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LG DVLED Extreme Home Cinema TVs are Here and Really Expensive

If your TV isn’t big enough and a projector isn’t bright enough, and you have lots of cash, consider an LG DVLED Extreme Home Cinema Screen. Find out what you need to know.


TV technology is going through a period of rapid advancements. OLED is gaining wider consumer acceptance and there is continuing innovation in LCD TVs (QLED, MiniLED, and Dual Cell). Also, Samsung is hoping to bring QD-OLED TVs to market in 2022. However, that isn’t all. 

Direct View LED (DVLED)

Another technology that is beginning to make an impact as a result of its successful use in business applications is DVLED (Direct View LED or Direct View Light Emitting Diode). This includes video display products that use MircoLED and near-MicroLED self-emitting diodes. 

LG DVLED 4K TV Lifestyle

The major players in the self-emitting LED and MicroLED space are Samsung (Wall Series), Sony (Crystal LED), Planar (Lifestyle Displays), and LG (DVLED)

The LG DVLED product line includes its MAGNIT Series MicroLED displays as well as additional near-MicroLED displays. Similar to moves made by its competitors, LG has announced the availability of its Direct DVLED display technologies for home use, under the label: DVLED Extreme Home Cinema.

NOTE: When I refer to “near-MicroLED”, its means that the LEDs are too large to be classified as MicroLEDs but still have the characteristics of MicroLEDs and are smaller than MiniLED backlight elements. 

What makes technologies such as DVLED different is that unlike LEDs and mini LEDs used as backlights in LCD-based TVs, DVLEDs are self-emissive (similar to OLED) and display light, color, and image content directly. No LCD panel is required for the image display. 

In addition, unlike LCD, wider viewing angles are supported and unlike OLED TV they are not susceptible to burn-in while having the ability to display absolute black which, until recently has been the sole territory of OLED TVs. Max brightness of LG’s DVLED displays is about 1200 Nits, which is brighter than OLED and about the same as most high-end LCD-based TVs.

LG DVLED Home Cinema Lifestyle

LG DVLED Core Features

Depending on the screen size and display resolution an LG DVLED may use MicroLED or near-MicroLED size diodes.

LG’s DVLED Extreme Home Cinema Screens are available in 2K (2.2 million pixels) to 8K (33.3 million pixels) resolution with screen sizes ranging from 81 to 325-inches.

One interesting thing about DVLED is that depending on the size and aspect ratio, modular construction is supported. This means you can assemble a screen not only in the traditional 16:9 aspect ratio but others ranging from 21:9 or even 32:9.

LG DVLED Three Screens 4K

LG DVLED displays use the business version of the webOS technology found in LG Smart TVs to access and control the content, as well as support for multi-window display. In addition, artwork can be stored locally on the display, so although Wi-Fi is required for “smart” and some control features it’s not needed for storing and accessing artwork. Storage capacity is 3.6 GB.

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Other features include:

  • LG Controller Box
  • On-screen user interface
  • Remote control
  • Ambient Light Sensor
  • Automatic Brightness Setting
  • Miracast/WiDi Screen Mirroring  (select models)
  • HDMI and other connections are provided. 

LG’s DVLED Extreme Home Cinema Displays have a 100,000-hour half-life, providing exceptional visual performance for 10 years or more. 

Standard options include 2K Full HD, Dual 2K Ultra Stretch, 4K Ultra HD Dual 4K Ultra Stretch, and 8K Ultra HD. All DVLED Displays have to be wall-mounted. 

Download the Entire LG DVLED Home Cinema Catalogue (PDF).

LG DVLED Customer Support

For DVLED screens that are assembled on-site, the following benefits are offered. 

  • On-site help from an LG field engineer during installation.
  • Twice-yearly LG on-site visit “health checks” for three years.
  • LG Connected Care software subscription allowing the installer to remotely monitor their customer’s system performance.

NOTE: Pre-assembled Models don’t qualify for all services listed, consult your installer for details.


Availability and Pricing

LG DVLED Extreme Home Cinema Displays are available for order exclusively through authorized custom installation dealers only. 

Prices range from $70,000 up to $1.7 million dollars based on the size, aspect ratio, pixel pitch, and display resolution. 

 LG DVLED Watching Football

Things to Keep in Mind

The benefits of LG’s DVDLED and similar products offered by other brands come at a high cost. This is not only due to the sizes involved, but manufacturing requirements are so precise that mass production is still in its early stages.

Buying and installing DVLED and similar “TV” variations of this technology is only one part of the cash outlay.

The price doesn’t include any speakers or an audio system. So you have to budget for that too.

Also, be prepared to pay extremely high electric bills – this is one product that supporters of the Green New Deal won’t like.

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