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Etymotic Research ety8 Earphones Arrive in Europe



The First & Only In-the-Ear Wireless Bluetooth Stereo Earphones

Etymotic Research Inc., the original inventor of high-fidelity noise-isolating in-the-ear earphones, has announced the first availability of its ety8 Bluetooth stereo earphones in Europe. The ety8 earphones, the industry’s first and only in-the-ear wireless earphones, will initially be available to customers throughout Europe via Apple Europe’s Web Store.

“We are pleased that our ety8 Bluetooth stereo earphones will now be available to people in Europe, so they can join our North American customers in enjoying the acoustic advantages and freedom of movement offered by these extraordinary earphones,” said Mead C. Killion, Ph.D., founder and president of Etymotic Research. “By applying Etymotic’s extensive expertise in miniaturized circuitry and components for the hearing aid industry, we designed in-ear earphones with higher sound accuracy than any other wireless earphones on the market today.”

The lightweight ety8 Bluetooth stereo earphones offer detailed sound reproduction and unsurpassed noise exclusion, which translates into an extraordinary listening experience. The ety8 earphones work with iPod devices and other stereo music Bluetooth-enabled mobile phones and computers. The battery offers high efficiency and lasts seven to 10 hours per charge.

Supported completely by the ear canal, the innovative ety8 earphones are lightweight and comfortable to wear, even for long-term use. In addition, they are small enough to fit easily in a pocket or purse. Users of ety8 earphones can put their iPod devices in a pocket or armband or on a nearby desk or table, and listen to music wirelessly while enjoying the freedom to exercise, travel or move about, without having to manage wires between the iPod and the earphones.

Innovative iPod adapter
A unique feature of the ety8 Bluetooth earphones is Etymotic’s 8Mate™ iPod adapter, which provides two-way communication with the newest iPod players. This first-of-its-kind Bluetooth adapter wirelessly connects the iPod to the earphones and lets users control the sound volume, track selection, play/pause and previous/next functions from either the earphone or the iPod.

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The patent-pending 8Mate iPod adapter represents a sophisticated enhancement to current iPod accessories that require adjustments at the docking speakers or earphones but do not allow adjustments on the iPod itself. In contrast, the Made for iPod 8Mate adapter ensures that the iPod display shows the correct volume or track setting, regardless of which control location is used.

Vastly improved listening experience
In addition to being the first in-the-ear Bluetooth stereo earphones, the ety8 earphones are also the first Bluetooth earphones to provide 35 dB to 40 dB noise isolation. This level of noise exclusion drops the typical 80 dB airplane cabin noise level down to the 40 dB to 45 dB level of a typical living room, which greatly improves users’ ability to hear sound from the earphones. The sound isolation of ety8 earphones is more than twice as effective as over-the-ear headphones with electronic noise canceling circuitry, and it equals the high degree of sound isolation in all of Etymotic’s other earphones.

Price and availability
The ety8 Bluetooth stereo earphones are available via the Apple Europe’s Web Store, for a suggested retail price of GBP 199.95 inc.VAT for the version that includes the Made for iPod 8Mate adapter.

About Etymotic Research Inc.
Etymotic Research is the world leader in high-fidelity noise-isolating in-the-ear earphones. The company — whose name means “true to the ear” — designs, develops and manufactures products to measure, improve and protect hearing. For more than two decades, Chicago-based Etymotic Research has been creating products used by musicians and others who insist on superior sound quality. For more information, visit

ety8 and 8Mate are trademarks of Etymotic Research, Inc. All other trademarks mentioned herein are the property of their respective owners.

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