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Dreamcade Revives Classic Arcade Video Games

Play Thousands of Classic Console and Arcade Games Mostly For Free

Dreamcade Replay from Dream Arcades lets you play old video games on TV, PC, or in a small Arcade style cabinet with built-in button and controllers. With over 100 classic arcade and console titles pre-loaded, and thousands more available for free download from Dream Arcades’ exclusive “retro-reload” software, gamers can easily add retro games. The Dreamcade Replay features vintage games from popular consoles including the Atari 2600, Atari 7800, NES, PlayStation 1 and many more, in addition to arcade classics.

Dreamcade Replay Classic and Arcade Edition

Dreamcade Replay Arcade Edition (large) and Classic (small)

Three different models are now available via Kickstarter. Early backers can pre-order and save $100 to $200 of the retail pricing.

  • Dreamcade Replay Classic ($289): Play all of the classics on your TV or PC with this console that includes a wireless controller.
  • Dreamcade Replay Arcade Edition ($399): Features authentic arcade controls, an integrated trackball and wireless Bluetooth to be connected to any TV or PC.
  • Dreamcade Replay Mobile ($599): Features an 8″ IPS touchscreen with a 4:3 format (to support classic games natively), in an authentic arcade cabinet with retro buttons and joystick.
Dreamcade Replay Mobile

Dreamcade Replay Mobile

There are 123 pre-installed games, which are mostly from Atari 2600 along with clones that feature same game-play, but slightly different graphics and sounds. Additional games can be found from GOG, Steam and online public libraries. Here is the full pre-loaded list:

Arcade games:

  1. Ms. Pac-man
  2. Asteroids
  3. Asteroids Deluxe
  4. Black Widow
  5. Centipede
  6. Gravitar
  7. Crystal Castles
  8. Lunar Lander
  9. Major Havoc
  10. Liberator
  11. Millipede
  12. Missile Command
  13. Pong
  14. Red Baron
  15. Space Duel
  16. Sprint
  17. Super Breakout
  18. Tempest
  19. Warlords

Casino games:

  1. 3D Blackjack 777 Slots
  2. Baccarat
  3. Blackjack
  4. Craps
  5. Fruit Scratcher
  6. Fruit Slots
  7. Jacks or Better
  8. Keno
  9. Mechanical Slots
  10. Roulette
  11. Space Slots
  12. Super Slots
  13. Vintage Slots
  14. Wild Slots

Atari 2600:

  1. 3D Tic Tac ToeAdventure
  2. Air Sea Battle
  3. Asteroids
  4. Backgammon
  5. Basic Math
  6. Basketball
  7. Blackjack
  8. Bowling
  9. Brain Games
  10. Breakout
  11. Canyon Bomber
  12. Casino
  13. Centipede
  14. Championship Soccer
  15. Checkers
  16. Chess
  17. Circus Atari
  18. Code Breaker
  19. Combat
  20. Combat 2
  21. Concentration
  22. Crystal Castles
  23. Demons to Diamonds
  24. Desert Falcon
  25. Dodge-Em
  26. Double Dunk
  27. Fatal Run
  28. Flag capture
  29. Football
  30. Golf
  31. Gravitar
  32. Hangman
  33. Haunted House
  34. Homerun
  35. Human Cannonball
  36. Maze Craze
  37. Millipede
  38. Miniature Golf
  39. Missile Command
  40. Night Driver
  41. Off the Wall
  42. OutlawQuadrun
  43. Race
  44. Radar Lock
  45. RealSports Baseball
  46. RealSports Basketball
  47. RealSports Boxing
  48. RealSports Football
  49. RealSports Soccer
  50. RealSports Tennis
  51. RealSports Volleybal
  52. Return to Haunted House
  53. Save Mary
  54. Secret Quest
  55. Sentinel
  56. Sky Diver
  57. Slot Machine
  58. Slot Racers
  59. Sword Quest Fireworld
  60. Space War
  61. Sprint Master
  62. Star Raiders
  63. Starship
  64. Steeplechase
  65. Stellar Track
  66. Street Racer
  67. Stunt Cycle
  68. Sub Commander
  69. Super Baseball
  70. Super Breakout
  71. Super Football
  72. Surround
  73. Sword Quest Earthworld
  74. Sword Quest Waterworld
  75. Tempest
  76. Video Cube
  77. Video OlympicsVideo Pinball
  78. Warlords
  79. Yars Revenge


  1. Pac-man
  2. Donkey Kong
  3. Donkey Kong Jr
  4. Frogger
  5. Root Beer Tapper
  6. Big Buck Hunter
  7. Mr. Driller
  8. Ghouls ‘n Ghosts
  9. Freeway
  10. 4-Player Pong
  11. Miner2049er
Dreamcade Replay Classic Ports

Dreamcade Replay Classic Ports

The inside each Dreamcade Replay console is essentially a Windows 10 computer with built-in Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, SD card slot, USB 2.0/3.0 and Atari/Sega ports for connecting controllers. Dreamcade Replay is designed to be a simple-to-use, one-stop solution for retro gamers. Custom Retro-Reload Software installs and configures everything, so adding new games to the menu is seamless. Plus, all downloads are from vetted, safe and DMCA compliant sites, keeping your system and family away from viruses, as well as intrusive, or even family inappropriate advertising.

“Classic arcade and console games are more popular now than ever and the Dreamcade Replay allows gamers all over the world to easily enjoy and relive all of their favorite titles,” said Michael Ware, CEO of Dream Arcades. “With over 100 pre-loaded classics and the ability to add almost any classic arcade or console game, the Dreamcade Replay will be the most powerful and customizable way of playing any retro game.

Price and Availability

Pre-order the Dreamcade Replay on Kickstarter now with special early-bird pricing.

Dreamcade Replay Kickstarter Offers

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