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Qobuz’s Canada Expansion Is Finally Here

After several years in the U.S., Qobuz finally crosses the northern border to bring high-quality music streaming to Canadians.

Qobuz Music Streaming on multiple devices

The Toronto Maple Leafs may not be getting out of the first round of the NHL Playoffs (again) in 2023, but Canadian music listeners are finally getting Qobuz.

With the addition of Canada, Qobuz is now available in 26 countries; including the U.S., Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Latin America, and Japan (for high-resolution download service only).

Canada’s music market has expanded over the years (more than 8% growth in 2022) and is the 8th largest music market worldwide according to the 2022 Global Music Report.

Qobuz Rediscover Music Logo

According to Qobuz Deputy CEO Georges Fornay: “With a population of over 37 million and a rich and diverse music scene, Canada represents a significant potential market. The platform is eagerly awaited by many music lovers and audiophiles, and we are delighted to see them join the Qobuz community and meet the growing demand and increased requirements in terms of sound quality...”

What Qobuz Offers in a Nutshell

Music: Qobuz offers a unique approach to online music. At its core, the emphasis is on optimum sound quality. Qobuz offers up lossless streaming as well as downloadable CD quality and high-resolution (Hi-Res) audio content. 

With a catalog of over 100 million tracks, Qobuz has the biggest selection of high-resolution (Hi-Res) selections on the market. Qobuz is a licensed Hi-Res Audio provider by the Japan Audio Society (JAS).

Editorial Content: In addition to music streaming and downloads, Qobuz, also offers exclusive editorial content written by a team of experts.  Qobuz provides a user experience designed for discovery and musical diversity.

Through its Magazine, the platform offers artist interviews, in-depth articles, and a section dedicated to Hi-Fi gear. Qobuz is recognized for the quality of its recommendations and album features. 

Content Curation: The Qobuz editorial team selects artists and albums, known or emerging, for listeners to (re)discover, and playlists are updated with carefully hand-picked tracks.

Community: In addition to music and editorial content, Qobuz Club offers audiophiles and music lovers from all over the world a unique place where they can share their musical discoveries and recommendations as well as advice on hi-fi equipment.

Qobuz on Samsung TV

Compatible Devices

You can listen to Qobuz on a PC or Webplayer, mobile phones, tablets, Samsung Smart TVs, portable digital audio players, media streamers, and automobiles. Check out the complete rundown

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Subscription Plans

Qobuz offers two core subscription categories Studio and Sublime. Each category provides Solo, Duo, or Family subscription options. Studio also offers a free trial. 

Qobuz Canada – Offerings and Price Plans

All offers are available in the following configurations (pricing in CAD):

  • SOLO for an individual subscription
  • DUO for a subscription of two people
  • FAMILY for up to 6 accounts for members of the same family on one subscription


The STUDIO offer gives users unlimited access to the entire Qobuz catalog in studio quality and to all editorial content.

  • STUDIO SOLO: $12.99 per month for an individual subscription. Or $10.83 per month, i.e. $129.99 in one yearly installment, for the annual subscription.
  • STUDIO DUO: $17.99 per month, for two accounts on the same subscription. Or $14.99 per month, i.e. $17.88 in one yearly installment, for the annual subscription.
  • STUDIO FAMILY: $21.90 per month, up to 6 accounts for all family members with one subscription. Or $17.99 per month, i.e. $215.88 in one yearly installment, for the annual subscription.


The Sublime offer gives access to the entire Qobuz catalog of albums in studio quality, all available for streaming and download, with exclusive discounts on Hi-Res purchases of up to 60%.

  • SUBLIME SOLO: $179.99 for an annual subscription in one yearly installment, i.e. $15 per month.
  • SUBLIME DUO: $269.89 for an annual subscription in one yearly installment, i.e. $22.49 per month.
  • SUBLIME FAMILY: $349.99 for an annual subscription (up to 6 accounts for family members), in one yearly installment, i.e. $29.17 per month.

More on Qobuz

Again from Georges Fornay: “Qobuz is the only platform in the world to offer unparalleled sound quality (high-resolution music streaming and downloads), coupled with an exclusive cultural magazine with thousands of articles dedicated to music. Qobuz is aimed at a demanding and discerning audience looking for alternatives to the mainstream.” 

From Legendary Singer/Songwriter Neil Young: “Canada will have the great gift of quality listening when Qobuz opens!

Tip: The name “Qobuz” is derived from an ancient Kazakstani/Central Asian musical instrument “Kobyz” used in religious rituals to fight evil spirits and disease.

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  1. ORT

    April 20, 2023 at 2:05 am

    I still cannot say or write the name of this music service without laughing. I do not think it is a part of Android Auto or Carplay. And it is still not a part of HEOS but it may be that either side of that coin does not care?

    I could give an airborne intercourse if it is RoonyTunes smurtified. For ME, roon is ridiculous. I do not need some one to “help” me push PLAY.

    But if I can not easily access my music services in my home and vehicles why would I have that music service? I do not want to cast unless I am fishing. Bluetooth? Oh really? So many of the supposed sonic “advantages” spoken of by the “Qobuz Continuum” are negated by that, are they not?

    And again because I loathe it so for the farce it is to such as I, who would need roon to use CarPlay or Android Auto? A maroon, that’s who! Bugs Bunny was right. So was Daffy Duck.

    “Sigh”…I bet few if any, get that one.

    Yeah. Sheer roonacy. The Quboz Continuum… 😉


  2. Keith McAvoy

    April 22, 2023 at 7:05 am

    Wow!No kidding? Your finally here in Canada and was thinking, we didn’t really matter. I had to go sign back to Tidal just two months ago, after holding out.
    Oh ya, this MQA thing is wishy washy. Those that I here, have used it, say it’s over priced and doesn’t even work well with some manufacturers products. However wondering if it’s MQA problem themselves. The reason I say this is, MQA is plastered all over the DAC advertising market.
    Besides all of that side tracking, glad your here Qobuz because you have a large audio enthusiast market in Canada that have waiting.

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