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A.bsolument Vintage Radios Courtesy of Focal Naim America

The A.bsolument Vintage Radios are now available thanks to Focal Naim America and when they’re gone — they’re gone.

Bolero Vintage Radio

Did you grow up with a transistor radio or boombox? A Panasonic Transistor Radio and “ghetto blaster” were my go-to pieces of audio equipment before I inherited the family stereo in 1983. I listened to hundreds of NHL and MLB games through both and recorded dozens of bootleg comedy tapes from radio programs broadcast in the 1980s. For those of you who long for vintage transistor radios and boomboxes, the A.bsolument vintage radios have arrived from France in very limited quantities.

Focal Naim America has been very busy this year launching its first Focal Powered by Naim Houston location which we visited in June, and the Naim Solstice Turntable system. The A.bsolument vintage radios are now being distributed by Focal Naim America and we’re more than just a little excited about these which combine both old and new (Bluetooth) technology.

In 2015, the A.bsolument brand was created in France and was the very first brand in the world to provide a modernization of vintage radios and is now the leader in this business. Based on Real Vintage Radio, the founder, Arthur Verne, renovated radios from the 1930’s to the 80’s, integrating Bluetooth as well as updated amplifiers and Focal drivers, giving modern technology a retro look.

788 Transistor Radio

A.bsolument is a beautiful story based on exclusivity, love of audio products, pure sound pleasure and artistic design. Each product is a unique piece with its own story and labeled both “Focal Inside” and “Made in France”. “Focal Inside” identifies the modernized radios equipped with Focal speakers. It is a real asset for the credibility of work but mostly for the sound quality provided to the radio.

“Our range of radios represent our expertise of the uniqueness of connected speakers that are a mix of design and audiophile sound quality thanks to the Focal speakers,” said Arthur Verne, Founder of A.bsolument.

“We were meant to collaborate with our French expertise, a remarkable quality of sustainable and artisanal design and conception, as well as an immense passion for music and the goal to always go higher to satisfy consumers the best way we can,” said Romain Vet, VP Marketing of Focal Naim America.

Toshiba RT502 Boombox Radio
Toshiba RT502 Boombox Radio

Three product ranges have been developed, including vintage radios, transistor radios and boomboxes.

Vintage Radio (1930’s-1960’s): These radios from the early days of audio are true historical pieces. They will find their place in a chic, modern or vintage living room.

Transistor Radio (1970’s): The Transistor, with its Bluetooth connectivity and 12 hours of autonomous battery life, would make the perfect partner for a chic picnic.

Boombox (1980’s): A true icon from the 80’s, the modernized Boombox keeps all the original features from the era – cassette player and FM radio. In addition, Bluetooth connectivity and a 20-hour rechargeable battery will let you enjoy your favorite playlists all day long.

These are unique products and once sold will not be available again. The Vintage and Transistor Radios will be available immediately, with the Boomboxes available late 2021. Price for each is $1,200 USD and $1,560 CAD with a two-year warranty.

For more information on A.bsolument and its products, visit:

For more information on Focal and its products, visit:

To find a Focal dealer, visit:

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  1. James Tremblay

    July 7, 2021 at 11:15 pm

    I guess the company itself in headed toward planned obsolescence, or do you think they’ll coming with other things down the road. Personally, I loved this article and would definitely give a body part to have a “Vintage Radio” model. Great idea, Mr. Verne had.

    • Ian White

      July 8, 2021 at 12:15 am

      This is a very limited edition product. Would I spend that kind of money on it? Probably not but I have some older transistor radios that worked for me as a kid and were my entry-point into music listening. And NHL games on the CBC and local stations.

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