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Cabasse Launches Karissima in the U.S.

Cabasse Launches Karissima in the U.S.

StJohn Group Adds Key Reference Loudspeaker to Complement La Sphere

Bellingham WA, April 10, 2007 — Cabasse, a legendary, world-class specialist in the design and manufacture of innovative, premium loudspeakers, has introduced an exciting new Artis loudspeaker to the North American Market. The Karissima, part of the brand’s reference Artis Series, can be used as either a full-range speaker or as an ideal center channel to complement the Cabasse flagship La Sphere. Priced at $24,400 each, Karissima is available to order from StJohn Group and comes in Wild Cherry, Santos or Wenge finishes.

Karissima builds upon the heritage established by its beloved predecessor, the award-winning Kara model. This newly designed four-way system utilizes Cabasse’s legendary and unique TriCentric technology for pinpoint imaging, smooth off-axis dispersion and seamless frequency response. This innovative concept is similar to the design employed by the company’s highly regarded La Sphere, considered by many to be the world’s finest loudspeaker.

At the heart of design is the company’s new TC23 three-way Spatially Coherent System (SCS) driver specially designed for Karissima. This third generation drive unit incorporates an all-new tweeter that features an exclusive patent-pending polyether diaphragm with extraordinarily light and rigid properties. HF response is linear up to 25kHz. Each tweeter is painstakingly hand-crafted and then performance-tested by computer to ensure optimum performance, power handling and consistency.

The same polyether membrane is also utilized for the midrange section of the TC23 because of its excellent rigidity/weight ratio. Fitted with a Duocell diaphragm made of Rohacell foam, the new driver has been redesigned for higher power handling and quick response providing exceptional dynamic range.

Moreover, as the world’s only high performance, TriCentric point source loudspeaker, Karissima utilizes a specially engineered spherical enclosure that is far superior to conventional designs. Among the significant advantages of a spherical enclosure are rigidity, elimination of standing waves and perfect symmetry in every direction with no diffraction effects. The result is an enclosure that is audibly, measurably and demonstrably superior.

In addition, one of the primary performance features of Karissima’s spherical enclosure is its perfect 60 degree arc of dispersion with no dips in frequency or phase response. Cabasse speakers with this enclosure are among the few in the world that can claim this unique benefit. For further flexibility, the spherical enclosure of the TC23 has an adjustable bracket that can control its vertical orientation. This feature is particularly useful in small listening areas or when the listeners are located off-axis from the speaker.

Rounding out the bottom end of the Karissima and complementing the TC23 is a new 12″ woofer based on the company’s 22″ design found in their reference Saturn subwoofer. The 12″ 30ND40, specially designed for Karissima, features the same Nomex honeycomb dome technology providing a remarkable blend of high efficiency, linearity and low frequency extension to 35 Hz. Mounted on the top of the speaker’s elegant cabinet, it forms a near perfect, point-source system.

Weighing in at impressive 154 pounds each and boasting incredible power handling of 1260 watts, Karissima’s dimensions are equally substantial at 55.1″H x 27.6″W x 27.6″D. Karissima is available in a traditional wild cherry or warm Santos with black pearl sphere for the TC23 as well as a dark Wenge finish with light pearl sphere for the TC23. All versions are offered with an MSRP of $24,400 and available to order.

John Caldwell, a principal and co-founder of StJohn Group, commented on the launch of the Cabasse Karissima, “At CES, we created a lot of excitement with our launch of La Sphere. What may have gone overlooked though is that the all important center channel duties were being carried out by Karissima and it delivered with flying colors. When dealers and reviewers alike remarked that it was the finest sound they had ever experienced, they were giving credit to Karissima since 70% of a movie soundtrack is actually handled by the center channel. In its own right, Karissima is an astonishing loudspeaker.”
Since it was founded almost 60 years ago, Cabasse has always been at the cutting edge of experimental acoustic research in order to support its technological innovations. Taking a true scientific approach, Cabasse constantly challenges what has always been taken for granted. Knowledge of acoustics and sound wave transmission, and the way they experience and interpret them, is fundamental to Cabasse in the development of their high quality sound reproduction systems.
Key Cabasse Karissima Features:
• TC23 TriCentric point source for superb lifelike imaging
• Spherical enclosure provides rigid, compact form factor while preventing internal standing waves
• Spherical enclosure and proprietary SCS point source technology offers a perfect 60 degree arc of dispersion with zero phase error.
• Proprietary materials used in custom, hand-made drive units
• Available in Wild Cherry, Santos and Wenge finishes

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About Cabasse
Founded by Georges Cabasse in 1950, the company has been a pioneer in the search for true musical reproduction. In all likelihood, the quest really began in 1740 when the first signed Cabasse violin was made. Five generations of musical instrument craftsmen followed, pursuing the tradition and supplying Europe with violins, violas and cellos, most of which are still being played in orchestras today.
Cabasse’s continuing obsession is to faithfully and perfectly reproduce music and soundtracks, without any alteration, coloration or distortion in the sound. This boundless passion has led the company to relentlessly innovate, design, and engineer better and better loudspeakers, so that all ears can enjoy the essence and thrill of sonic purity.

About StJohn Group
StJohn Group, Inc. is not a typical American distributor. Only representing lines offering exclusive North American distribution opportunity allows the company to closely work with its partners on a holistic approach to brand development. Unlike most U.S. distributors, StJohn Group handles all facets of sales and marketing, including literature and collateral creative and production, advertising creative and buys, public relations, web sites, business development and long range market planning.
Based in Bellingham, WA with a satellite office in Ventura, CA, StJohn Group has seventeen regional representative firms and an active roster of more than 600 specialty A/V dealers.
StJohn Group specializes in products and services for the custom integration (CI) market — both residential and commercial — and represents Artcoustic and Cabasse Loudspeakers, iSky Panels and Screen Research in North America and the Caribbean.

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