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Earbuds & In-Ear Headphones

beyerdynamic DTX 60 / 80 / 100 and MMX 100 In-Ear Headphones


Four New In-ear Headphones Introduced

“We have expanded the product offering of the in-ear product line up for 2010. The DTX Series has four new models including the DTX 60, DTX 80, available in both black and white and the flagship model DTX100 and MMX 100 headset. These units range in impedance from 12 to 16 ohm, 102 to 104 dB and include a user-friendly soft case for the ear-buds and MP3 player. In addition, the packaging is suitable for retail display presentation,” said Alan Feckanin, beyerdynamic’s Business Unit Manager for Consumer Products.

DTX 60datasheet (pdf)

DTX 80datasheet (pdf)
beyerdynamic DTX 80 in-ear headphones

DTX 100datasheet (pdf)
beyerdynamic DTX 100 in-ear headphones

MMX 100datasheet (pdf)
beyerdynamic MMX 100 in-ear headphones

Owners of iPhone, Blackberry or other mobile phones will appreciate the multimedia headset MMX 100. It combines the sound qualities of the DTX 100 with a high quality hands-free microphone. At the push of a button, calls on the iPhone can be answered and ended while the mp3 player goes into hold mode and continues its program at the same point.

The new models stand out with their functional details — such as the angled plug. It is formed so that it can also be used with all iPhone models with deep headphone plugs. beyerdynamic has strengthened the high use popular headphone cable fork and has covered it with a special plastic that resists loads and minimizes the risk of cable breakage.

Acoustic converters with neodymium magnets help give the headphone series an impressive sound and amazingly strong bass. Tuning differentiates the individual features of the models: The DTX 60 with ice-blue gleaming silicone ear cushions is perfect for those who prefer more bass. The DTX 80 with its glass blasted aluminum design provides a realistic live sound in any environment. And the top of the line DTX 100 and MMX 100 adds acoustic highlights with its polished aluminum casing and crystal clear sound.

beyerdynamic is a German manufacturer of high quality audio products for over 80 years. The Company specializes in headphones, headsets, microphones, conference systems and gaming products for the global audio market. The U.S headquarters is located in Farmingdale, NY and the main office is in Heilbronn Germany.

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