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Trinnov Audio to Demo New WaveForming Technology: CEDIA 2023

Trinnov Audio’s new WaveForming technology will make its debut at CEDIA 2023. The power of 24 subwoofers will be unleashed.

Trinnov Demo Partner Logos CEDIA 2023

It is that time of year for custom integrators, home theater dealers and installers to gather at the CEDIA EXPO to check out the latest product innovations. For 2023, the gathering is being held in Denver, Colorado.

Last year (2022), Trinnov spearheaded the most impressive home theater demo at CEDIA Expo and it looks like they are returning with some of the same partners with another over-the-top home theater demo spotlighting their new WaveForming technology which is designed to provide reference quality home theater sound.

Trinnov Audio WaveForming Logo

Trinnov WaveForming in a Nutshell

WaveForming is designed to deliver a solution to the most challenging aspect of home cinema: eliminating the effect of room nodes that makes accurate low-frequency reproduction difficult, if not impossible. The project began in 2017 and CEDIA 2023 will be the first time that Trinnov will be demonstrating the technology.

WaveForming combines a new algorithm and new home theater design guidelines to effectively reduce low-frequency problems inherent to small rooms: the muddy sound produced by long reverberation times and the large variation heard among multiple seats. WaveForming resolves these challenges to produce unprecedented impact, clarity, and level of bass detail.

From Trinnov Audio CEO and co-founder Arnaud Laborie: “We are truly excited to be able to present the astonishing improvements of Waveforming to the industry at CEDIA Expo…Our new technology can elevate the performance of home cinemas to a previously unobtainable level. The challenge of accurate reproduction of low frequencies in small rooms has historically been addressed with band-aid approaches that do not resolve the underlying physical problems. WaveForming takes a fundamental approach that effectively eliminates the standing waves that are the persistent challenge.”

Trinnov WaveForming at the 2023 CEDIA Expo

WaveForming requires the use of multiple subwoofers on both the front and back walls of the room. The specific locations are determined by the room dimensions and the desired bandwidth coverage. As with any system, a higher number of subwoofers can generally give better performance, but WaveForming offers wide flexibility in terms of the number and placement of subwoofers.

Trinnov’s CEDIA 13.1.6 Dolby Atmos system incorporates multiple 21-inch Ascendo subwoofers to enable demonstrations of WaveForming’s performance when using widely varying subwoofer configurations.

The Trinnov WaveForming exhibit in booth 4233 consists of three separate Demos:

Trinnov Audio WaveFroming Demo 3 x 2 Sub setup

Demo One: This demo incorporates a 3 x 2 configuration which features three subwoofers in the front wall and two subwoofers in the back wall. This demonstrates the effectiveness of WaveForming with a relatively modest number of subwoofers and room modifications.

Trinnov Audio WaveFroming Demo 12 x 2 Sub setup

Demo Two: This uses a 12 x 2 subwoofer configuration, which shows an even higher level of low-frequency performance. There are 12 subwoofers in the front wall and 2 in the back wall, this will make it clear that the front and back subwoofer arrays in WaveForming do not have to be identical. Even with only 2 subwoofers on the back wall, Trinnov wants to show that WaveForming can still be highly effective.

Trinnov Audio WaveFroming Demo 12 x 12 Sub setup

Demo Three: This setup uses a double bass array consisting of 12 subwoofers in the front wall and 12 subwoofers in the back wall. This shows WaveForming in its fully realized and uncompromised configuration. The demonstration content for this presentation uses the entire array of subwoofers, enabling listeners to experience the infrasonic capabilities of Ascendo subwoofers

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Demo System Partners

Here is an overview of the partners and components being used to support Trinnov’s WaveForming Technology presentation at the 2023 CEDIA Expo.


Trinnov Altitude 32 and 48ext Preamp/Processors

Trinnov Audio’s Altitude32 is the core of the system. This A/V processor provides 32+ channels of Dolby Atmos processing and the sonic benefits of Trinnov’s Loudspeaker/Room Optimizer with WaveForming.

In addition to the Altitude32, the system also includes an Altitude48EXT, which expands the system’s capability to 48 channels.

Trinnov Amplitude 16 Amplifier

Trinnov Audio’s Amplitude16 powers the system’s rear and height-level loudspeakers on a 3RU chassis, each with a power rating of 200W/channel at 8 ohms and 400W/channel at 4 ohms. The Amplitude16 can also provide integrator options to bridge any or all pairs of amplifier channels to increase the available power for specific channels. In bridged mode, the output increases to 800W/channel at 8 ohms and over 1,000W/channel at 4 ohms.

Ascendo Immersive Audio (AIA)

Ascendo Immersive Audio (AIA) Active Subwoofer

Ascendo Immersive Audio (AIA) will utilize their active subwoofers in the first-ever-heard-at-CEDIA infrasonic bass reproduction and demonstration of Trinnov’s WaveForming technology, powered by 120kW of ASCENDO DSP/Amplification. Completing the system, AIA’s coaxial point source loudspeakers on all channels combine high resolution, high sensitivity, and power handling with low distortion for a powerful, fully immersive experience at every seat.


Kaleidescape Strato C Movie Player
Kaleidescape Strato C Movie Player

Kaleidescape’s Terra movie server and Strato-C movie player have been chosen to provide the reference quality images and lossless sound that make it the industry’s leader for luxury home theaters.

MadVR Labs

MadVR Labs Envy Extreme MK2 video processor

madVR Labs’ all-new Envy Extreme MK2 video processor provides optimal dynamic HDR tone mapping, along with the debut of its groundbreaking MotionAITM which is the world’s first AI-based motion interpolation incorporated in a dedicated processor. MotionAI provides an unparalleled cinematic experience, combining the ultimate image clarity and detail with exceptional motion handling, all while still preserving the original cinematic look and honoring the director’s intent.


Barco Njord CS laser projector

The Barco Njord CS laser projector is capable of outputting up to 9,000 ANSI Lumens with 5K UHD resolution. Built around a high-capacity 2.37:1 aspect ratio 3-chip DLP engine, this projector has the power to illuminate large Cinemascope screens, delivering an unbelievably bright and detailed image with spectacular color fidelity for the most demanding clients.

Seymour-Screen Excellence

Seymour-Screen Excellence brings best practices in both video and audio. A cinematic size and proper location, combined with the acoustic best practices of enabling the audio to be perfectly matched and located like the mastering studios, ensure there is no compromise in the experience. The Enlightor-Neo is the only acoustically transparent screen material with no minimal seating distance, audibly flat frequency response, and the ability to resolve interpixel details.

Officina Acustica

The most important component in any system is the room — and that is certainly the case when it comes to home theater systems. Complicating matters, CEDIA is a trade show with a very busy and noisy show floor and it’s not ideal for any type of demonstration. To solve that issue Italy-based Officina Acustica is providing the booth/room shell and interior. 

Officina Acustica’s fully custom acoustic Interior design system integrates the best possible acoustics with Italian interior design. Handcrafted in Italy, and then built at the show in three days, Acoustic Interior Design is the fastest and most predictable way to build the world’s best private cinemas and screening rooms which also suits the needs of the trade show environment. 

Cables and Control System

Cables for the demo system are provided by Kordz, and the control system is provided by RTI.

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Where to experience it? Only at CEDIA Expo booth 4233 in Denver, Colorado from September 7th to 9th, 2023

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