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Qobuz Expands to 6 New Markets: Hi-Res Streaming Expands to Northern Europe and Australia

Qobuz is growing and expanding into 6 new global markets including Australia, New Zealand, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, and Finland. Hi-Res is on the move.

Qobuz Now Available in 6 New Countries

Let’s cut to the chase. Qobuz have made enormous strides in the past 2 years and have become our favorite hi-res streaming service. Bar none. Sorry Tidal. The streaming platform just celebrated its 2nd anniversary here in the United States and we can’t imagine listening to digital music online without it. Spotify is clearly the elephant in the room, and with the impending launch of Spotify HiFi, it’s hard to know how things are going to play out.

Tidal have a larger subscriber base than Qobuz but we find ourselves using the platform less and less these days; Qobuz’s selection of hi-res music that we listen to is far superior; not to mention all of the CD quality music that we listen to.

Qobuz recently became the first hi-res streaming platform to be adopted by Sonos which should help broaden the base in a big way; never hurts to have millions of potential new customers try your service on their wireless loudspeaker hardware.

Expansion into larger markets is essential and we’re thrilled to hear that Qobuz is now expanding into Australia, New Zealand, and Scandinavia. 6 new markets which should help the Qobuz subscriber base grow.

Qobuz App Screenshot

We’re still wondering where Canada sits in all of this — because that’s a huge hole for the platform.

Qobuz, the French platform for streaming and downloading high-resolution music, confirmed this morning that it will be opening in six new countries: Australia, New Zealand, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, and Finland. Now, millions more music fans and audiophiles will have access to Qobuz’s unique offerings: unparalleled sound quality combined with expert curation and editorial content.

A pioneer in high-resolution sound since its inception, Qobuz is now present in 12 countries. In Europe: in France, where the platform was born, in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany, Austria, Spain, Italy, Belgium, Switzerland, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, and the United States since 2019.

The platform continues its international development; starting on April 15, 2021, it will be available in Australia and New Zealand, and Northern Europe: in Sweden, Denmark, Norway, and Finland, promising markets in which streaming is growing.

Over 70 million tracks and half a million articles
Qobuz was founded in 2007 with a mission to provide all music lovers and audiophiles with a musical experience based on excellent audio quality and content of unparalleled richness. Qobuz’s music library currently contains over 70 million tracks, with the greatest number of Hi-Res masters of any streaming service.

Qobuz also features half a million articles created and selected by a team of experts, consisting of biographies, musical booklets, album reviews, and interviews. A true cultural resource, Qobuz offers a unique and cutting-edge offer to (re)discover iconic artists or young talents with varied musical styles, both local and international.

As a part of Qobuz’s announced expansion today, the editorial team has introduced more than 100 new playlists featuring local artists from each new country that are available to subscribers around the world.

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