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Campfire Audio Satsuma & Honeydew Earphones are Uber Affordable

The brand new Campfire Audio Satsuma and Honeydew earphones are here and we’re already reviewing a pair of these affordable audiophile quality IEMs.

Campfire Audio Satsuma and Honeydew Earphones

If you are not familiar with Campfire, they make exquisite, hand-crafted earphones and IEMs that not only sound great, but are aesthetically beautiful. The Head-Fi community have been huge fans of the brand for years and it’s super exciting when this level of performance and craftsmanship drops below $250. These are the real deal if you’re looking for audiophile-quality IEMs. The brand new Campfire Audio Satsuma and Honeydew earphones are here and we’re already reviewing a pair.

Campfire Audio comes from a well-established legacy of audiophile craftsmanship — along with a fiercely loyal following of music lovers.

The ‘orange-fizz’ colored Satsuma features an aesthetically similar presentation to Campfire Audio’s higher-end range of products, characterized by the company’s unique 3D printed acoustic chamber design.

Their latest models bring listeners closer to the music they love with the audio quality they crave — and at a budget friendly price point. The Campfire Audio Satsuma and Honeydew — priced at $199 and $249 respectively — feature innovative material selection, eye-catching colors, high-quality cabling, and incredible reliability — making them the perfect choice for listening to music at home, at work or while on the go in your everyday carry.

From an audio perspective, they both offer uncommon features at these price points such as patented 3D-designed acoustic chambers, full-balanced armature drivers and ultra-high-quality cabling.  

Both headphones are ‘tuned’ for different musical preferences. Satsuma carries a more ‘balanced’ and ‘natural frequency response (making it suitable for genres like pop, rock, classical and jazz), while Honeydew is tailored to the lower end of the frequency spectrum, making it more suitable to, say, genres like EDM, R&B and Hip Hop.

Campfire Audio Honeydew Earphones
The ‘mellow-yellow’ colored Honeydew — which also features Campfire Audio’s patented 3D printed acoustic chamber — was designed with a bass-forward frequency response that R&B, Hip Hop and EDM fans will appreciate.

The Campfire Audio Satsuma and Honeydew would sound particularly good with any of the iFi Zen desktop headphone amplifiers or any of their portable rigs. Another good option would be the Helm Bolt or AudioQuest DragonFly Cobalt with your smart phone and either model. Campfire Audio builds some seriously good earphones and IEMs and they are built to last.

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