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Video Podcast: Hearing What’s In Our Heads

This episode explores what audiophiles listen for and some of the components, songs and audio systems that have transformed our lives.

The ecoustics team goes live on YouTube to record its first-ever live podcast. We’ve released 11 audio-only podcasts to-date, covering a wide range of topics including Blue Note’s Tone Poet Series, vintage audio, MartinLogan’s Gayle Sanders, and Record Store Day.

Our first live podcast on YouTube includes the entire ecoustics editorial team and our newest member — Emiko!

This episode examines what each us aims to experience through the power of music. The topics include:

  • What are you listening for sonically? 04:00
  • Was there a musical experience, song or life event that changed your perception of what was possible with music? 17:56
  • What hi-fi components have impacted you most? 38:00
  • Gifts for audiophiles 54:35

This Episode is Sponsored by Black Circle Radio

Roundtable Group Discussion

The ecoustics team appearing in this episode:

Show Notes:

Gift suggestions:



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