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Fujitsu docomo PRIME Series F-09A Cell Phone


New high-spec touchscreen mobile phone with rotate-screen slider design

Fujitsu Limited announced that the docomo PRIME Series F-09A, which it manufactures, will be available from NTT DOCOMO, Inc. throughout Japan only, as of June 10, 2009.

In November 2006, to provide a mobile phone ideal for Internet surfing and one-segment TV viewing, Fujitsu introduced the F903i, its first mobile phone that featured a screen that could be rotated into a horizontal position. The F903i model was popular among consumers for the ease in which it could be used with the screen in either a vertical or horizontal position. Now, consumers are looking for a mobile phone with extensive push services that enable a variety of information to be readily downloaded on the phone as well as richer content that can be accessed with ease in a timely fashion.

To meet these needs, Fujitsu is introducing the F-09A model, which is equipped with an approximate 3.4″ large touchscreen panel. Unlike previous clamshell phone models, the screen can slide as well as be rotated into a horizontal position. The new model enables immediate access to information without having to open the phone as with a flip. With the F-09A, a variety of functions can be operated with an easy-to-use touchscreen, but when users want to text, they can simply slide the screen up and input using the keypad, as they are accustomed to doing. Moreover, when users want to surf the Internet or watch the one-segment TV, they can activate such functions by simply shifting the screen into its horizontal position, enabling easy operation.

The F-09A is also equipped with an auto-focus camera with 8.1-megapixel effective resolution. In addition, it has a wide variety of advanced features, such as the world’s first1 built-in “Exercise Monitor” which measures the volume of physical activity2, and the “Location Radar” which uses a geomagnetic sensor and GPS to enable users to quickly look up the direction and distance to their destination. Moreover, it is a high-spec model with such features as high-speed (7.2Mbps) FOMA, 3G and GSM compatibility, and Bluetooth capability.

Product Features

  • Approximate 3.4″ large touchscreen
    The approximate 3.4″ large touchscreen is easy to operate with the touch of a finger, allowing the user to select and activate functions from the on-screen menu. All features can be activated by touch, enabling maximum usability. Users can take photos, turn on the one-segment TV tuner, read new e-mails, or check missed calls simply with a touch by using the Standby Launcher with large, easy-to-operate icons. One-touch access shortcuts can be created for frequently used functions or services on the Standby Launcher as well.
  • 8.1-megapixel camera
    The F-09A includes a digital camera with an effective resolution of 8.1 megapixels. The camera uses the Milbeaut Mobile image-processing engine, a mobile version of the Mibeaut engine used in high-end digital cameras, resulting in vivid photographs. The camera also includes Automatic Scene Recognition, which makes it easy for anyone to take the best possible shot according to the situation without needing to manually select a particular mode.

    Additionally, the camera includes a number of convenient features for photographers, such as Triple Blur Guard, which compensates for hand movements on the part of the photographer as well as for moving subjects, and allows for a maximum ISO of 3200. It also includes Eye-Emphasis Mode to bring out the beauty of a subject’s eyes, and Skin-Balance Mode to ensure proper color balance for skin.

  • World’s first “Exercise Monitor” measuring physical activity
    The phone includes the world’s first custom engine to implement a measurement algorithm that tracks a user’s volume of physical activity to accurately calculate calories consumed3. It goes beyond traditional pedometers to measure the exertion involved in running as opposed to walking 100 steps and calculates the calories burned accordingly.

    Using infrared communication signals, data on weight, body fat percentage, visceral fat level, and blood pressure measured utilizing Tanita Corporation’s InnerScan body composition monitor (BC-501) and blood pressure monitor (BP-300), can be sent to the F-09A phone set. Using the built-in Health Checker application, the daily data can be graphed and managed.

  • “Location Radar” to indicate route to destination
    The search function, which employs a geomagnetic sensor and GPS, allows users to quickly look up the direction and distance to their destination. The radar display can also show the nearest convenience store or bank.
  • Full-feature browser with responsive touch input
    Users can slide their fingers down the screen to scroll the browser display, and double-tap small links on a site to momentarily expand them before selecting them. A motion sensor adds functionality to the side-camera key: pressing the key while tilting the phone will allow the user to scroll the browser, and the speed will be proportionate to the tilt angle. The browser supports WMV video streaming, for which the approximate 3.4″ large touchscreen is ideally suited.
  • One-segment TV tuner with numerous features
    The F-09A’s one-segment tuner interpolates the 15 frame-per-second signal up to maximum 30 frames per second. Selecting the Screen On function from the viewer display submenu allows for smoother, more natural playback. The audio quality has not been neglected – the phone is equipped with Dolby Mobile, a technology from Dolby Laboratories optimized for mobile phones. This gives the same sense of stereoscopic and realistic sound as 5.1-channel surround sound4 when listening to broadcasts through stereo headphones (sold separately).
  • Dedicated Search Key for instant access to information
    Pressing the Search Key on the side of the F-09A activates a quick-search window in which users can conduct a search on any term to quickly find the information they are looking for. Both Internet-based sources and information stored on the phone can be searched, with Internet searches covering the full browser (Google™), i-mode, or maps, and local searches covering the phonebook, e-mail, and dictionary. It also supports the popular free word e-mail search function.
  • Full-feature security and lock functions
    The phone will automatically lock after being idle for a certain period of time. The auto-lock will also activate if the position sensor detects that the phone has been left untouched.

    Additionally, a custom Lock Key can switch off the display, disabling side-key and touch inputs when the slider is closed. The lock can be set to activate every time the phone slides close. Privacy mode can hide information about designated individuals or groups (including phonebook entries, call logs, and e-mail) with a single action.

  • Super-Clear Voice 2 and Super-Double Mic
    Super-Clear Voice 2 automatically raises the volume of the caller’s voice in proportion to the volume of noise in the user’s environment. Super-Double Mic ensures that the user’s own voice is conveyed clearly to the other party.
  • Orientation sensing
    Using its built-in accelerometer, the phone senses whether it is turned horizontally or vertically, and automatically lays out the display accordingly. Simply turning the phone left or right can activate the one-segment TV tuner or browser.
  • Design
    The high quality design is found in every detail including the beautiful metallic frame, easy-to-hold shape structure, and the approximate 3.4″ VGA LCD screen. The sliding breadth is about 65 mm, allowing for a user-friendly keypad with larger buttons to make inputting easier. The phone is available in black, white, and pink.

Other Key Services

  • FOMA HIGH SPEED (maximum downlink speed of 7.2Mbps5)
  • WORLD WING (GSM+3G) international roaming service
  • 2in1
  • DCMX
  • iD™
  • Decome-Anime
  • Key Specifications
  • Size: 114 x 51 x 18.5 mm (HxWxD); thickness at widest point: 18.6 mm
  • Weight: 138 g (battery pack included)
  • Continuous standby time:
    FOMA 3G – home (automatic): approx. 630 hr; mobile (automatic): approx. 350 hr; mobile (3G fixed): approx. 400 hr;
    GSM – home (automatic): approx. 320 hr
  • Continuous talk time:
    FOMA 3G – voice: approx. 240 min.; videophone: approx. 120 min.
    GSM – voice: approx. 210 min.
  • Main display: roughly 3.4″ TFT color LCD full-wide VGA (480 x 960 dots)
  • Cameras:
    Camera (back side): 8.1-megapixel CMOS imager
    Camera (front side): 320,000-pixel CMOS imager
  • Colors: black, white, or pink

Glossary and Notes

  1. World’s first: As of April 2009, according to research by Fujitsu.
  2. Volume of physical activity: Index of exertion displayed in terms of METs (metabolic syndrome) and Ex (exercise) based on the Exercise and Physical Activity Guide for Health Promotion 2006 published by Japan’s Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare.
  3. Accurately calculate calories consumed: Assumes phone is carried around waist using a carrying case.
  4. 5.1-channel surround sound: Speaker output does not support 5.1-channel surround sound.
  5. Maximum downlink speed of 7.2 Mbps: Based on technical specifications for data transmission method, and is not the actual transmission speed. Transmission speeds are quoted on a best-effort basis, and the actual speed will vary depending on the communication environment, network usage conditions and other factors. Even within the FOMA HIGH SPEED areas, maximum speeds may be as low as 384kbps depending on location.

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