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Beyerdynamic MMX Gaming Headphones for the Kid Who Needs to Go Outside

The Beyerdynamic MMX Gaming Headphones are affordable and likely a huge step-up over whatever your robot children are likely already using.

Beyerdynamic MMX100 Grey Gaming Headphones Closeup

Is it obvious that I have 3 children? I have nothing against video games or gaming for the simple reason that I spent most of my childhood in the 1970s and early-1980s as a guinea pig for Atari, Coleco, Namco, Activison, Capcom, and Infocom. They all sound like deep state government agencies when you think about it; I learned more things about the real world in video arcades at the corner of Yonge and Dundas than from any school teacher. My kids are obsessed with gaming and I really wish they were more interested in chopping wood outside, or throwing rocks over the fence at the pesky red fox killing all of the squirrels on our block but they’re not. Xbox and PS5? You know it. Are there a pair of Beyerdynamic MMX Gaming Headphones in their future? 100%

I know it is wrong to throw some shade on the Beyerdynamic MMX Gaming Headphones for the simple reason that the brand would be insane to ignore this market. Audeze jumped into gaming headphones and headsets and it’s now almost 35% of its entire business.

Children (and adults) spend billions of dollars on gaming each year; if only the high-end hi-fi industry had a strategy to win some of that business. No comment.

My son uses a pair of Audeze Mobius ($399 at Amazon) and while he’s not a fan of the weight, he does acknowledge that they sound dramatically better than any other gaming headset that he’s tried so far.

He doesn’t leave those expensive gaming headphones on his “gaming” chair (I threw up a little in my mouth just saying that out loud) but takes them upstairs to his bedroom when he studies to enjoy listening to music or the audio from idiotic TikTok videos.

He would probably give me the silent treatment for a week (not a bad thing) if I ever touched the headphones I gave him as a gift.

So Beyerdynamic is actually quite smart to get into this category. Teenagers and young adults want headphones; loudspeakers are old-school and for white haired freaks like their parents. My wife has thick red hair so he’s being grossly unfair to his mother.

Some parents will think the Beyerdynamic MMX Gaming Headphones are a gift from the heavens. I view them as a form of disconnect from family and the real world after 46+ years of gaming experience.

Beyerdynamic MMX100 Grey Gaming Headphones
Beyerdynamic MMX 100
Beyerdynamic MMX150 Black Gaming Headphones
Beyerdynamic MMX 150

Beyerdynamic MMX 100 and MMX 150

The MMX 100 is an analog gaming headset with unparalleled sound, perfect for gamers who prefer to play on the console and connect the headset directly to the controller. It is compatible with all platforms that have an analog output with 4-pole and a 2×3-pole 3.5 mm jack plug.

The MMX 150 is a digital USB gaming headset with integrated sound card and tuned features for passionate gamers. 

The built-in 40 mm driver systems are specifically optimized for gaming by beyerdynamic’s acoustic engineers and provide a high-resolution sound image. The result is a clear and precise sound that is audible in all genres: In FPS games, the precise sound localization convincingly gives a clear advantage in a wide variety of situations, and RPGs feel even more realistic due to the distinct sound image.    

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Both headsets feature the new META VOICE cardioid condenser microphone. The high demands in gaming require a natural voice transmission with as little surrounding noise in the background as possible.

Beyerdynamic MMX100 Control Wheel
Beyerdynamic MMX 100 Control Wheel
Beyerdynamic MMX150 Control Wheel
Beyerdynamic MMX 150 Control Wheel

The 9.9 mm capsule reproduces the voice image naturally and realistic, while typical noises such as mouse and keyboard clicks are suppressed. The controls are located directly on both headsets. The convenient control wheel and intuitive controls allow you to run the volume quickly and precisely without leaving the game.

Additionally, the microphone can be muted directly via the separate mute button. The MMX 150 also features a Light Guide System on the control wheel to make features such as Augmented Mode and Mute visually apparent.  

Augmented Mode – Direct access to the outside world

Gaming is the window to another world, where one adventure after another awaits. But even in the most exciting moments, we sometimes need to devote our attention to the outside world.

Like listening to your parents when they scream that dinner is ready.

So, to maintain the balance between the digital and the real world, the MMX 150 is equipped with the new Augmented Mode. In Augmented Mode, the surrounding sounds are detected and mixed into the playback signal in real-time.

This allows interaction with the outside world without having to interrupt the game, and awareness of one’s own voice and volume is always guaranteed.

Beyerdynamic MMX150 Grey Gaming Headphones Front
Beyerdynamic MMX 150

Sophisticated design delivers hours of wearing comfort 

The MMX 100 and MMX 150 combine classic beyerdynamic aesthetics with functionality for the ultimate gaming experience. The high-quality aluminum headband is the binding piece of the long-lasting headset. To prevent pressure points on the head, the headband is equipped with a synthetic leather band with memory foam.

The memory foam-filled synthetic leather ear pads also guarantee long hours of wearing comfort and are even faster and easier to replace thanks to the bayonet mechanism. Both headsets are available in gray and black. 

Beyerdynamic MMX100 Black Gaming Headphones
Beyerdynamic MMX 100

Availability and Pricing 

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