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Benefits and Conveniences Offered Through Computers are Unparalleled

Benefits and Conveniences Offered Through Computers are Unparalleled

In today’s world people have become so accustomed to receiving and sending information in such remarkable speed that the thought of having to wait for anything is almost unbearable. At the heart of this technological breakthrough is the computer, the one item responsible for instilling the philosophy of ‘instant gratification” in more people than any other advancement.

The benefits and conveniences offered through computers are unparalleled and its main ingredient is speed. A simple click of the mouse and a computer user can purchase clothes online, send a message to a friend, or gather information for a research paper and that’s all done in the comfort of their own home. Gone are the days of sitting in traffic trying to get to a department store or heading to the post office for stamps, now it’s all about surfing the Internet while drinking a cup of coffee.

But there is a danger posed to all those computer users out there who have become comfortable with their life of speed; a menacing culprit that could throw them back to the days of long ago, or at least make feel like they were living in decades past. That hazard manifests itself in the form of fragmentation and those who do not protect their computer from this deadly disease are on a collision course with disaster.

It may seem dramatic but the truth is there are few things more dangerous to your computer’s hard drive (other than dropping it in a tub of water) than fragmentation. This disease attacks that one convenience every computer owner admires about their system, speed. Once a hard drive becomes overrun with fragmented files the days of convenience are long past and becomes replaced by an almost uncontrollable sense of frustration.

Fragmentation does not discriminate and will embed itself on any hard drive that is left unprotected. This is because it is in the very nature of every hard drive to create fragmented files. A hard drive is designed to store files in an irrational manner, thinking only of saving space it saves each file in a contiguous fashion, one file after another. This process neglects the fact that a file may be modified or deleted and this is where the danger of fragmentation is born.

When a saved file is recalled and changes are made the hard drive is unable to save the file in its original space because there are already files that occupy the space on either side. This means the hard drive is forced to fill the original space and save the excess information in the next available spot, this creates a fragmented file. Taking into consideration that your computer saves thousands of files each time it is turned on it becomes easy to see how this can become a problem.

This affects the speed of a computer because each time you try to recall a file the hard drive is forced to search for the pieces that make up your request. Over time this slowdown becomes so great that the hard drive eventually crashes, leaving any saved file at risk of being lost, this includes pictures, work projects or personal information.

There are certain signs that warn every computer owner that their hard drive may be suffering from an abundance of fragmented files. If it is taking you a long time to boot up your system, browsing the Internet becomes more like trudging than breezing, loading pages and applications is met with long delays or if your finding it difficult to access or send email, chances are your hard drive is in need of some help.

That help comes in the form of defragmentation software, the one safeguard that will protect your computer from the dangers of fragmentation. By installing defrag on your hard drive you can effectively eliminate existing fragmentation and ensure that those files don’t return to the system. This simple step will also restore your hard drive back to its optimal speed, providing you with the convenience of accessing information and completing tasks in an efficient manner.

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