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KEF’s KC92 and Kube MIE Subwoofers Pack A Huge Punch In A Rather Small Package

For 2024, KEF expands its subwoofer lineup with five new models ranging in price from $599 to $1,999.

2024 KEF Subwoofers Group

If we were to select one brand that really pivoted at the right time to offer one of the most comprehensive ranges of wireless loudspeakers and subwoofers — the most obvious answer would be KEF. The British manufacturer of high-end passive speakers, wireless speakers, architectural speakers, and subwoofers, has really been ahead of the curve when it comes to forward thinking solutions; especially for those of us who do not have a lot of space at home.

This brings us to KEF’s latest product offerings, the KC92 and 4 Kube MIE Subwoofers. Let’s find out what they have to offer. 

Shared Features

The KC92 and Kube MIE Series feature KEF’s proprietary Digital Signal Processing (DSP) algorithm, the Music Integrity Engine® (MIE).  Tailored for each model, MIE ensures every component works within the individual subwoofer in perfect synergy. The MIE supports the overall performance of each subwoofer providing detail and sound accuracy. 

To complement MIE, the subwoofers also include IBX (Intelligent Bass Extension); a process that analyzes the input signal, and allows the subwoofer to play louder and deliver wide dynamic range at any listening level.


The KC92 builds on the foundation of the KEF’s popular KC62 compact subwoofer (released in 2021) with a similar design and driver assembly but in a larger cabinet. 

KEF KC92 Subwoofer Side Views

For optimized bass performance, the KC92 subwoofer incorporates a dual driver arrangement mounted in a force-canceling (Uni-Core) assembly. The drivers output sound from the sides of the cabinet, rather than from the font. This configuration allows the KC92 to deliver greater extension and impact and from a design that is smaller than similar models in its price range and size.

KEF KC92 Force Cancelling (Uni-Core) Assembly

In addition to force-cancelling drivers, the KC92 also incorporates KEF’s P-Flex Surround structure. The P-Flex surround material (aka Origami surround due to its unique pleated formation) adds to the support of deeper bass extension, more detailed bass reproduction, and reduced distortion.

KEF KC92 P-FLEX Technology

To further support powerful bass output, the KC92 includes 1,000 watts of Class D amplification (a dedicated 500W amplifier for each driver). 

The KC92 can output lot of power with precise control, improving timing accuracy and dynamic response for a more detailed sound and the ability to deliver sudden bursts of power when needed.

KEF KC92 Driver Cut-away

The KC92 provides both line-level and speaker-level inputs, it can easily connect to any amplifier. Utilizing KEF SmartConnect, it automatically optimizes gain based on whether a mono or stereo input is in use, ensuring optimal performance. The line output with a High Pass Filter (HPF) makes it easier for users to fine tune the output depending on the other speakers being used in the system.

With five room placement options (free space, next to a wall, in a corner, in a cabinet, or in a small apartment)  the KC92 easily integrates into any room. 

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The relatively compact size and minimalist design of the KC92 is easy to match with a variety of speakers (preferably other KEF speakers,  but can complement other brands as well). The KC92 is available in White Gloss and Black Gloss finishes for $1,999.99. 

Kube MIE Series

KEF Kube MIE Subwoofer Lifestyle

If the KC92 is a little out of your price range, one of KEF’s Kube MIE Series subwoofers might be just the right solution for you. 

The Kube MIE subwoofers are offered with four driver sizes (15″,12″,10″, and 8″) so there is definitely a model that will work for your needs. 

Multiple connectivity options and room EQ settings make installation and setup easy. 

Each Kube MIE Series model has a long throw driver that fires from the front, increasing output at lower frequencies. This method produces an impression of direct force within the space, resulting in a tactile, and potent bass experience. Kube creates an immersive, powerful soundscape by accurately reproducing music and movies with wide dynamics and from high to low frequencies.

KEF Kube MIE Subbwoofer Line-up Overhead

The included Class D amplifiers ensure efficient and cool operation, providing ample power for clear bass response. 

The Kube MIE Subwoofer sealed cabinet design facilitates simpler positioning. Kube subwoofers complement room interiors. With four sizes available, Kube can be customized to fit any space and need, including gaming, home cinema, and music. 

Kube has a placement-dependent EQ  that is adjustable to maximize in-room performance thanks to the Music Integrity Engine

With line level and speaker level inputs, the Kube MIE subs can be connected to any amplifier. KEF SmartConnect optimizes the gain for best performance by sensing whether a mono or stereo input is being utilized automatically. 

Tip: The KC92 and Kube MIE Subwoofers are compatible with KEF’s KW1 Wireless Subwoofer Kit ($194 at Amazon) which makes them even more convenient to use by getting rid of those long subwoofer cables. 

KEF KW1 Wireless Subwoofer Adapter
KEF KW1 Wireless Subwoofer Adapter

Comparison Chart

Kube 8 MIEKube 10 MIEKub2 12 MIEKube15 MIEKC92
DesignSealedSealedSealedSealedForce-Cancelling (Uni–Core)
Drivers1 x 200mm
(8 inches)
1 x 250mm
1 x300mm
1 x 380mm
2 x 228.3 mm
(2 x 9-inches)
Frequency Response (+/- 3dB)34Hz to 140Hz24Hz to 140Hz22Hz to 140Hz20Hz to 140Hz11Hz to 200Hz
Max Output (SPL)105 dB111 dB114dB116 dB110 dB
Amplifier TypeClass DClass DClass DClass DClass D
Amplifier Power Output (RMS)300 watts 300 watts300 watts 300 watts1000 Watts total
(2 x 500 watts)
Variable Low Pass Filter40Hz to 140Hz, LFE40Hz to 140Hz, LFE40Hz to 140Hz, LFE40Hz to 140Hz, LFE40Hz to 140Hz, LFE
InputsRCA, Speaker Level, KW1 expansion portRCA, Speaker Level, KW1 expansion portRCA, Speaker Level, KW1 expansion portRCA, Speaker Level, KW1 expansion portRCA, Speaker Level, KW1 expansion port
Power Requirements 100 – 240v./50 to 60hz100 – 240v./50 to 60hz100 – 240v./50 to 60hz100 – 240v./50 to 60hz100 – 240v./50 to 60hz
Power Consumption300VA300VA300VA300VA1000 watts operating
.5 watts standby
Dimensions (HWD -includes Rear Panels and Feet)293 x 293 x 310mm
11.5 x 11.5 x 12.2 inches
370 x 353 x 370 mm
14.4 x 13.9 x 14.6 inches
410 x 393 x 410 mm
16.3 x 15.5 x 16.1 inches
519 x 500 x 515mm
23.4 x 19.7 x 20.3 inches
352.5 x 330 x 360.5mm
13.89 x 13 x 14.2 inches
Weight9.4 kg
20.5 lbs 
15.4 kg
34 lbs
18.6 kg
41 lbs
27.5 kg
60.6 lbs
20 kg
44 lbs
Optional KW1 Wireless KitYesYesYesYesYes

Availability and Pricing

From February 20th, the KEF KC92 Force-cancelling Subwoofer and Kube MIE Subwoofers are available for myKEFmembers to purchase ahead of their official launch on Tuesday, February 27th, 2024

  • Kube 8 MIE: $599.99
  • Kube 10 MIE: $799.99
  • Kube 12 MIE: $999.99
  • Kube 15 MIE: $1399.99
  • KC92: $1999.99
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