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JamTech First to Market With Game Changing Digital Audio Amplifier

Production Availability of JM2020 Makes Sub-Ranging Pulse Width Modulation Technology a Reality for Consumer Electronics

AUSTIN, TX, September 26, 2006 — JamTech today announced the production availability of its game changing product, the JM2020 True Fidelity sub-ranging pulse width modulation (PWM) digital audio amplifier. The JM2020 delivers premium 16 bit audio quality with a 98 dB range of linearity, enabling consumer audio equipment to achieve true fidelity sound even at low signal levels. JamTech is the world’s first to market with this unique architecture that provides the efficiency of Class D, fidelity of analog, and robustness of digital.

Focused on designing audio system interface chips for consumer electronics, JamTech has introduced the JM2020 at a time of increased demand and pressure by consumers for higher fidelity audio in electronics. Targeted to flat panel TVs, compact audio, PMP docking stations and powered speakers, the JM2020 is an audio digital amplifier that offers not only power efficiency and digital system compatibility but also a sonic experience that is warmer, clearer and crisper.

According to Susie Inouye, research director, Databeans, “Consumers no longer accept the trade-off of poor audio fidelity for the convenience of the digital lifestyle and consumer electronics manufacturers are trying to find cost effective solutions. With its impressive performance measurements, JamTech’s product line should accelerate the adoption of digital amplifiers in the quest to replace analog amplifiers.”

With 23 patents awarded and 17 pending, JamTech, a fabless mixed signal semiconductor company, has pioneered new ground with the JM2020 and aims to dominate the new frontier of system interface chips that bridge the digital world with the real world. The JM2020, features a monolithic design integrating both the modulator and power stage into a single chip, and delivers best in class audio fidelity at a price comparable to traditional Class D amplifiers and newer delta-sigma PWM digital amplifiers.

The JM2020’s sub-ranging PWM architecture extends usable operating range beyond 98 dB, reduces zero crossing distortion by more than two orders of magnitude, and delivers instantaneous transient performance. The direct digital, open loop scheme avoids the non-linearity caused by pulse width timing resolution limitations of silicon technology and does not use complex delta-sigma modulation, linearizing feedback loops, DSP error-correction or predictive error-compensating circuitry. The result is a dynamically responsive, cost effective digital amplifier capable of faithfully reproducing even the smallest audio signals.

Results from initial testing done by manufacturers match the recent findings made by JamTech and Bascom King, an independent audio industry consultant. In August, JamTech announced the results of performance measurement testing of its technology. Findings verified that JamTech’s technology exceeds measurements typically achieved by traditional analog pulse width modulation (PWM) Class D amplifiers and delta-sigma PWM digital amplifiers for both absolute dynamic range and spectral noise floor, two important measures of fidelity in digital audio systems.

According to Rick Beale, JamTech vice president of marketing and business development, “The JM2020 sets a new performance bar for digital audio amplifiers. The benefits of sub-ranging technology have now been reduced to practice in production silicon — we’ve made it a reality.”

Over 20 manufacturers in Asia have resoundingly confirmed the higher audio fidelity of the JM2020. According to Beale, “Primary targets for our products are the common household names in consumer electronics and most are reviewing our chip now.”

The JM2020 is currently available in production in a 64 pin QFN package and costs $3.10 each in 1000 unit quantities. JamTech’s next generation sub-ranging PWM digital amplifier will be available for sampling in the fourth quarter and features even better fidelity with more than 20-watts of output power. For more information on the JamTech product line, visit

About JamTech
JamTech is a fabless, mixed signal semiconductor company with breakthrough digital amplifier technology focused on creating System Interface Chips for audio-centric consumer electronics, including flat panel TVs, computers and portable media players. JamTech invented and pioneered True Fidelity sub-ranging PWM digital amplifiers featuring the audio fidelity of analog, the power efficiency of Class D and the scalability of digital. The company has over 23 patents issued and 17 pending. With headquarters in Austin, Texas and Singapore, JamTech ICs are sold through its direct sales force and international distributors. More information is available at

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JamTech Media Contact:

Kerry Fedro
Lages & Associates
(949) 453-8080

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