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Audyssey Laboratories Announces Launch of Audyssey Sound Equalizer — The Ultimate Home Theater Component


Michael Thuresson
Installer Program Manager, Audyssey Laboratories
(213) 625-4300 x101

Los Angeles, CA — May 23, 2006 — Audyssey Laboratories Inc. announces the introduction of the Audyssey Sound Equalizer and Audyssey MultEQ Pro. The Audyssey Sound Equalizer is a powerful new room equalization platform for custom home theater installers to implement Audyssey’s groundbreaking MultEQ sound equalization technology in high quality listening rooms that use separate amplifiers and preamplifiers.

Audyssey will release the Sound Equalizer to installers later this month through its nationwide network of AV distributors. Audyssey has been demonstrating the Sound Equalizer to installers over the past few months, garnering support for its shipment in May.

“Since the release of MultEQ eighteen months ago we have received a great deal of recognition about its breakthrough impact on removing distortion caused by room acoustics” said Michael Solomon, CEO of Audyssey. “This version running in our own hardware product is intended to meet the needs of high end home theater owners with new or pre-existing separates systems.”

By calibrating the Sound Equalizer with the MultEQ Pro PC application, installers can remove distortion caused by the interaction of sound from loudspeakers with the room. This results in the delivery of sound as it was intended without distortion and coloration, not just to one seat, but to every seat in the listening environment, something never before possible. Further, with the Sound Equalizer up to four separate rooms can be calibrated and run simultaneously.

“The Sound Equalizer is the most advanced implementation of our MultEQ technology,” said Chris Kyriakakis, CTO and Founder of Audyssey. “We have made improvements in our handling of low frequencies and ability to calibrate multiple rooms, while adding several choices of target curves for different room types.”

Audyssey MultEQ Pro is the most advanced implementation of Audyssey’s lauded room correction technology, MultEQ. Designed exclusively for custom installers, MultEQ Pro features more powerful room correction processing, additional sound customization tools and a sleek PC user interface.

Other features of the Sound Equalizer installer program are the Audyssey Installer Kit, the Audyssey Installer Web Site and the MultEQ Pro Certificate. The Installer Kit includes an Audyssey-calibrated microphone and mic preamplifier, which are significantly more accurate and reliable than the standard microphones and preamplifiers that are included with receivers. After the calibration is completed, the measured MultEQ Pro data and preamplifier settings are uploaded to the Audyssey Installer Web Site. The data is archived on the installer’s personal web account, and automatically plotted and arranged for presentation in the Audyssey MultEQ Pro Certificate. This certificate presents the customer with a clear illustration of the benefits of the MultEQ Pro calibration.

MultEQ is also available in Denon receiver models AVR 5805, AVR 4806, AVR 4306, AVR 3806, and AVR 2807 as well as Phase Technology’s Digital Audio Reference Theater System (dARTS).

Audyssey will introduce the Sound Equalizer and MultEQ Pro to journalists with private demonstrations at the Warwick New York Hotel in Manhattan from 2PM to 8PM on Tuesday, May 30 and Wednesday, May 31. Qualified professional home theater installers are invited to attend demonstration sessions on Thursday, June 1 at 9:30AM and 12:30PM. Journalists and installers are required to RSVP with Audyssey as a limited number of seats are available.

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About Audyssey Laboratories

Audyssey Laboratories was founded in July 2002 in Los Angeles, California, by Dr. Sunil Bharitkar, Philip Hilmes, Prof. Tomlinson Holman, and Prof. Chris Kyriakakis. Audyssey was conceived at the prestigious Immersive Audio Laboratory at the University of Southern California, where the four founders collaborated.

In late 1996, after a fierce competition among 117 universities, the National Science Foundation established a unique research center at USC that focused on immersive technologies. A key component of the Integrated Media Systems Center (IMSC) is the Immersive Audio Laboratory that was founded by Chris Kyriakakis and Tomlinson Holman. Over the past 10 years Tom and Chris have conducted research in audio signal processing, acoustics, and psychoacoustics. The results of their interdisciplinary research have been published in more than 100 technical journals and several books. One of the most challenging problems that they addressed was the comprehensive understanding of the negative effects of room acoustics on sound reproduction. It took 5 years of intense research and experimentation and more than $5M in research funds to fully understand and solve this intricate problem. No other facility in the world had the scientific expertise and the resources to fundamentally examine and solve this problem. For more information, visit

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