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db Logic SPL2 Headphones


Combining superior sound, style and comfort with healthy listening, dB Logic today announced the world's first family of no-battery-required, ultra-low distortion sound pressure level limiting headphones and earphones for teens and adults. dB Logic's headphones and earphones with SPL2 technology help protect users from long-term hearing damage. In addition, the company is also launching “dB Logic for Kids,” the first family of high-sound-quality headphones with SPL2 technology designed for children.

“dB Logic products are engineered to help protect your ears without sacrificing great audio or style, and make a perfect gift for any teenager, adult or child,” said Med Dyer, co-founder and chief technology officer at dB Logic.

dB Logic's proprietary sound pressure level (SPL) limiting technology, SPL2, limits volume levels using advanced circuitry, eliminating the need for bulky battery-powered processors required by competitive sound pressure limiting products. It also provides consumers with the industry's highest-quality, lowest-distortion listening experience that can help avoid hearing damage due to long-term exposure to high sound pressure levels.

db Logic SPL2 Earphones

dB Logic headphones and earphones integrate an advanced SPL2 monitoring circuit that regulates the volume where needed, while still keeping the musical content largely unchanged. By maintaining the integrity of the sound, the limiting is virtually transparent to the listener, and the audio content does not sound clipped or distorted.

Pricing, Availability and Colors
dB Logic headphones and earphones for adults will be available in early November on the dB Logic website ( and from selected retailers for $29.99 MSRP and $39.99 MSRP. dB Logic for Kids products will be available for $39.99 MSRP.

db Logic SPL2 Headphones for Kids

dB Logic's headphones and earphones for adults will be available in a variety of fashionable colors, including Passion (red), Envy (green), Salmon (pink), and Sky (blue), black, and silver. dB Logic for Kids products will feature stylish prints and patterns, as well as a padded head band to allow for maximum comfort on smaller heads.

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About dB Logic
dB Logic is a leading provider of headphones and earphones with sound pressure level limiting technology for teenagers, adults and children. dB Logic's mission is to provide consumers with stylish and comfortable products that deliver the ultimate personal audio experience while helping to limit the risk of long-term hearing damage. All dB Logic headphones and earphones feature SPL2 technology.

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