumes of NHT’s dedication to sonic excellence. For more information, visit NHT (Now Hear This) is a brand name of Rockford Corporation. Rockford Corporation is based in Tempe, Ariz. and is a publicly traded company under the NASDAQ stock symbol ROFO. NHT’s website can be viewed at and For further information, contact Adam Sohmer, SOHMER ASSOCIATES, LLC, 718-499-9161 (voice/fax), 347-512-0066 (cell),

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