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JBL Brings Professional Studio-Quality Sound to Home Listeners With Introduction of Studio L Series Loudspeakers

— “Pro Sound Comes Home” in Complete Lineup of Home Theater and Stereo Loudspeakers Offering Exceptional Sound Quality, Design and Installation Versatility —

16 May 2005


WOODBURY, NY — JBL today announced the introduction of its Studio L Series home theater and stereo loudspeakers, eight high-performance models that incorporate a host of design innovations and technologies directly derived from the company’s professional recording studio monitors to achieve exceptional sonic accuracy and musical realism. Along with superlative performance, JBL Studio L Series loudspeakers offer expanded installation options, and feature a distinctively contemporary design that complements every decor and home entertainment installation.

Paul Bente, president of JBL Consumer Products, pointed out: “JBL is dedicated to making professional studio-quality sound available to home listeners everywhere — a concept we originated decades ago with the introduction of our legendary L100 loudspeaker. The new Studio L Series incorporates a number of significant innovations, combined with the application of exclusive, time-proven JBL technologies, to deliver on our ‘Pro Sound Comes Home’ design philosophy as never before. Adding to their appeal, all Studio L Series loudspeakers have been completely restyled with an elegant appearance that is as stunning as their performance.”

The Studio L Series includes two wall-mount/bookshelf monitors (models L810, L820); a compact bookshelf loudspeaker (model L830); two floorstanding towers (models L880 and L890); two dedicated center channel loudspeakers (models LC1 and the wall-mountable LC2) and a 12-inch, 600-watt powered subwoofer (model L8400P). Prices for the Studio L Series range from $550 to $1,398 per pair (SRP).

JBL Studio L Series: Innovative Technologies for Extraordinary Sonic Realism

Every JBL Studio L Series loudspeaker is engineered to make the same clear, accurate and dynamic sound quality heard by the pros available to home theater enthusiasts and music lovers.

A key JBL innovation that is incorporated into every Studio L Series loudspeaker (except the L8400P subwoofer) is a newly developed ultrahigh-frequency transducer that provides extended frequency response to 40kHz. The driver element, which operates in conjunction with a specially designed horn with a 60° by 30° coverage pattern, utilizes a voice coil mounted directly to a Mylar diaphragm. The result is remarkably open, smooth and detailed high-frequency reproduction — with a more natural quality of spaciousness and “air” over a wide listening area — when even the most-demanding high-resolution program sources, such as SACD and DVD-Audio, are being reproduced.

The ultrahigh-frequency transducer is complemented by a pure-titanium dome high-frequency transducer which employs a dome formed from a single, lightweight, rigid titanium sheet and a highly flexible surround for exceptional transient response and clarity. The high-frequency transducer is housed within an Elliptical Oblate Spheroidal (EOS) waveguide that delivers the same response off-axis as it does on-axis, and directs sound toward the listening area rather than off the side walls, for more precise imaging and localization.

The ultrahigh-frequency transducer’s horn and the high-frequency transducer’s EOS waveguide are both made from aluminum to preclude any possibility of internal resonances and to provide a more rigid surface for optimum wave propagation. By virtually eliminating side-wall reflections and their resulting sonic colorations, the ultrahigh- and high-frequency transducers’ “room friendly” design delivers sound closer to the real-life sound heard in the concert hall, and re-creates the acoustic environment captured on the original recording.

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The woofers and midrange drivers used in the Studio L Series utilize JBL’s proprietary PolyPlas polymer-coated-cellulose-fiber cone material, which combines the sonic neutrality of paper with the added rigidity and damping of the PolyPlas treatment to attenuate cone resonances, provide a smooth frequency response with faster transients and allow higher playback levels without distortion.

The voice coils are constructed using oversized Kapton formers for increased efficiency and power-handling capability. The driver frames are made from high-strength, nonmagnetic cast aluminum that are manufactured with an extremely high degree of precision, for improved sensitivity with less energy loss. The cast-aluminum frames and the drivers’ unique HeatScape vented-polepiece motor structure provide efficient heat dissipation for accurate driver performance, even during high-volume playback.

To further enhance performance, Studio L Series woofers utilize JBL’s Symmetrical Field Geometry (SFG) circuit, a proprietary technology that lowers woofer distortion by maintaining a symmetrical magnetic field (unlike conventional woofer designs with asymmetrical magnetic fields) in the voice-coil gap. The uniform magnetic field around the voice coil ensures linear cone travel, provides high-power-handling capability, and dramatically reduces harmonic distortion.

All Studio L Series loudspeakers (except the L820, LC2 and L8400P subwoofer) incorporate JBL’s FreeFlow port technology, utilizing a specially shaped bass port that is tuned to each model’s woofer and enclosure for extended low-frequency response and improved efficiency, while attenuating airflow turbulence that can cause audible distortion. The L8400P subwoofer employs a sealed-enclosure design for tightly controlled, articulate bass response.

JBL Studio L Series loudspeakers also feature cabinets that are significantly improved from previous models. The enclosure walls are thicker than those of typical loudspeakers, and the driver baffle board is constructed from one-inch-thick MDF. The Studio L Series’ IsoPower-baffle design rigidly affixes all drivers to the baffle, which is extremely dense and nonresonant, allowing the drivers to generate maximum air movement and energy. In addition, the use of top-to-bottom internal figure-8 bracing creates an internal sub-baffle that virtually eliminates cabinet flexing and enclosure-induced sonic colorations.

Studio L Series loudspeakers incorporate a host of additional refinements, such as JBL’s Straight-Line Signal Path (SSP) crossover network, which employs a minimum of premium-quality parts to maintain maximum sonic purity. In addition, the crossover network incorporates very small-value bypass capacitors to block noise from EMI (electromagnetic interference) and RFI (radio frequency interference) that can be present in the environment, and prevent it from contaminating musical signals. All models except the L8400P are magnetically shielded, and all models except the L8400P feature dual sets of high-quality, gold-plated binding posts to facilitate bi-wiring or bi-amping.

The Studio L Series offers a wealth of installation options to accommodate any home theater or music system. The L810 and L820 bookshelf monitors and LC2 center channel loudspeaker can be mounted on a wall and are supplied with removable wall-mount brackets to facilitate their use in a wide variety of custom-installation, designer and architectural applications. The LC1 and LC2 center channel loudspeakers may be placed on top of or below a TV set or on a shelf.

The JBL Studio L Series is as stunning in appearance as it is in performance, with a totally distinctive, contemporary design featuring sleek, curved and contoured wood-finish enclosures accented by black grilles. With the grilles off, the speakers present a striking, high-tech look, with metallic-silver PolyPlas loudspeaker cones and contrasting dark-gray driver frames and waveguides. The loudspeakers are available in a cherry, beech or black-ash finish, making it easy to complement any home decor.

Following is a brief look at several of the JBL Studio L Series loudspeakers.

The JBL L890: Flagship of the Studio L Series Line

The JBL L890 is the top of the line in the Studio L Series, a full-range four-way floorstanding tower designed to deliver extraordinary sonic performance in a wide range of home entertainment systems including large-scale installations. Measuring 41-1/4″ high by 10-1/4″ wide by 15″ deep, the L890 is capable of reproducing movie soundtracks with “real life” volume and scale. The L890 features a 3/4-inch ultrahigh-frequency transducer operating into a specially designed horn waveguide, a 1-inch pure-titanium high-frequency transducer with EOS waveguide, a 4-inch PolyPlas midrange driver and dual 8-inch PolyPlas woofers, for tight bass response with low-frequency extension down to 28Hz.

The L890 delivers remarkable sonic realism and excels in all aspects of movie soundtrack and music reproduction. It provides a smooth frequency balance, authoritative bass, a rich, musically inviting midrange with exceptionally natural vocal and instrumental reproduction, and open and detailed high frequencies. Its superlative resolution and wide dynamic range enable the L890 to convey the entire sonic spectrum, from the most demanding action-movie soundtracks to the subtle musical shadings of a string quartet or jazz combo, with power as well as finesse. The L890 delivers precise imaging across an expansive soundstage in stereo music systems and is especially impressive in surround sound applications, creating a vast, immersing sound field that draws listeners right into the on-screen action or musical performance (SRP: $699 each).

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The JBL L820 and L810: Wall-Mountable Convenience, Expansive Sound

The JBL L820 and L810 are two stylish, slim-profile monitors that can be mounted on a wall or shelf to complement any home entertainment installation. Although compact, both models deliver dynamic, expansive sound quality with outstanding clarity and presence, making them ideal for use where space is limited but where true high-performance sound is required.

Measuring 12-1/4″ high by 15-1/2″ wide by 5″ deep, the four-way L820 utilizes a 3/4-inch ultrahigh-frequency horn-waveguide transducer, 1-inch pure-titanium high-frequency transducer with EOS waveguide, 4-inch PolyPlas midrange driver and 6-inch PolyPlas woofer in a horizontally-oriented, mirror-image design that emulates JBL’s professional recording studio monitors. The three-way L810 is 14-1/4″ high by 12-1/4″ wide by 5″ deep in size and employs a 3/4-inch ultrahigh-frequency horn-waveguide transducer, a 1-inch high-frequency transducer with EOS waveguide and a 5-1/4-inch PolyPlas woofer. Both models are precisely tuned to yield maximum low-frequency response and efficiency from their compact enclosures.

The L820 and L810 are perfect for use in a wide variety of applications such as the left and right front, and surround channels in a multichannel home theater system, or as stereo loudspeakers in a high-quality music system. Both models are supplied with removable keyhole-type wall-mount brackets for easy on-wall installation (SRP: L820, $650 per pair; L810, $550 per pair).

The JBL LC2: Superlative Center Channel Performance

The JBL LC2 is a four-way center channel loudspeaker that offers extraordinary clarity and resolution along with high-power-handling capability and high 92dB efficiency, to deliver powerful and articulate reproduction of dialogue and effects in every home theater system and listening room. Ideal for use in large-scale installations, the LC2 (12-1/4″ high by 22″ wide by 5″ deep) features a 3/4-inch ultrahigh-frequency transducer with horn waveguide, 1-inch pure-titanium high-frequency transducer, 4-inch PolyPlas midrange driver and dual 6-inch PolyPlas woofers, a configuration that provides an ideal dispersion pattern with smooth, accurate tonal balance over a wide listening area.

The LC2 is voice-matched to blend perfectly with every JBL Studio L Series model in a multichannel system, to create a panoramic soundstage that comes together seamlessly in multichannel home theater systems. The magnetically shielded LC2 is supplied with removable keyhole-type wall-mount brackets that enable it to be installed above or below a wall-mounted plasma or LCD display (SRP: $499 each).

The JBL L8400P: Powerful, Authoritative Bass Response

Exceptional bass performance has always been a JBL hallmark — and the L8400P powered subwoofer exemplifies JBL’s excellence in subwoofer design, delivering powerful, authoritative and musically accurate bass response. The L8400P incorporates a built-in 600-watt digital amplifier and an extremely high-quality, front-firing, 12-inch PolyPlas woofer operating in a sealed enclosure. The woofer incorporates JBL’s Symmetrical Field Geometry circuit, HeatScape vented-polepiece motor structure, cast-aluminum frame and a host of additional refinements, to provide extraordinary low-frequency impact and realism in any home theater and music system. Measuring 16-1/2″ high (including feet) by 15-1/2″ wide by 15-1/2″ deep, the L8400P is designed for ease of installation, and offers a full range of setup and adjustment controls to achieve optimum sonic performance with any loudspeaker complement, system and room (SRP: $999 each).

Other models in the JBL Studio L Series include the L830 3-way bookshelf monitor, SRP: $650 per pair; L880 4-way floorstanding tower, SRP: $699 each; and the LC1 3-way center channel loudspeaker, SRP: $399 each. JBL Studio L Series loudspeakers will be available in summer 2005.

The Harman Consumer Systems Group (HCSG) is a leading designer, manufacturer and marketer of a wide range of high-fidelity loudspeakers, audio and video components, and multimedia systems for use in homes and automobiles, and with computers. The group’s brands include JBL, Infinity, Harman Kardon, Mark Levinson, Revel, Audioaccess and Lexicon.

HCSG is a division of Harman International Industries, Incorporated. Harman International ( is a leading manufacturer of high-quality, high-fidelity audio products and electronic systems for the consumer and professional markets. The company’s stock is traded on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol “HAR.”

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For additional information, contact:
Frank Doris
FM Group Public Relations
631-385-1304 ext. 402

JBL is a registered trademark, and Studio, Pro Sound Comes Home, Elliptical Oblate Spheroidal, EOS, PolyPlas, Symmetrical Field Geometry, SFG, FreeFlow, IsoPower, Straight-Line Signal Path and SSP are trademarks, of Harman International Industries, Incorporated.

Mylar and Kapton are registered trademarks of E.I. du Pont de Nemours and Company.

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