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Integrated Amps & Stereo Receivers

Micromega AS-400 Integrated Amplifier with AirStream


Audio Plus Services announced the audiophile grade integrated amplifier with state-of-the-art AirStream wireless connectivity. The AS-400 accesses stored music on computer hard drives combining a seamless control experience with exquisite audio performance.

Based on Micromega's new IA-400 integrated amplifier, the AS-400 features the company's new AirStream module, a completely new design with unique engineering compared with the company's landmark WM-10 launched earlier this year. Still leveraging Apple Computers iTunes® software integration and AirTunes® wireless transmission protocol, the new AirStream module has been completely revised along all four main sections; power supply, master clock, digital to analog converter and analog output to deliver even better sonic performance.

The power supply is separated in four sections using a “multiple windings” specific r-core transformer. Three separate power supplies address each section: Main module, Master clock, D/A analog section. These differentiated power supplies deliver perfectly regulated DC power to each sub-sections. The main module supply combines advanced ripple rejection techniques with high power. The master clock supply, made from a specific winding of the transformer, is an extremely low-noise type featuring a total noise of less that 7nV/√Hz.

The D/A analog section supply features low noise high voltage tracking regulators. The 25MHz master clock oscillator is built specifically for Micromega HD® by the leading manufacturer of low-jitter oscillator's. This master clock features jitter < -100dB at 10Hz deviation from the main band. This is exceptional and guarantees a near perfect timed digital audio stream. Additionally, this oscillator and its specific ultra low noise power supply are now on a separate circuit board integrated into the shield of the wireless module. The D/A converter itself is completely new and eliminates using the older less precise Airport Express D/A converter of previous AirStream generation. The new D/A chip is a CS4351 24/192 Cirrus Logic part, which features 2V RMS output level. Discrete pure class A-JFET buffers developed specifically for this purpose follows this D/A chip. These buffers feature a 1MΩ input impedance, which represent a very light load for the output section of the D/A converter IC. These buffers produce less than -100dB distortion from 20Hz – 20kHz and their low output impedance is a perfect match for the AS-400 specific AirStream input. The AS-400's cosmetics have not been ignored either. The amplifier's new rigid casework design is a sandblasted finish of superb build quality. “Micromega's AirStream Wireless DAC was clearly one of the most exciting products of 2010. Combining a high quality integrated amp like the IA-400 with an all new AirStream module is the type of innovative thinking Micromega has consistently demonstrated over the past two decades. The integration of the AirStream with a quality amp raises music reproduction to a whole new level.”
— Daniel Jacques, President of Audio Plus Services

Key Features:

  • AS-400 is based on Micromega's new IA-400 Integrated Amplifier
  • First Audiophile Grade amplifier to combine a Wireless DAC
  • AirStream module has been completely redesigned for superior performance
  • Integration of AirStream with amplifier raises music reproduction to a new level
  • Exceptional build quality. Available in choice of Silver or Black

Price and Availability
The AS-400 will be shipping from Audio Plus Services in October 2010 for $4,995 MSRP.

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