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Colorado vNet Introduces a Powerful New Home Automation System

Loveland, CO – CEDIA EXPO 2005 — Colorado vNet will unveil its new Home Automation System featuring a powerful touch-sensitive electronic Touchpad (TP1-1D), behind which lies one of the most scalable, flexible and easy-to-install systems ever created.

Colorado vNet’s unique home automation system is a distributed intelligence solution designed to operate without a central computer. This reduces the cost for smaller installations and increases the reliability for larger ones by removing the possibility of a single point of failure that would render a traditional system inoperable. The system operates with control, input and communication modules linked by a high performance bus.

The system works on a simple input, control and communication process. The Keypad replaces traditional light switches and issues commands to control the system. The Dimming Module is the workhorse of most automation systems. The Colorado vNet Dimming Module listens for events such as keypad presses, motion sensor triggers or timing events and then responds by setting its lights to pre-defined levels. The Starhub distributes messages and power among the system modules, while monitoring its own operating state to alert the system of any problems.

The Colorado vNet Home Automation System’s user interface is radically different from anything else on the market. In addition to standard mechanical keypads, Colorado vNet has designed a new touch sensitive electronic Touchpad. The Colorado vNet TP1–1D Touchpad uses capacitive technology to react and execute commands based on a single touch or the duration of a touch. A single tap can switch lights on and off, control a motor (i.e. drapes, ceiling fans or pool covers) or control a pre-programmed event schedule. A longer touch can dim lights up and down, eliminating the need for multiple buttons to control related functions. The Touchpad has no moving parts, just a removable acrylic membrane which allows the customization of background graphics and button labels in just minutes and configurable in literally hundreds of combinations to respond to the diverse range of customer needs.

The system functions autonomously while modules effectively communicate directly with each other, thereby eliminating the possibility of system failure and allowing for future expansion or upgrades. Other key advantages include the capacity to self-monitor and alter the system behavior via the Internet and the ability to scale from a small home theater to a large commercial building consisting of 8,000 individual modules.

Colorado vNet’s highly-evolved vNet Builder software provides integrators with step-by-step help in designing and configuring a homeowner’s system. The software includes a simulator which makes it easy to demonstrate to customers exactly what individual pre-determined scenes will look like.

Colorado vNet has concentrated on developing a system intelligent enough to solve most of the headaches previously involved in creating a whole-home solution by making this product remarkably easy to install and significantly lowering the number of products needed to implement the system.

Colorado vNet’s Home Automation System, along with the new TP1-1D Touchpad, will be shipping in September. Pricing will be announced at CEDIA.

For more information on Colorado vNet, please call 970.203.3700 or visit

Offering exceptional reliability, scalability and flexibility in application, Colorado vNet is committed to providing premium intelligent solutions for whole-house automation and distributed digital audio solutions. Installation and building professionals will see and hear the difference, as Colorado vNet delivers high-quality, cost-effective products; with an ease-of-use and installation that has taken distributed digital audio and lighting control to a whole new level.

Press Contact: Caster Communications, Inc. at 401.792.7080
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