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Monitor Audio’s Custom Installation Amplifier 2G Series Adds 4 New Models

Monitor Audio’s Custom Installation Amplifiers 2G offer a wide range of power options for multi-room and dedicated home theater systems.

Monitor Audio 2g Custom Installation Amplifiers Group

If you think loudspeaker companies can survive only focused on the consumer high-end market — think again. Audiophiles can only purchase so many loudspeakers in any given year and that isn’t enough for brands to have a long-term future. Brands that are focused on the extreme top-end of the market might only have to sell just enough pairs to stay afloat but the real money to be made is in the custom installation category and Monitor Audio plans on making that a huge part of their business.

The British loudspeaker maker is one of the largest in the United Kingdom and they understand that music listeners outside of that limited market have different needs; North American customers have gravitated more towards their in-wall and in-ceiling loudspeakers and that requires a different type of set-up if one is considering multi-room audio and a dedicated home theater space.

By offering their own custom installation amplifiers, Monitor Audio becomes a permanent part of your home for the long-term.

Monitor Audio has announced the release of four new 2nd generation models within its highly regarded Custom Installation Amplifier series. These new products further cement the brand’s position within the custom integration field, during its 50th Anniversary year.

Engineered to drive the most advanced and immersive home theatre and distributed audio systems imaginable, the four-model range combines high-performance sound with smart features including configurable DSP, ethernet and wireless connectivity, intuitive web configuration and power sharing technology.

Monitor Audio 2g Custom Installation Amplifiers Angle

Flexible Configuration 

All four models offer impressive levels of flexibility. They all feature both Ethernet and Wi-Fi connectivity, allowing installers to fine-tune the DSP and set up advanced settings prior to connecting to a network. DSP configuration is available on all models and ensures that the EQ settings work perfectly with selected Monitor Audio Architectural speakers.

All four are fully customisable to ensure precision high-fidelity audio is delivered effectively and with utter realism across even the most challenging interior or exterior environments. 

A new web configurator extends the intuitive and simple installation experience, and ensures the amplifiers are easily integrated within most familiar control systems such as Crestron home, Crestron, RTI and Control 4. A full API is also available for wider custom integrations.

Powerful Performance 

Each amplifier features power sharing technology, with very high-voltage rails to allow a single output stage to deliver the full output power of the system. This means that for low and high impedance 4 & 8 Ohm speakers the channels do not need to be bridged to deliver the highest power levels, and all four amplifier models provide 70v & 100v line support, ideal for garden system applications. This improves overall sound transmission quality and allows the power to be dynamically allocated. 

Their high-power density designs enable more channels to be placed into less space than ever before. This keeps overall dimensions smaller for enhanced convenience.

Amplification within the four models is delivered via thermally optimised class-D amplifiers, ensuring smaller physical profiles, cooler running and exceptionally lifelike sound. 

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Versatile Design 

Monitor Audio 2g Custom Installation Amplifiers Angle


The IA60-4 is a powerful, highly versatile four-channel amplifier that’s ideal for two zone stereo applications, height channels within home theatre Atmos solutions or small garden systems. It’s 1U half-rack width belies its incredible performance, as it delivers 4-channels at 60W or 2-channels at 125W. Using power sharing, it can be configured to a single channel at 250W. 

Monitor Audio IA60-4 Custom Installation Amplifier Back


The IA125-4 is a deceptively powerful amplifier that packs ultra-high-density amplification into its compact 1U half-rack form. It delivers 4-channels of 125W or 2-channels of 250W. Like the IA60-4, it’s an ideal amplifier for larger two zone stereo applications and height channels within home theatre systems, where additional power and greater performance is required 

Plus, due to its exceptional delivery of power, it can be used in power sharing mode (250W) to support Monitor Audio’s recently launched THX certified, Cinergy C100 speakers within a home theatre system or medium sized garden. 

Monitor Audio IA125-4 Custom Installation Amplifier Back

The IA125-4 is the perfect partner for the IMS-4 multi-zone streamer, featuring BlueOS for extending user versatility and access to popular streaming services and high-resolution formats and codecs.

IA750-2 & IA750-4 

If even more power is required, the IA750-2 and IA750-4 contain all the same features as the IA60-4 and IA125-2 but deliver even more power. 

Both are 2U height amplifiers that are ideal for larger installations and outdoor systems using 70/100V line-in, as well as subwoofer installations. 

Both offer advanced DSP and preconfigured speaker profiles to get the very best out of the system they are incorporated into, and both are perfect partners for Monitor Audio’s THX Ultra certified Cinergy home theatre system. 

Monitor Audio IA750-2 Custom Installation Amplifier Back
Monitor Audio IA750-4 Custom Installation Amplifier Back

Other Features

To further improve the installation experience, a range of accessories is available to support installers, whether they are locating them within racks, on walls or even desktops. 

All four of these 2nd generation Installation amplifiers boast robust, physical designs, and are extremely quick and simple to setup through intuitive user ergonomics and practical features. They each deliver reliable power for high performance levels and incredibly lifelike sound. 

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Key Features: 

  • Four new powerful amplifier designs: IA60-4, IA125-4, IA750-2 and IA750-4 
  • Enhanced customizable DSP and pre-set Monitor Audio optimized DSP settings (for select models) means systems can be configured for the best possible sound performance 
  • An intuitive web configuration tool aids simple, convenient setup, and works across all major web browsers to allow access from any platform 
  • Setup is easy and straightforward with a host of additional options at a touch of a button 
  • Higher power density designs enable more channels to be placed into less space than ever before and with active cooling the overall dimensions are kept usable and convenient 
  • Power Sharing Technology allows flexible output across all channels 
  • Class-D amplification ensures powerful, accurate and lifelike sound is delivered into the most varied and challenging environments 
  • Models feature a range of inputs from digital in/out to balanced and unbalanced inputs allowing for greater flexibility on audio signal control 
  • All four amplifier models are capable of driving high and low impedance 4 & 8 ohm speakers via 70v or 100v lines 
  • Ethernet and Wi-Fi Connectivity with smart home control systems are available 


The IA750-2 and IA750-4 are available now. The IA60-4 and IA125-4 will be available July 2023. 

  • IA60-4 – $2,000 ea
  • IA125-4 – $3,000 ea
  • IA750-2 – $3,350 ea
  • IA750-4 – $5,000 ea

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