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Klipsch is Going to Build Smaller Speakers With Help From Resonado Labs

Klipsch partners with Resonado Labs on speaker technologies designed to bring high-quality audio listening from smaller speakers. 

Klipsch Resonado Labs Logo

In April 2022, we reported on a strategic move by Sonos to acquire Mayht in order to develop smaller speakers using technology that enables smaller and lighter speakers to produce the same sound quality as their larger counterparts. 

Now it looks like Klipsch is going in a similar direction by announcing a partnership with Resonado Labs to bring their compact and flat speaker technologies to the consumer market. 

There is no doubt that a lot of us like well-designed medium and large size speakers, and Klipsch has been pre-eminent in that market. Don’t get me wrong, Klipsch does make compact speakers, but with changing lifestyles and smaller residential footprints, a growing number of consumers are looking for even smaller speakers that can produce great sound.

Klipsch Reference Home Theater Dolby Atmos Speaker System
Klipsch Reference Premiere Speakers

What Resonado Labs Brings to the Table

So what is it about Resonado Labs speaker technology that may be so appealing to Klipsch?

The key is Resonado’s Res-Core Technology. Resanodo describes this technology as a “high-performance speaker motor” that can support high-quality sound reproduction in compact form factors. Klipsch and Resonado claim that Res-Core is not a replacement for Klipsch’s will-established horn speaker technology but a complement that can extend Klipsch speaker products into more applications and environments. I can see better audio performance from soundbars and smart speakers with this technology included. 

Resonado Labs Rescore
Resonado Labs Res-Core

In addition to small form-factor support, Res-Core technology also provides:

  • Maximum Efficiency: A flat-voice coil suspended between dual parallel bar magnets.
  • Pistonic Behavior (aka Even Force Distribution): Maximum contact is maintained between the voice coil and diaphragm. This produces smooth sound. 
  • High Linear Excursion: This is achieved by having the motor assembly controlled by a high-performance suspension system that enables the speaker to push a large amounts amount of air for the deepest, cleanest bass.
Resonado Labs Driver Exploded
Resonado Labs Driver Exploded

Where Are the Products?

No specific product details as a result of this partnership have been released so far, but two product names have been mentioned: Cinema One and Eclipse. From indications, it looks like they will carry the Klipsch brand name. Klipsch is also insistent that they are not abandoning horn-loaded speaker designs and switching totally over to Resonado speaker tech. This means that you will see speakers that incorporate both technologies under the Klipsch brand name. 

So far, the press has only been teased, but in the coming months, it has been indicated that more information and product or product concepts will be presented. 

It will be interesting to see what both the Klipsch/Resonado and Sonos/Mayht partnerships come up with. 

Resonado Bi-directional speaker concept
Resonado Bi-directional speaker concept
Resonado Labs Small Speaker Example
Resonado Labs Small Speaker Concept
Resonado Labs Beam
Resonado Labs Beam Soundbar concept

More on Klipsch:

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