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Minimize Waste and Aid in the Prevention of Unnecessary Costs

In today’s competitive business world the struggle to minimize costs while maximizing profits is a constant battle. With new regulations and ever increasing prices most companies find themselves sinking more and more money into fixed costs and this can pose serious problems when an unexpected expense presents itself. While a company can budget for the costs that are known, an unanticipated expenditure can be the difference between realizing success and suffering failure.

For this reason many companies are turning to business practices that minimize waste and aid in the prevention of unnecessary costs. Chief among this movement has been the maintenance of a company’s computer network system.

In many ways the computer network system is the most important aspect of a company. This is because every employee in a company can utilize the network to access and send information, communicate with customers and clients, send and track orders, and so much more. When this system fails the results can be catastrophic.

The replacement of a computer network system will not only cost a company a lot of money but the added costs associated with losing customers and clients can irreversible.

While there are many things that pose problems to a computer network system the most damaging to a company’s bottom line is the disease known as fragmentation. This deadly disease attacks the network’s speed and affects every day-to-day operation that takes place within a business.

Fragmentation is related to the manner in which files are saved and stored on a hard drive. These drives are designed to store saved files in a contiguous manner, meaning every time a file is saved it is placed directly behind the previous saved file. Things become problematic when a saved file is recalled and then modified. When that file is resaved it will no longer fit in the same space that it once occupied and the hard drive is forced to cut the excess information and store it in the next available space, this is now a fragmented file.

Because there is no limit to how many pieces a single file can be fragmented into the hard drive can easily become inundated with these deadly files, choking the speed and life out of the computer. Each time one of these files is recalled it takes the computer longer and longer to locate all the pieces that comprise that single file, thus the lengthy delays in completing simple operations.

These delays are noticeable in just about every function of a computer. From booting up the system, loading pages and applications, accessing and sending emails, and browsing the Internet, a network system that is suffering from severe fragmentation will destroy the productivity of any business.

As these delays continue to grow the hard drive is subjected to more and more stress until it eventually crashes. This crash can result in the loss of all the saved information that was on the network, a scenario no company would like to face.

To prevent such a disaster companies have turned to defragmentation software as a method of protecting their computer network system. Once installed defragmentation software will repair the fragmented files, taking all the broken pieces of a single file and saving them as a single unit in one space. By doing this defragmentation will increase the network’s speed and return the system to an efficient and reliable means of completing work.

The value of a protected computer network system reaches further than just money saved on a new system. A protected network will also save money on lost productivity associated with employees waiting for their computers to respond as well as ensuring the demands of customers and clients are met without delays.

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An added benefit of installing defragmentation software is that it will continue to work once it is on the system. This means it will prevent any reoccurrence of fragmentation because it will constantly monitor the hard drive for these deadly files. For companies that are trying to minimize lost dollars and increase the productivity of their business there are few tools more valuable than defragmentation software.

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