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Boston Acoustics GT Line of Car Audio Amplifiers


Increased power, improved sound quality, and striking new industrial design are among the highlights of this all-new reference Boston GT amplifier line

Boston Acoustics, a longtime leader in premium sound components for aftermarket and OEM mobile audio systems, introduces its new line of Boston GT reference automotive power amplifiers. Boasting 20% more power from the same sized chassis as previous models, these amplifiers also feature improved sound quality and a bold new look!

“We believe Boston has achieved a trifecta with our new GT amplifiers,” states Dave Jaques, Aftermarket Mobile Audio Product Marketing Manager for Boston Acoustics. “Knowing that vehicle space is at a premium, our mission for these amplifiers was to increase power, flexibility, and performance while maintaining the same compact chassis as our previous designs. We truly believe that these amplifiers reestablish Boston as a leader in the premium aftermarket mobile audio category.”

Utilizing the most advanced technologies available today, Boston has significantly improved sound quality over prior GT models. For example, the use of highest-quality components throughout the entire signal path delivers a cleaner, truer signal; and faster, switching power supplies, allow for quicker rebounds under heavy transients. As a result of these improvements, the new Boston GT models provide true reference amplifier performance that is on par with Boston’s renowned flagship SPZ full-range and SPG subwoofer models.

The new line-up is comprised of seven models. There are four 2-channel amplifiers, with power ratings ranging from 75 watts x 2 at 4 ohms to 300 watts x 2 @ 4 ohms, that are perfect for powering either a single pair of “component-style” speakers or an array of multiple subwoofers. The two 4-channel models, at 75 watts x 4 @ 4 ohms and 100 watts x 4 @ 4 ohms, can be configured for 4-, 3-, or 2-channel operation. Our top-of-the-line multi-channel model, the GT-5750, offers full-system versatility with five channels of power to generously supply the front and rear speakers plus subwoofers, all in a single, space-efficient, installer-friendly chassis.

All GT models feature Boston’s exclusive DualMode™ technology, which permits safe operation into speaker loads as low as 1 ohm (stereo) or 2 ohms (bridged mono), thus increasing amplifier flexibility and all models can drive subwoofers or full-range components with equal ease. The new amplifiers also feature Boston’s Q-Tune™ delivering user-adjustable “Q” for each amplifier’s highpass crossover filter. This provides substantial system “tweaking” power, allowing the user to enhance the bass impact from the front channels without overloading the speakers. With wide-ranging input sensitivity (to 7.5V), compatibility is extended to the widest possible range of head units, factory adaptors, and system preamps. Rounding off the feature set are adjustable 12dB/octave highpass and selectable 12/24dB/octave lowpass crossovers and for further flexibility, these can be combined for bandpass operation.

All GT amplifiers incorporate many installer-friendly features, such as: forced-air cooling, which allows the amplifiers to be mounted in any position, even upside down; recessed RCA jacks; sliding mounting feet; and Boston’s signature low-profile design. These features provide increased flexibility and ease of installation without reducing a car’s storage area–especially important given the ever-shrinking interior space permitted for audio systems.

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Finally, for unsurpassed reliability, the new Boston GT Series amplifiers boast a fully computer-controlled diagnostics system that continuously monitors and protects them in case of thermal overload, short circuits, or over voltage. This precise management design allows higher power levels than were possible with earlier, analog monitoring circuits, without increasing the size of the chassis. In addition, each amplifier’s serial number is protected by 128-bit encryption–the number can never be removed.

As a leading maker of high-performance audio components for aftermarket and OEM automotive audio, as well as home music, A/V, and custom systems, Boston Acoustics makes products that have long been established as the leading choice among car-sound aficionados as concerned with musical quality as they are with SPLs.

GT amplifiers will begin shipping in January 2009, with all models available by spring 2009.

GT-5750 5-Channel Amplifier
70Wx4 (4 ohms), 375Wx1 (2 ohms)
MSRP $999.95

GT-4100 4-Channel Amplifier
100Wx4 (4 ohms), 450Wx2 (2 ohms)
MSRP $799.95

GT-475 4-Channel Amplifier
75Wx4 (4 ohms), 250Wx2 (2 ohms)
MSRP $499.95

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GT-2300 2-Channel Amplifier
300Wx2 (4 ohms), 14000Wx1 (2 ohms)
MSRP $999.95

GT-2200 2-Channel Amplifier
200Wx2 (4 ohms), 900Wx1 (2 ohms)
MSRP $649.95

GT-2125 2-Channel Amplifier
125Wx2 (4 ohms), 600Wx1 (2 ohms)
MSRP $399.95

GT-275 2-Channel Amplifier
75Wx2 (4 ohms), 300Wx1 (2 ohms)
MSRP $299.95

GT-RSL Remote Subwoofer Level Control
MSRP $59.95

About Boston Acoustics
Founded in 1979, Boston Acoustics, Inc. designs, manufactures, and markets high-performance audio systems for use in home music and audio-video systems, aftermarket and OEM automotive systems, and custom built-in audio systems. Highly regarded for creating The Boston Sound, the company is renowned for delivering superior, competitively priced products emphasizing performance, consistency, and value. For further information, visit the company’s website at

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