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Furutech Room Diffuser Acoustically Treats Listening Room

Tokyo • October 180th, 2006 • Furutech Co., Ltd., manufacturer of analog and digital audio and video cable and accessories, proudly announce the availability of the new Furutech Room Diffuser (FRD). These elegant, unobtrusive acoustic panels offers a powerful room correction solution in a lightweight, cost-effective package.

Furutech Room Diffuser Acoustically Treats Listening Room

Experienced listeners know that when auditioning their speaker systems they’re actually hearing the interaction of the speakers with the room. As sound waves energize the space they react with each other and the room boundaries in complex, overlapping ways.

Think about sound as water when considering room acoustics. Sound waves splash to the corners of the wall behind the speakers and reflect back towards the center of the wall where they meet themselves out of phase. The resulting standing waves create peaks and nulls in the frequency response. First reflection points on side walls between the speakers and the listening area plus ceiling and floor reflections muddy the clear, direct-arriving sound.

The results are bloated, confused and opaque sound, no imaging or focus, boomy, loose bass, slow, impenetrable midrange frequencies, and narrow bands of bright, ear-splitting highs.

These naturally-occurring acoustic phenomena guarantee the sound is never the same from one place to the other in your room — thin bass at one location gives way to overwhelming bass energy in another that “masks” higher frequencies. This lack of detail and transparency leave movie soundtracks indistinct and difficult to understand, surround effects less enveloping, while music loses its dynamics and sparkle.

The Elegant, Effective, Unobtrusive Solution:
Furutech Room Diffuser Panels

Furutech offers powerful room correction in a lightweight, cost-effective, package. The elegant, unobtrusive Furutech Room Diffuser Panels include hardware for wall and/or ceiling mount, plus footers for freestanding use.

Each unit consists of carefully shaped interior air foam polystyrene dampers designed by Furutech engineers. Top, bottom and rear sides are fashioned in wood. Plastic side panels cap the outer surface of 100% silk. These are, by a wide margin, the most domestically acceptable and powerfully effective audio accessories you may ever own.

Easy Placement • Big Results

There’s no need to cover your walls with tuning panels! Following the classic Rule of Thirds, at a minimum, use one Room Diffuser centered on the wall behind your speakers. A more useful setup for smoothing frequency response aberrations is two Diffusers, one behind each speaker. Ideally, the most effective way to clean up standing waves and reflections behind speakers is using three panels spaced at 1/3rd intervals.

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Moving up a level in performance, and correcting the rest of the listening room, place another pair of Furutech Room Diffusers on the side walls between the speakers and the listeners, important in eliminating first reflection points that confuse the image focus at the listening position with secondary wall reflections arriving milliseconds after the first direct sounds.

Finding the first reflection point is accomplished with some small assistance. Sit in the listening position and have someone move a mirror held flat against the side walls at tweeter height until the tweeter of the speaker is seen in the mirror. That’s the all-important first reflection point, the location along the wall best treated for startlingly improved sound. Greater improvements are had with an additional Furutech Room Diffuser on the ceiling along the same line as the side wall first reflection points. Optimally, one to three Panels should be used along the wall behind the listener for the ultimate music and video experience.

A Simple Test

If you ever doubt that all this is necessary, play source material with heavy bass content and move to the corners of your room behind the speakers. You’ll be amazed at how the bass “loads up” the closer you move to the rear corners. Or simply walk about the room clapping your hands noticing how the sound changes. Do it again after installing Furutech Room Diffusers and hear the difference!

Following these placement suggestions, video and audio enthusiasts all over the world discretely tune their listening areas using the Room Diffusers to smooth the frequency response for a dynamic, detailed, transparent, articulate and powerful sound.

Furutech Room Diffusers are available now in hi-tech gray for $460 per unit.


Size: 603mm/24″ W x 100mm/4″ D x 1153mm/45″ H (Excluding Footers)

Net Weight: 2.7 Kgs/6lbs

Top, bottom and rear sides all constructed using wood
Front stands (Footers) • Wood
Side plates (2) • Plastic
Outer Surface • 100% Natural Silk
Inner Dampers • Furutech Designed Air-Foamed Polystyrene

Make a More Powerful Connection with Furutech!
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Jonathan Scull • Scull Communications

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