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Digital Age Products Unchains The Music From Your PC Or Mac With Two New Audio Products


Walk-Free™ Wireless Headphones & The Wrap-Around™ 2.1 Notebook Speakers Bring Great Sound And New Freedom To Music Listening

NEW YORK, Aug. 15, 2005 Digital Age Products, Inc., an innovative digital products company, is releasing two new audio products that will bring new freedom and sound quality to Windows and Macintosh computer users. Both products make listening to music, Podcasts and Internet audio on a computer a more mobile experience.

The first product, the Walk-Free™ Wireless Headphones ($59.95 MSRP), cuts the wire between great-sounding headphones and your desktop or notebook computer. The Walk-Free Wireless Headphones set new standards in price and performance for wireless headphones at the price of traditional wired headphones.

The second product, the Wrap-Around™ 2.1 Notebook Speakers ($59.95 MSRP) brings a new innovative and mobile design to enhance what are usually poor-sounding, built-in speakers in most laptop computers.

The Walk-Free™ Wireless Headphones
Using a proprietary protocol over a 2.4 GHz wireless frequency, the Walk-Free Wireless Headphones let you listen to your favorite music, Podcast and Internet radio in-and-around your home, office or dorm room, untethered and unwired from your computer. The Walk-Free Wireless Headphones transmit the audio from your computer in uncompressed digital audio format for the highest sound quality. And because it uses the 2.4 GHz frequency, you can use the Walk-Free Wireless Headphones up to 30 meters away from your computer. Both digital sound quality and distance are advantages over other wireless headphones that use infrared, FM or other wireless frequencies to transmit audio. In addition, the Walk-Free Wireless Headphones are priced 20-40% lower then other wireless headphones and are competitively priced with traditional wired headphones.

The Walk-Free Wireless Headphones include a tapered, adjustable design with a comfortably padded set of earphones that work off of two “AA” batteries (included). The headphones also include a volume control dial. To transmit the audio from your computer, the unit uses a USB wireless 2.4 GHz radio transmitter with 8 built-in selectable channels. The 8-channel selector gives you the ability to use the Walk-Free Wireless Headphones in spaces where other 2.4 GHz devices are being used (such as wireless phones and wireless network routers). The USB transmitter includes a Blue LED signal indicator that lights up to show power and signal strength. The Walk-Free Wireless Headphones do not need any added software drivers and work with Windows 98SE, ME, 2000 and XP, along with both Mac OS 9 and OS X.

“We think that the Walk-Free Wireless Headphones are the perfect answer for people who love to listen to music on their computer.” said Larry Reich, President of Digital Age Products. “No longer do you have to worry about tangled wires from your headphones, or having to remove them when you need to get up from your chair or desk. They even work while you are outside of your home working or relaxing in your yard. What’s more, they transmit pure, uncompressed digital audio. We believe that targeting these features will make the Walk-Free Wireless Headphones a must have for all computer owners.”

Wrap-Around™ Speakers For Notebook Computers
For people who want better-sounding audio performance from their notebooks, Digital Age Products introduces the Wrap-Around 2.1 Notebook Speakers. The Wrap-Around Notebook Speakers combine performance and innovative design to enhance the weak audio output of many 14″ and 15″ notebook computers.

The Wrap-Around Notebook Speakers were created to be portable and designed to be one with your laptop, not just a pair of boxes that hang off the side of your computer connected by miles of wire.

The Wrap-Around Notebook Speakers slide on and clip to the back of your laptop’s screen, held tightly with padded grips (a sizing dial adjusts the tightness). Then the foldaway, wing-designed speakers fan out from the back. When not in use, the speakers swing closed and recede invisibly into the back of the notebook.

Powered by the notebook’s USB port, the Wrap-Around Speakers deliver increased volume that is sharp, crisp and loud enough to fill a conference room, lecture hall or living room. And for extra depth, the Wrap-Around Notebook Speakers come with a small but powerful sub woofer that adds base and resonance (powered separately by its own AC adapter).

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“The Wrap-Around Notebook Speakers are easy to carry, easy to connect and easy to use. They enhance any audio situation, from business presentations to listening to your favorite audio or Podcast, to watching your favorite DVD’s,” said Larry Reich. “We think they are the best and most complete notebook sound system for your laptop.”

All Digital Age Products can be purchased at major CE and computer retailers like J&R, Laptops For Less and other national resellers, as well as the Digital Age Products web site:, or call 908-654-5079.

Digital Age Products, Inc.
Walk-Free™ Wireless headphones – Product No: DAP-007A
MSRP: $59.95

Digital Age Products, Inc.
Wrap-Around™ Notebook Speakers – Product No: DAP-006A
MSRP: $59.95

Macintosh and Windows are registered trademarks of Apple Computer, Inc. and Microsoft, Inc. respectively.

Walk-Free™ and Wrap-Around™ are trademarks of Digital Age Products, Inc. and Digital Age Communications, Inc.

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