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FiiO Unveils FF3S Detachable Cable “Drum” Type Dual-Cavity Earbuds At a Great Price

Feature packed and versatile in-ear headphones, the new FF3S earbuds have arrived for under $100.

FiiO FF3S Detachable Cable Drum Type Cavity Earbuds

Do you know who makes some of the best wired earbuds available?

Earlier this year, I put some of FiiO‘s most popular wired earbuds to the test against twenty other models from some of the biggest brands in the category below $250 and they were convincing winners.

All of the models faced the same rigorous testing which included being subjected to the elements whilst running on the Jersey Shore in less than ideal conditions and with a wide range of DAPs and Dongle DACs.

Not only does FiiO make some of the best DAPs and Dongle DAC/Headphone amplifiers — but they really know what they are doing in the universal earbud category and the build quality is second to none at the respective price points.

FiiO FF3 In-ear headphones
FiiO FF3

The original FiiO FF3 ($99 at Amazon) flew under the radar here but I’ve had a pair in my drawer for over a year and whilst the tonal balance definitely favors those who like a darker sounding pair of earbuds with a laid back presentation and polite sounding treble — they also offer excellent bass performance that is both impactful and taut.

If you hate bass heavy earbuds that lack definition and detail — these $99 earbuds will impress you with their low end solidity and resolution.

The midrange is warmer sounding with some obvious coloration, but they are also very comfortable with more forward sounding sources and DACs; you can really shape their tonal balance and presentation with your source gear.

For a $99 pair of earbuds, they also require more power than you would think; the FF3 are 45 ohms and I found that they benefitted from DAPs or Dongles that could deliver close to 1 watt of output which some might find excessive but the bass response was superior and the slightly reticent sounding treble opened up more.

FiiO knew that the FF3 showed a lot of promise and decided to go back to the drawing board on a new iteration that has just been announced.


FiiO FF3S Earbuds with cable detached

The FF3S features an aluminum alloy construction with a matte finish, making for a subtle yet obviously more luxurious appearance than found on its predecessor. Another benefit of the aluminum alloy construction is the lighter weight.

Each earbud of the FF3S is only 3.9 grams, making each earbud 52% lighter than the FF3. This will give a whole another level of comfort for longer listening sessions, especially those with ears that are very sensitive to weight.

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FIIO listened to user feedback and equipped the FF3S with a 0.78mm 2-pin detachable cable, allowing users endless upgrade possibilities in enhancing their listening experience.

Also, an easy-to-feel point was added to the left earbud in order to more easily distinguish between the left and right earbuds for a truly ergonomic design.

Silicone Ear Hooks for Those Morning Runs in the Rain

FiiO FF3S Detachable Cable Drum Type Cavity Earbuds with Silcone Wing Hooks

Thanks to the open nature of the earbuds, the FF3S is safer and suitable for outdoor activities such as hiking or biking. Thus, standard with the FF3S are silicone wing hooks to help the earbuds stay in your ears.

Beryllium-plated dome + PU gasket diaphragm

After many tests by the FIIO R&D team, a beryllium-plated dome + PU gasket 14.2mm dynamic driver was chosen for the FF3S.

FiiO FF3S Earbud Driver Exploded

The beryllium-plated diaphragm is both highly rigid yet lightweight, reducing unwanted vibration and thus unwanted distortion. PU is used for the dynamic driver’s gasket, and its characteristics allow more detailed and textured bass.

FiiO Claims that the new FF3S extend to almost 17kHz and offer a more open sounding treble than the previous model and improved clarity and detail overall.

Did they alter the midrange coloration that made the FF3 an organic sounding pair of earbuds that worked really well with more neutral sounding sources?

I have a pair coming from China and will let you know sometime this month but we suspect that they will be one of the better options below $100 this Christmas as long as FiiO didn’t alter the tonal balance too far one way or the other.

Where to buy: $89.99 at AliExpress

Woman wearing FiiO FF3S Detachable Cable Drum Type Cavity Earbuds

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