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JVC Debuts New Innovative Home Entertainment


Networked Home Theater Systems and Made for iPod Products Among New Entries

LAS VEGAS, January 7, 2007 — During CES 2007, JVC will showcase a wide variety of home entertainment components and audio solutions packages that incorporate the industry’s most advanced features and technologies. JVC’s Sophisti, HD Home Cineplex, Entertainment Surround Sound and Made for iPod products set new standards in design, performance and operational versatility for home entertainment systems and applications.

“In 2007, JVC continues to advance the state of the art in home entertainment with our most diversified and innovative product line ever,” noted Steve Howcott, General Manager, Consumer Audio, JVC Company of America. “Our latest products incorporate more leading-edge features and technologies and provide greater functionality than ever before, to deliver the ultimate home entertainment experience. Equally important, JVC systems are engineered to work together with total synergy and ease of operation, and their elegant, distinctive design integrates perfectly into the home environment.”

Sophisti Home Theater Systems: Striking Design Meets Outstanding Performance
JVC’s Sophisti line includes two models, the DD-8 and the DD-3. Each are completely new types of living-room entertainment, featuring a Network Media Player that serves as the nerve center of the home entertainment set up, allowing consumers to retrieve music files, movies, digital images and other digital files stored on their computer. In keeping with the systems’ ease-of-use concept, both feature JVC front surround technology, so there’s no need for rear speakers and the placement problems they often create. Both systems are designed to complement the latest generation of flat panel TVs, with a sleek, low-profile main unit and slim, elegantly designed speakers, all in black and silver.

Both systems use the same JVC Network Media Player, which, in addition to playback of digital files stored on a computer, offers USB Host, allowing a wide range of digital devices to be connected directly to the system, including flash audio players, USB drives, digital cameras and card readers. The player is also DLNA (Digital Living Network Alliance) certified, which means that files can be accessed from other DLNA-compliant devices. The main unit also includes a DVD player and built-in decoding of Dolby Digital, DTS and Dolby Pro Logic II soundtracks. An HDMI interface ensures that the best possible signal is sent to the connected display. Operation of all functions is convenient and easy using the Sophisti remote control and user-friendly on-screen interface. Total system power, including the powered subwoofer, is 220 watts.

The DD-3’s left and right main speakers are tabletop Direct Drive speakers — slim black and silver cylinders that stand barely 15 inches tall. They can be used with the included stands, or removed from the stands and wall mounted. Also included is a 6.5-inch powered subwoofer.

The DD-8’s left and right main speakers are floor-standing systems, sensually curved in the back for a unique and elegant look while also serving to prevent standing waves within the cabinet and so deliver better performance. The twin drivers each use JVC’s oblique cone design, with an asymmetrically mounted voice coil, a configuration that eliminates interference caused by standing waves within the cone and dampens high- and mid-frequency resonance. The system also includes a magnetically-shielded 6.5-inch subwoofer.

HD Home Cineplex Systems Offer Ease-Of-Use And Playback Versatility
The TH-D6 and TH-D5 HD Home Cineplex Systems are 5.1-channel surround sound systems comprised of a DVD receiver, five speakers and powered subwoofer. They offer the option of a front surround set-up and feature Made for iPod compliance, USB Host, DivX Ultra playback and HDMI connectivity with upconversion.
Both systems are designed to complement the latest generation of sleekly styled rear projection and flat panel TVs. The black low-profile receiver has illuminated touch panel controls, while the speakers are likewise slim designs. As for playback options, JVC’s HD Home Cineplex systems easily accommodate both the old and the new, combining DVD/CD and AM/FM playback with the ability to handle digital audio and video files from a wide variety of sources.
The TH-D5 receiver has a total power output of 1,000 watts. It comes with slim bookshelf systems and a 6.5-inch powered subwoofer.

The TH-D6 has a total power output of 1,200 watts. In addition, it is XM Ready, so it can receive XM Satellite Radio with the addition of an optional XM Mini-Tuner and XM Mini-Tuner Home Dock. It also includes an HDMI input and output (TH-D5 is HDMI out only) with pass through support for 1080p signals. The system’s main left and right speakers are tabletop designs, while the powered subwoofer is an eight-inch system.

TH-L1 Entertainment Surround Sound System Offers Powerful Innovation
The JVC TH-L1 offers consumers a versatile alternative to today’s home theater systems by providing a 5.1-mulitmedia surround sound station that connects to an array of home entertainment sources. JVC’s new entertainment surround sound system incorporates the industry’s most advanced technologies to deliver extraordinary audio and video performance, yet is designed to provide simple, intuitive setup and operation.

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The TH-L1 delivers a next-generation level of performance and features innovative capabilities that were not possible even a short time ago — while making it as easy as possible for consumers to enjoy all of the numerous benefits that today’s digital audio and high-definition video technologies offer. With 360 watts of power, JVC’s TH-L1 is the perfect 5.1-multimedia surround sound system to complement today’s home entertainment enthusiast’s lifestyle. This 5.1 surround speaker system brings the home entertainment experience to a new level with five compact speakers and a subwoofer that recreates any soundtrack with enhanced clarity, making it the perfect complement for movies, television and gaming.

The TH-L1 Entertainment Surround Sound System also functions as a USB Host, allowing easy connection and playback of music, movie and picture files from external USB mass storage devices, including flash audio players, card readers, USB memory drives and digital still cameras. Additional supported formats include MP3, WMA, JPEG, DivX and MPEG-4.

New Audio Products Feature Made For iPod Connectivity and XMa Satellite Radio Readiness
JVC’s new audio products make it easier than ever to bring top-quality sound and convenient iPod playback to any room in the house. All offer an iPod connection that provides control and charging, and most offer USB Host for playback from most flash audio players. The company’s new Made for iPod product line includes the UX-EP300, a 2.1-channel DVD theater system featuring 3D Phonic Front Sound technology; the UX-EP100, an ultra-compact two-channel desktop music system with CD/MP3/WMA playback; the MX-KC58, a powerful 400-watt mini system that is XM-ready; and the RD-HA3, a contemporary take on JVC’s renowned Kaboom boombox, featuring side-firing subwoofers and XM Satellite Radio readiness.

About JVC Company of America
JVC Company of America, headquartered in Wayne, New Jersey, is a division of JVC Americas Corp., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Victor Company of Japan Ltd., and a holding company for JVC companies located in North, Central, and South America. JVC distributes a complete line of video and audio equipment, including high definition displays, camcorders, DVD players and recorders, satellite systems, home and portable audio equipment, mobile entertainment products and recording media. For further product information, visit JVC’s Web site at or call 800-526-5308.

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