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New Epson EMP-TW600 Projector

MEERBUSCH, Germany, Sept. 2, 2005 – The high end surround system has been selected or is already installed – yet the right projector for stunning cinema experience at home is missing. The high end system should feature high contrast ratio, sufficient brightness and the best projection technology! Is this enough? What about a special cinema filter? A real 16:9 format? Perfect resolution? Future-proof connectivity? “Moving” lenses for perfect alignment? All this in one system? Of course! The new Epson EMP-TW600 provides highest viewing pleasure. Easy-on-the-eye through 3LCD technology and an appealing design. The right “partner” for the ultimate home cinema is available in shops priced EUR 1,999* as of September 2005.

The HD ready** label demonstrates that the Epson EMP-TW600 is ready for the future. Thanks to the fully digital HDMI input and a resolution of 720 pixels ensuring “High Definition” reproduction, the digital “tomorrow” already takes place today with the Epson top-of-the-range model. Moreover, the Epson EMP-TW600 is extremely flexible without compromises. Seven pre-defined colour modes ensure adequate configuration for every environment. The “Dynamic Mode” provides the right image in bright and “Theatre Black” in dark rooms. The Auto Iris Optical System controlling light intensity of the lamp enables contrast ratios of 5,000:1. Thus, clear colours and detailed grey scale gradation are taken for granted. Using the new 135W E-TORL lamp*** brightness of up to 1,600 ANSI lumens is provided. Hence, optical special treats are now possible.

The lens shift function provides the perfect solution for more variable installation sites. The choice is yours where to place the Epson EMP-TW600 considering a hundred per cent height and a fifty per cent side correction. The high end projector is equipped in case the so-called great cinema takes places in a relatively small room. A diagonal image of 160 cm can be achieved from a distance of 2.5 m.

The Epson EMP-TW600 also features the proven 3LCD technology of the new D5 series. It ensures a broad colour range and is easy-on-the-eye providing a consistent, flicker-free image.

“The EMP-TW600 is currently Epson’s best home cinema projector“, says Rainer van de Weyer, Senior Product Manager Visual Instruments at Epson Deutschland GmbH. “Outstanding features ensure that the state-of-the-art device is optimal for all striving for the best. A viewing experience of the crystal clear images and the vibrant colours projected is a must. It provides the big screen experience in such a realistic manner that one is tempted to touch the shoulder of the movie star and ask for an autograph.

EMP-TW600 – Key features

  • High End projector for home cinema enthusiasts
  • 3LCD technology for brighter images, higher colour accuracy and improved grey reproduction
  • Brightness of 1,600 ANSI lumens thanks to 135 W E-TORL lamp (Epson Twin Optimized Reflection Lamp)
  • High image quality with a resolution of 1,280 x 720 pixels
  • Auto Iris function enables contrast ratio of 5,000:1
  • HDMI, video, YUV S video, RGB and Scart interface
  • Exclusive Cinema Filter technology for improved image quality
  • Seven colour modes (Dynamic, Living Room, sRGB, Natural, Theatre, Theatre Black 1, Theatre Black 2) ensure perfect reproduction irrespective of light conditions
  • Horizontal as well as vertical lens shift function
  • 10 bit colour processor for greater definition and softer transition
  • Realistic 16:9 reproduction for genuine home cinema feeling
  • Automatic format settings
  • Backlit remote
  • 1-1.5 optical zoom
  • Available as of September 2005
  • Priced: EUR 1,999* incl. VAT

* recommended retail price including VAT.

** the HD ready label was introduced by EICTA ( to distinguish HD signal compatible products

*** Epson Twin Optimized Reflection Lamp

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