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Furutech at CES Venetian Tower 29-309

Furutech Co., Ltd. looks forward to seeing you at CES in the Venetian Tower, 29-309. You’ll find a full range of new and groundbreaking accessories for digital and analog, plus our world-renowned power distributors, filters, cables, and OEM parts.

The Award-Winning deMag
The futuristic looking deMag completely demagnetizes LPs and optical disc media like CD, CD-R, DVD, MD, Game CD, Photo CD, SACD, and DVD-Audio. Plus it’s an indispensable accessory for keeping interconnects, power cords and their connectors demagnetized as well.

According to Michael Fremer of Stereophile: “… demagnetizing an LP definitively removed a high-frequency glaze or glare and seemed to enrich the midband… Demagnetizing LPs works. … And do not try one of these devices unless you’re prepared to buy it.”

The deMag won a Best of Innovations Award for CES07 and Positive Feedback’s coveted Brutus Award! David Robinson, Ye Olde Editor: “The sonic benefits of the deMag were immediately discernable to my ear: a greater smoothness, better clarity, and improved harmonic structure.” MSRP: $1,800.

DFV-1 Flattens Precious But Warped LPs
The DFV-1 LP Flattener joins Furutech’s other Pure Transmission LP treatment products. Every vinyl enthusiast has records in their collection, or come across LPs they’d love to own, but were just too warped for any cartridge/arm to track. The DFV-1 the one-stop, one-button solution to your problems! It provides controlled-heat perfect flattening for all your warped records, even those with only slight irregularities that unsettle the cartridge causing mistracking and distortion. The DFV-1 doesn’t take up much room with its space-saving, vertical design. Improved film heating technology makes a perfectly flat LP that your cartridge — and you — will love! MSRP: $1,380.

Destat Removes Dust and Static for Ultimately Refined Sound
The hand-held, battery-operated Destat with Fan-Driven Balanced Ion Flow removes static and dust from LPs and all optical disc media, plus cables, cords, interconnects, and your components themselves!

High performance enthusiasts know that static charges on analog and optical media — LPs, CDs and DVDs — can lead to distracting noise and compromised sound. Simply hold the Destat over your media or component of choice and press one button! The powerful fan removes dust while the Destat’s Balanced Ion Flow Generator — releasing just the right balance of positive and negative ions — eliminates static. Requires four AA batteries.
MSRP: 360.00.

The World-Renowned e-TP609 Power Distributor
The e-TP609 is a sophisticated, luxuriously made single-chassis power distributor featuring Furutech’s new Axial Locking System, GC-303 EMI-Absorbent Internal Coating, plus all metal parts are treated with Furutech’s 2-Stage Cryogenic and Demagnetizing Alpha Process.

The e-TP609 offers three duplex receptacles featuring Furutech’s new Axial Locking System that anchors the receptacle to the chassis with a factory hand-torqued set-screw working against a special 3M anti-resonance material to completely isolate the receptacles. The e-TP609 includes a layer of EMI-Absorbent Formula GC-303 bonded to its bottom plate, and all metal parts are treated with Furutech’s 2-Stage Cryogenic and Demagnetizing Alpha Process. MSRP: $980.

Furutech Room Diffuser (FRD) Acoustically Treats Listening Room
Experienced listeners know that when playing their speaker systems they’re actually hearing the interaction of the speakers with the room. As sound waves energize the space they react with each other and the room boundaries in complex, overlapping ways.

Furutech offers powerful room correction in a lightweight, cost-effective, package.
Each FRD consists of carefully shaped interior air foam polystyrene dampers designed by Furutech engineers. Top, bottom and rear sides are fashioned in wood. Plastic side panels cap the outer surface of 100% silk. The elegant, unobtrusive panels include hardware for wall and/or ceiling mount, plus footers for freestanding use. They are, by a wide margin, the most domestically acceptable and powerfully effective audio accessories you may ever own. MSRP: $460.

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According to Wes Phillips of Stereophile, “Adding panels to the rear wall really tightened up the bass, and brought down the room chatter even further. … the FRDs on the side gave me more of the room the soundstage existed in … I also can’t emphasize how unobtrusive the FRDs are. They don’t look like something you dragged home from the studio (not that that’s a bad thing). I likes ’em–I really likes ’em.”

High Performance Pure Transmission Single and Duplex Receptacles
With Anti-Resonance Wall Plate Covers

This year we have a new series of ultimate performance duplex and single receptacles plus a new line of resonance-damping wall covers. Many A/V enthusiasts go to great lengths in carefully setting up major system components, but pay little attention to AC power. The FT-D20A series and FT-S20A series receptacles are available in either rhodium or 24k gold plating.

We build these engineering marvels using our world-renowned a (Alpha) Phosphor Bronze Conductor and the nylon/fiberglass body and polycarbonate cover are secured by a 2.0mm thick stainless brace plate and set screw. Finish your ultimate installation with one of Furutech’s new 102 and 103 series Anti-Resonance Receptacle Covers finished in stainless steel or carbon fiber, incorporating special damping materials that eliminate resonance right at the AC mains supply! Attention to each and every detail no matter how small distinguishes Furutech from all the rest. MSRP: TBD

“Furutech applies scientific methodologies, perfectly sane engineering and pretty
fanatical execution to all of its products.”
— Srajan Ebaen,

Ultimate Performance • Ultimate Refinement • Ultimate Luxury • Ultimate Affordability

Visit for more information on all their outstanding products.
Visit for the full deMag press release and accompanying technical papers.


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