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KANOA Wireless In-Ear Headphones

KANOA Earphones

KANOA announced a wireless in-ear headphone that claims to set a new standard in wireless audio performance. KANOA earphones feature an ergonomic design that is completely wireless, untethering users from the confines of traditional audio products, while delivering superior audio quality. The package of KANOA earphones consists of two wireless earphones along with a set of accessories and a portable charging storage case

KANOA earphones offer maximum versatility and enhanced ergonomics that seamlessly merge with a user’s dynamic lifestyle and adapt to any situation or environment. Ultimately, KANOA enhances every experience, no matter how routine, through the power of music, giving users the freedom to enjoy the soundtrack to life’s moments with no limitations.

“Since the inception of personal headphones, whether for the home stereo system, the Sony Walkman, or the iPod, wires have always anchored us to our audio devices. KANOA has redefined earphones by cutting the cords completely,” said Cival Van Der Lubbe, CEO, KANOA. “Whether you are running, biking, lifting weights, doing yoga, dancing, or even snowboarding or kitesurfing, wires will no longer hold you back from doing the things you love or ruin your posture and performance while listening to your favorite music. KANOA earphones seamlessly integrate into your lifestyle and help enhance any experience.”


  • Ergonomic Design: KANOA has optimized the earphone shape and silicone sleeve design for a stable, secure and comfortable fit. KANOA Earphones come with a variety of silicon jackets and ear tips, including memory foam ear tips to be mixed and matched for a custom fit. With proper fitment, users can expect to naturally isolate approximately 30dB of ambient noise, resulting in a pure and immersive music experience while avoiding damage to the eardrums.
  • Dynamic Audio: For an enhanced workout experience, Dynamic Audio designs a custom playlist responsive to your body vitals. Taking into account previous records plus current factors such as your heart rate, your music will change in pace and volume appropriately. This will optimize your workout time and keep you at an effective but safe level throughout.
  • Superior Audio Quality: KANOA earphones are designed with high-fidelity audio technology such as the latest in Balanced Armature Driver technology for music lovers and audiophiles alike. The sound profile of KANOA earphones has been specially developed and optimized within the operating range of popular music genres. KANOA delivers a full-range (20Hz – 20kHz) response with warm yet precise bass, smooth mids and crystal clear highs. KANOA has also partnered with CSR and integrated the aptX Audio Codec, delivering lossless CD-like quality music wirelessly to your ears.
  • Audio Transparency: With am ambient microphone on each earpiece, this soundscape feature gives users the ability to control how much noise is let in for greater environmental awareness or kept out for enhanced music quality. For instance, when biking or running on a busy street, users can hear oncoming traffic, all while listening to their favorite music. The days of removing your earphones to hear what someone has to say are long gone.
  • Bluetooth Enabled: Users will be able to control the KANOA earphones from any Bluetooth 3.0-4.0 enabled device (smartphone, smartwatch, laptop, tablet, etc.) A light-press button located on the face of each earphone will allow users to easily control their music in lieu of a mobile device.
  • KANOA App: The KANOA mobile app is optional but complements the earphones with smart features, allowing users to change their audio equalization and audio transparency settings. It also provides basic battery life information and notifications.
  • Extended Battery Life & Wireless Charging: KANOA’s energy efficient design allows for 4-6 hours of full playtime. KANOA earphones come with a sleek portable carrying case that doubles as a charging case, which supports up to 3 full recharges on the go.
  • Communication: KANOA earphones are equipped with an ambient microphone in each ear allowing for exceptional voice call quality. Easily take calls with the simple press of a button.
  • Durability & Robustness: KANOA earphones are fully dust-proof and water-resistant.

Price and Availability

KANOA has launched a pre-order campaign, allowing consumers to purchase the earphones at a limited introductory price of $149 (50% off the $299 retail price). KANOA is expected to begin shipping in April 2016. Learn more at


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