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Electronics Industry Expected to Grow 5% per Year

Research and Markets: Over The 2004-2009 Periods, the World Electronics Industry Will Grow By Close To 5% per Year

DUBLIN, Ireland, June 30, 2005 — Research and Markets ( has announced the addition of World Electronic Industry: 2004-2009 to their offering.

The recent evolution of the world electronics markets has confirmed the major trends that had appeared by the end of 2003.

Over 60% of electronic output now consists of mass-market products. This enables a fast penetration of new products worldwide, reducing the time between introduction and saturation, and increasing the need for continuous innovation. Mass-market products and professional products are two very different segments. Digitalisation has led to the convergence of segments that used to be differentiated as “computer”, “telecoms” or “consumer”. The resulting “converged” products are mobile, networked and (in most cases) interoperable. The business model is changing. Buyers demand the product they want (innovative, fashionable, cheap, easy-to-use and reliable), and competition between suppliers is fought on this terrain. The multiplication of new digital products, applications and solutions makes the electronics market globally more stable and more competitive, and less dependant upon specific products categories (as TVs, PCs or mobile phones),. Out-sourcing is progressing in all the areas of the electronics industry, and no longer only in assembly. This has led to the development of new players (CEMs, EMS, ODMs…).

The emergence of China in electronics has become a reality in the last two or three years. China has become a both a considerable market and a serious competitor for the other electronics industries in the world. China will, in 2009, produce 24% of the world electronics (20% in 2004).

Over the 2004-2009 period, the world electronics industry will grow by close to 5% per year, with a relatively even profile, although 2009 is expected to be a relatively poor year.

This report analyses the world electronics industry and covers the following products and business segments:

  • Consumer: TVs (CRT, flat), set-top boxes (digital, satellite, cable), VCRs, camcorders (digital, analogue), DVD…
  • Home appliances: Washing machines, dryers, refrigerators & freezers, cookers & ovens, microwave ovens, vacuum-cleaners, food processors, coffee machines, electric fryers, air-conditioning, heating, tools…
  • Data processing: Main-frames, servers, stations, PCs, monitors, printers, peripherals, office applications…
  • Telecommunications: Mobile and other terminals (GSM, GPRS, UMTS, Analogue,…), subscriber loops, base stations, central switches, analogue lines, digital lines, switching equipment, GPS, RNIS, xDSL, (ADSL, IDSL, SDSL, VDSL, HDSL), network access (wire & FH), radio access, microwave links, PDH, ATM, modems, LAN cards, simple wire modules, digital modules, ISDN modules, fax, answering machines,…
  • Aerospace, defence: Civil, military, space electronics, avionics, broadcasting…
  • Automotive: Motors/transmission control, transmission, ignition modules, ABS, suspension, stability control, traction control, anti-collision, air bag, night vision, alarms, motor/actuator controllers, air conditioning, lighting, multiplex, automation, navigation systems,…
  • Industry: vehicle systems, energy conversion, motor control, power supply, switchboards, racks, control boards, bus, interfaces, pilots, control/regulation, automatic machines, control systems, industrial PCs, automation, medical equipment,…

Geographical coverage

  • Europe: Western Europe, 10 entrants in EU, Other Europe and Turkey,
  • North America: USA, Canada and Mexico,
  • China (including Hong Kong), Japan,
  • Other Asia Pacific: Singapore, South Korea, Malaysia, Taiwan, India, Other Asia and – Australia-New Zealand,
  • Rest of the World: Brazil, Russia, Other America, Africa – Middle East.

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