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Jaybird Vista 2 Wireless Sport Earbuds Deliver Better Sound Outdoors

The Jaybird Vista 2 Wireless Sport Earbuds build on the success of the original, with unmatched durability and military-grade construction.

Active Woman Wearing Jaybird Vista2 Wireless Sport Earbuds

The new Jaybird Vista 2 Wireless Sport Earbuds were designed for someone like me.

The COVID-19 pandemic messed with my regular workout schedule which included going to the gym and playing ice hockey. I’ve never worn earbuds while being a goaltender for rather obvious reasons, but I hate the people in the gym enough to wear wireless earbuds to drone out their incessant grunts and over-the-top yelling while lifting weights. Who are these people and why do they live on the Jersey Shore? Sigh.

Jaybird Vista2 Wireless Sport Earbuds Black
Jaybird Vista 2 in Black

When the Garden State shut everything down, I was forced to run almost every single day along the ocean (cry me a river) just to keep my sanity. I don’t deal well with isolation or being told what to do. I also don’t like wireless earbuds that fit poorly or can’t deal with running in the rain or the impact of salt water while fishing.

I’ve become more active with age. I celebrated (poorly) two birthdays during the pandemic and found that daily exercise was the only true path to maintaining some semblance of normality as 26,000 people died in New Jersey from COVID-19, all 3 of my kids attended school remotely, and working from home became an issue.

Jaybird Vista2 Wireless Sport Earbuds in Nimbus Gray Charging Case
Jaybird Vista 2 in Nimbus Gray Charging Case

Enter the new Jaybird Vista 2 True Wireless Sport Earbuds. Vista 2 builds on the success of the original true wireless Vista earbuds, with unmatched durability and military-grade construction that allow users to seek out new and exciting experiences everywhere they go. Equipped with SurroundSense technology and a 6mm driver, Vista 2 allows adventurers to amplify ambient sounds for safety or stay focused with Active Noise Cancellation, achieving the perfect balance of adventure-ready, premium sound and safety.

The Jaybird Vista 2 Wireless Sport Earbuds hold 24 hours of battery life and delivers up to eight hours of straight play time. A five minute charge gives users one full hour of play time, so premium audio is always available. The earbuds feature a pair of microphones in each bud with beamforming technology, plus Jaybird’s new WindDefense fabric technology for clearer voice pickup and phone calls on the go.

Jaybird Vista2 Wireless Sport Earbuds in Midnight Blue Beside Charging Case
Jaybird Vista 2 in Midnight Blue

The new Vista 2 also introduces in-ear detection. This allows the music to automatically restart where users left off when they put the buds back in their ears, preserving battery life.

Jaybird Vista 2 earbuds are designed with Earthproof durability in mind, and uniquely meet even higher U.S. military durability standards than the earlier Vista model: they are waterproof (IP68), sweat proof, crush proof and drop proof.

The case is now also water resistant (IP54), so they will survive almost anything you encounter on your outdoor adventures.

Jaybird Vista 2 in Nimbus Gray

Since everyone trains differently, Vista 2 comes with new optimized Sport Eargels, so it’s quick and easy to get the right sport fit for every ear. These earbuds are also equipped with 6mm milled drivers, to ensure an immersive, adventure-ready audio experience anywhere at any time without sacrificing earbud size.

The Jaybird App allows users to create customizable EQ settings and share them with the Jaybird community. In addition to tracking buds, the Jaybird App is now the first on the market that can track down the earbuds’ case through the new Find My Case feature. Even if your earbuds are in the closed case, they are still trackable in real-time.

Look for a review of these really soon. I might have to buy these.

Price & Availability

Jaybird Vista 2 Wireless Sport Earbuds are available today for $199 at in three color combinations: Black, Nimbus Gray, and Midnight Blue.

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