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ComponexX Combines high speed Internet And TV

Contact: Michael Sherman FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE
Tel. 662-893-8360
Cell Phone: 901-351-9861


Wins “Retailer Choice” JEM Award For This New Technology
At Satellite Expo 2005

Sunrise, Florida, June 25, 2005 — At Satellite Expo 2005, professional installers got their first look at ComponexX’s new technology and system that provides any apartment in a residential building with high speed internet access using their existing TV coax cable. Eddie Diaz, President of ComponexX said “TV and Ethernet use signals on different frequencies, so they can be combined and transmitted on the same existing cable using our new system, providing High Speed Internet, local VHF/UHF TV broadcasts and Satellite TV (DBS) programming even HDTV onto a single coaxial cable run. Ethernet is a long established world standard. This contributes to the reliability of our products, resulting in minimal maintenance and consequently low upkeep costs.

There’s no need to rewire a building to offer a Local Area Network (LAN) and distribute to each unit, modem-free Full Duplex Ethernet high speed Internet including Voice-Over Internet Protocol (VoiP), Virtual Private Networks (VPN), Secured Private Networks (SPN), Real Time Webcasts via Multicast Delivery, IP telephony, Radio and much more, all that high speed broadband offers subscribers. Diaz continued, “the unique benefits of using existing wiring and distributing Internet signals from one connection point throughout the building makes ComponexX the obvious choice for offering high speed Internet access to all Hotels/Motels, Student Housing, Apartments, Hospitals or any multi-dwelling-unit”. This “all-in-one” multiplexing onto existing coax will eliminate the need to “pull” additional CAT 5 Ethernet cable reducing installation costs, providing enhanced entertainment services in any room the customer may desire and will take less time to install.

The small distribution box is easily installed in the buildings master wiring closet, generally receiving both the TV and Internet incoming signal from one “Off-Air” Antenna for local broadcasts, one satellite dish for DirecTV or Dish Network programming, even HDTV or one cable service provider, but can also be combined with many different broadband access technologies such as fiber optics, copper, radio link and other connections. Then these signals are combined through the ComponexX filter and both are output throughout the building on the existing coax wiring. In those individual units where Internet access is wanted, a ComponexX wall plate outlet perfectly replaces the existing DBS or CATV wall plate in each room and a residential Internet switch unit is installed in the unit’s wiring closet delivering a high capacity Internet signal of up to 10Mb/s to each unit. In the new wall outlet for each room, the two signals, TV and data are separated and both a computer and TV can be connected to their respective plug-in outlets.

The single connection point allows the building owner to select and change high speed Internet broadband service providers at their discretion. The system is easy to install, virtually maintenance free and highly reliable through passive construction.


If you’d like more information about this topic, or to schedule an interview with Eddie Diaz, please call Michael Sherman at 662-893-8360 or send an email to

About ComponexX:

ComponexX specialized in reliable, efficient and less expensive manufacturing of electronic components and accessories for the Structural wire, Data, Video, Satellite and Cable TV industries. With persistent efforts for over 8 years, ComponexX has established a worldwide reputation for top quality, competitive price and excellent service. ComponexX not only produces its own line, but also accepts OEM and ODM projects, including printing and packaging for the retail markets, including programs to aid in product design and development. Manufacturing capabilities includes sheet metal, plastic injection moldings, metal injection moldings, or a combination of these materials, including complete electronic and mechanical assemblies, electrical testing and packing. Special care is given to material analysis, pricing, specifications tooling and sampling. Systematic QC measures are applied during the production and shipping of finished goods to best meet our customer’s requirements, while assuring fast delivery.

ComponexX offers a complete line of:

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• Digital wiring infrastructure components from 5 MHz to 3 GHz
• Data and video combiners from 5-2400 MHz: CFU-1 Combining filter units for 4 apartments, CFS- Outlet wall outlet for TV and Data, DTS- Outlet Digital wall outlet for TV and ITO- Intermediate TV outlet
• Commercial Grade Satellite High Frequency Digital Components 5 — 3000 MHZ: Splitters, Taps, Diplexers, Amplifiers, Multi-switches, Power inserters, Attenuators,
Voltage blocks and Grounding blocks
• Commercial Grade Cable TV Digital Components 5–1000 MHZ: Digital splitters, Directional couplers, Outdoor trunk line passives, Digital amplifiers, Fixed value equalizers, Attenuators, Voltage blocks and Terminators
• Accessories: Connectors RG-6, RG-59, Hard-line connectors, Wall plates, Coaxial cable, Installation tools, Telephone and data jacks and all components for coaxial and data infrastructure installations

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