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CES 2022: Samsung Announces TV Innovations (Updated)

Samsung is a pivotal headliner at CES 2022 and we have some of the early details on new TV technology.

2022 Samsung MicroLED TV Lifestyle

While some big exhibitors have dropped out of CES 2022, Samsung is one of several that has remained bringing several product announcements. One group of announcements includes new tweaks to existing TV tech including new onscreen user interface features, and a new Eco Remote to operate it all. 

Tip: A “QLED TV” or “Neo QLED TV” is an LCD TV with LED or miniLED backlighting plus a layer of Quantum Dots to improve color. “Mini LEDs”  are LED light bulbs that are much smaller than standard LED light bulbs used in LCD TVs, providing more precise control of the light passing through the pixels.

Frame TVs

2022 Samsung The Frame 4K TV Lifestyle

Samsung’s 2022 Frame TV, incorporates the premium, innovative features that Samsung QLED TV users expect, including a quantum dot display that brings more than a billion colors to life with incredible accuracy—for true-to-life viewing with every scene. 

For 2022, the Frame TV comes with a brand-new matte, anti-reflective display. Engineered to maximize light scattering surface irregularities, the Frame’s display gives consumers the most realistic art and content experiences yet for exceptional onscreen images. With the new Frame, you can showcase your favorite art at the museum-level quality—even in bright rooms, and with a lifelike paper and canvas texture. 

The Frame also provides consumers with access to Samsung’s world-class selection of art through the all-new Art Store UX. The new UX makes it easy to find art and curates recommendations for new favorites based on your tastes and what’s popular with users worldwide. 

Available in sizes ranging from 32 to 85-inches, the Frame lets you decide which is right for you and even allows you to customize the look of your TV with accessories like My Shelf and personalized bezels. With an all-new anti-reflective display, art UX, and even more ways to tailor your entertainment experiences to your tastes.

NeoQLED TVs (4K and 8K) 

2022 Samsung Neo QLED 4K TV

Packed with new imaging, AI, and audio advancements, the 2022 Neo QLED TV line is designed to elevate entertainment experiences in any lighting environment. 

The new Neo QLED TVs display improved visuals, from the brightest brights to the darkest darks— thanks to Samsung’s quantum mini-LED technology and new Shape Adaptive Light Control. QLED’s luminance scale has also been increased from a 12-bit to a 14-bit backlight—delivering significantly more accurate brightness as you watch your favorite baking shows or live tournaments.

To make sure key details stand out, the 2022 Neo QLED TVs include an Object Depth Enhancer feature, which uses Samsung’s advanced AI to analyze the on-screen picture and distinguish the main subject from the background. 

Samsung’s Neo QLED TVs haven’t neglected sound. Active Voice Amplifier, Object Tracking Sound, and SpaceFit Sound provide a more realistic listening experience. 

For even more immersive audio, you can pair Samsung’s forthcoming Q950B Soundbar with Q-Symphony with Dolby Atmos technology to synchronize each of its speakers with each of your Neo QLED TV’s speakers. 

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That seamless connectivity extends to other Samsung products to help further simplify your life. 

2022 Samsung Neo QLED 8K TV

With the 2022 Neo QLED TV, you can stream a workout class, practice a presentation, or game with enhanced speed using the world’s first 8K TV with 144Hz inputs. You can also connect your Galaxy Buds2 ($149 at Amazon), Samsung smartphone, or any SmartThings-enabled device to the TV—and unlock an ever-expanding and evolving ecosystem of Samsung products, platforms, and possibilities. 

Note: Specific information on Frame TV and Neo QLED TV  models, screen sizes, and pricing will be forthcoming sometime after CES when availability is announced. 


Samsung Micro LED TV CES 2022

Samsung’s MicroLED TV (first introduced at the 2018 CES) offers consumers the best of both worlds: ultra-premium viewing experiences, plus the flexibility to tailor your TV to your unique space. 

MicroLED offers a massive display with amazing visuals, stunning color contrast, and vivid color accuracy thanks to a new chip structure, formed by 24.9 million micro-sized LEDs, as well as its 10% wider color range. 

The 2022 Samsung MicroLED display is also built for immersive, surround-sound audio experiences. With Dolby Atmos and the Object Tracking Sound Pro feature, it projects audio to match the movement of onscreen objects—so that every moment sounds like music to your ears. 

MicroLED TVs are also bezel-free, allowing them to blend in more seamlessly into your space, limiting distractions and helping you stay engaged with whatever you’re watching. 

MicroLED technology offers more setup flexibility with it completely modular, so you can decide on the display you like best, up to 178-inches. For 2022, in addition to offering 99 and 110-inch  assembled models, a preconfigured 89-inch model will be made available. 

Note: Specific information on Micro LED TV pricing will be forthcoming sometime after CES when availability is announced. 

New TV UIs (User Interface)

2022 Samsung Smart Hub TV Onscreen Interface

Samsung’s New Home Screen (aka Smart Hub) offers an improved solution to the current fragmented and impersonal entertainment landscape by integrating three different categories (Media Screen, Gaming Hub, Ambient Mode) into a single, TV-based platform.

Media Screen: When you power up your TV, you are immediately welcomed by the Media Screen, which uses intelligent UI to put all of your streaming service content into one, easy-to-browse place. Media Screen gives you quick access to your “continue watching” playlist of movies and shows from any content provider, as well as a list of content recommendations—curated exclusively based on your taste.

2022 Samsung Gaming Hub On-screen Interface

The Gaming Hub: This provides access to a wide range of console and streaming games—all in one centralized place. You can power up your game straight from the home screen—minimizing wait times and maximizing playtime. You can also “discover” and jump right into playing curated recommendations, which are created using our advanced AI Gaming Hub technology. Seamless connectivity with cloud-based gaming and your consoles is also provided. It’s even compatible with existing third-party controllers and headsets, saving consumers the hassle of buying another console or additional accessories. 

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Ambient Mode: When you’re done gaming, binging a TV show, or no longer watching other content, you can select Ambient Mode to view your favorite art, photos, and even NFTs on your Samsung TV screen.

Gaming (In addition to Game Hub)

For 2022, Samsung is releasing the first 144Hz capability 4K UHD TV (more specifics forthcoming) to offer faster, smoother, and more competitive gameplay. 

This makes it easier to hop right into the action with multiple ways to play: via gaming console, or Samsung’s brand-new cloud streaming service in Gaming Hub (see above for additional details). 

An onscreen Game Bar is also provided so that users can customize their own setup preferences to optimize the gaming experience. Also, with Zoom In Mode, gamers can expand a hard-to-see minimap, or they can enable ultrawide Multi View to watch a YouTuber explain how to beat a challenging level as they’re playing. 

NFT (Non-Fungible Token) Aggregation Platform

2022 Samsung NFT Aggregation Platform

For 2022, Samsung is introducing the world’s first TV screen-based NFT explorer and marketplace aggregator. This lets you browse, purchase, and display your favorite art—all in one place. 

With the Aggregation Platform, you can preview an NFT before purchasing it and even learn about its history—from who created it, to what comprises its blockchain metadata. The Platform also allows NFT creators to share their art with the world. Samsung’s Smart Calibration technology automatically adjusts its display settings to the creator’s preset values, so you can have peace of mind that your work looks impeccable, with true-to-the-original image quality. 

Watch Together

Watch Together is the world’s first TV-based platform for experiencing live and streaming content with friends and family — without leaving your living room.  You can witness your friends’ reactions during live sporting events or get their takes on big reality TV show moments in real-time. To enjoy Watch Together with your loved ones, you only need to connect the camera on one of your smart devices to your Samsung TV.

Eco Remote

With the trend towards more environmental, sustainable products, Samsung has introduced a new Eco Remote for select 2022 TVs.

2022 Samsung Eco Remote Control

The Eco Remote uses a recycled material design, plus solar (or indoor lighting) energy, and RF Harvesting to provide battery-free operation – traditional batteries are not used to power the remote. 

Whether it’s a bright and sunny day or the middle of the night, the battery stays fully charged by collecting routers’ radio waves and converting them to energy. 

Previously available only in black, the 2022 version will also come in white that pairs perfectly with Samsung Lifestyle TVs, such as The Frame.

Continue reading our latest CES 2022 coverage.

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UPDATE 3/17/2022: For more details on Samsung’s 2022 TV innovations not discussed above, models, as well as pricing and availability, check out our companion article: Samsung Begins Roll-out of 2022 4K and 8K TVs

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